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    20 Outrageous Fictional Events Happening At The Bean In Chicago

    Part of the new meme wave, Chicagoans have been creating their own viral events at The Bean.

    20. Sleepover Inside The Bean

    19. WIndex The Bean

    18. Cover The Bean in beans

    17. Guy Fieri Cooks The Bean

    16. Flick The Bean

    15. Drift around The Bean

    14. Paint Beans on the Chicago Bean

    13. Lil Peep Candle Vigil

    12. The Bean's Coming Out Party

    11. Take a Candian to The Bean - he can say he's "been" to The Bean

    10. Partwrite at The Bean

    9. steal the original bean and replace it with a fake

    8. Applebee's Pop-Up at The Bean

    7. Rename The Bean "Mr. Bean"

    6. Send The Bean to "The Upside-down"

    5. Unite To Save The Bean

    4. Give The Bean Emotional Support

    3. Say Bad Puns At The Bean

    2. Be Basic at The Bean

    1. Delete The Bean

    Fight The Bean in Mortal Kombat at Headquarter Beercade

    Via Facebook: events

    Local Chicago-bar Headquarters Beercade joins in on the meme action, by hosting their very own version of Mortal Kombat on this week's upcoming Black Wednesday. Come one and come all, and fight The Bean.

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