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    19 Terrifying Tweets From The Chicagoland Scanner

    For the first time in 108 years, the Cubs won the MLB World Series, which was followed by absolute madness in Chicago.


    CPD - Taco Bell was taken over - 1111 W Addison - Multiple people took the Taco Bell sign down last night and carried it through the streets


    CPD - Clark & Byron - Approx 300 people throwing bottles at each other now - 02:27 #ChicagoScanner


    CPD - People lighting fireworks off at the Shell Gas Station - Addison & Ashland - 02:23 #ChicagoScanner


    CPD - Roscoe & Clark - People are throwing M80's all over the street 01:52 #ChicagoScanner


    CPD - Fight in Progress & Car on Fire - W Roscoe & Racine - Ppl are fighting and FD has a car on fire nearby 01:28 #ChicagoScanner


    CPD - 3800blk of Clark - Subjects are trying to force their way into the liquor store as they're trying to close 01:20 #ChicagoScanner


    CPD - Clark & W Addison - Bucket truck driving down the street and people are jumping on it #ChicagoScanner 01:13


    #Wrigleyville area has countless amounts of cars smashed. Roads are IMPASSABLE. #ChicagoScanner


    CPD - Clark & Addison -Another guy climbing a light pole 01:02 #ChicagoScanner


    CPD - Clark & Addison - Multiple people ripping the roof off a box truck 00:50 #ChicagoScanner


    CPD - Clark & Addison - EMS needed for the guy who climbed up a pole and then fell down 00:45 #ChicagoScanner


    CFD - Clark & Waveland - EMS needed for the guy who fell of a light pole 00:12 #ChicagoScanner


    CPD - Clark & Addison - Multiple subjects just took a electric pole down and are carrying it down the street with live wires #ChicagoScanner


    CPD - Clark & Waveland - countless amount of people climbing the light poles now, about to fall down 23:58 #ChicagoScanner


    CPD - Fans have breached the field at Wrigley, barriers broken. 23:55 #ChicagoScanner


    CPD - Waveland & Clark St - fans have taken over the street, bottles being thrown everywhere. 23:54 #ChicagoScanner


    Chicago PD Excessive Noise Complaint IAO W Addison & N Clark St THE CUBS HAVE WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!!! FLY THE...


    CPD - Large Fight & Crowd breaking windows out @ the Cubby Bear 1000 W Addison St - 1 officer injured #ChicagoScanner 23:45


    CPD - Hundreds and thousands of people in and around Clark & Addison. Some climbing light poles, others raging in alleys. #ChicagoScanner

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