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    37 Skills We Learned From Twitter Last Week

    The internet practiced so that we could master.

    1. How to give a technical foul:

    Me practicing how I’m going to give a technical foul

    2. How to pose when you're THIQQ:

    Me practicing my poses for when I’m THIQQ

    3. How to persuade someone to talk to a journalist for TV:

    Me practicing how I get folks to talk to me on the news.

    4. How to be a rave dad:

    Me practicing being a rave dad for fest season

    5. How to hand your child off to grams:

    Me practicing how ima give my child to his grandma 😂

    6. How to jump in the most pit:

    Me practicing how I’m gonna jump in the moshpit

    7. How to stall in the classroom:

    Me practicing looking for my homework in class that I know I didn’t do 😭😭🔍

    8. How to initate PLUR/trade kandi:

    me practicing how i’m gonna go up to someone to exchange kandi

    9. How to give an edgy vegan partner their daily plate of rice and beans:

    Me practicing how to give my vegan straight edge goth girlfriend her daily plate of rice and beans

    10. How to have better bathroom etiquette:

    me practicing handing my homie some toilet paper without peeking

    11. How to get noticed in front of your sibling's friends:

    POV me practicing how imma walk past the living room when my brothers friends are over

    12. How to introduce potty training to a toddler:

    Me practicing how I’m gonna introduce potty training to my toddler (LOL I tried)

    13. How to stay faithful to your girlfriend:

    Me practicing curving hoes cause I’m faithful to my girl

    14. How to catch your flying baby in the delivery room:

    - Me practicing how I’m gonna catch my son in the delivery room 👨🏽‍⚕️ #BigBreakfast

    15. How to hold the flashlight for dad:

    16. How to give Harry Styles a shaver:

    me practicing how to give a shaver to harry..

    17. How to give your overalls to Mac Demarco:

    lord forgive me, but fuck it, me practicing giving my overalls to mac demarco

    18. How to greet people without throwing a peace sign:

    me practicing how to greet people without throwing up a peace sign

    19. How to hand over the final designs to a client:

    Me practicing handing over final design files to the client.

    20. How to hand your headshot to the director at your next audition:

    Me practicing handing my headshot to the director at the next audition

    21. How to introduce sex toys to a guy without hurting their masculinity:

    me practicing how to introduce sex toys to a guy hoping that i don’t hurt his masculinity

    22. How to ask for your virginity back from the girl who broke your heart:

    Me practicing how imma ask the girl who broke my heart for my virginity back

    23. How to parent your misbehaving toddler:

    Me practicing for when I have a toddler

    24. How to tell your spouse there's a massive dent in your new car:

    me practicing telling my husband there is a huge dent in our new car

    25. How to tell your parent you're dropping out of college to pursue a DJ career:

    Me practicing how I’m gonna tell my mom I want to pursue my dream of being a DJ/Artist instead of finishing college

    26. How to ask for the check:

    27. How to introduce yourself to straight men at a party:

    me practicing how i’m going to introduce myself to the straight guys at a party

    28. How to say hi to your crush at school:

    me practicing how i'm going to say hi to my cr*sh when i see him in school

    29. How to react when Beyoncé sends you the new Ivy Park line:

    Me practicing how I’m going to act when Beyoncé finally sends me my orange box

    30. How to give your crush a healing crystal to balance their heart chakra:

    Me practicing giving my crush a healing crystal to balance his heart chakra

    31. How to slide someone your number:

    Me practicing how ima slide you my number

    32. How to ask someone for a cigarette:

    me practicing how im gonna ask you for a cigarette

    33. How to come home with a new dog:

    me practicing how I’m gonna show my husband the third dog I come home with

    34. How to take the crown in 2020:

    me practicing how im gonna take the crown in 2020 👑

    35. How to initiate hand-holding:

    me practicing how im going to ask for your hand so i can hold it 🥺

    36. How to sit down the first day of class without drawing excessive attention to yourself:

    Me practicing how to sit down the first day of classes without excessively drawing attention to myself.

    37. How to ask someone to be your Valentine:

    Me practicing how ima ask this guy to be my Valentine 💘

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