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16 HW&W Recording Artists You Should Know

HUH WHAT & WHERE? is what you will be asking after you hear these artists.

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This is a label started by friends out of a college dorm.
Created by artists for artists, this isn't too deep.
Our only goal is to share with you the things that move/inspire us.

1. BAHWEE / Via

LA native and instrumental electronic hip-hop beat producer, BAHWEE is the Co-founder and President of HW&W Recordings.

2. Elaquent / Via

Ottawa, Canada native Elaquent, also known as eQ, is a hip-hop future R&B producer, whose tracks are smoother than butter.

3. Evil Needle / Via

Located in Strasbourg, France, the electronic downtempo hip-hop ambient producer Evil Needle has just released a new album, titled Reminisce. The 5th track on the album (listed above) features a collaboration with Michigan native JMSN. Reminisce is available for purchase on iTunes.

4. Fwdslxsh / Via

London town native, Fwdslxsh (Forward Slash) is a young producer who has proved his place in the hip-hop future beats scene with his debut EP, titled The Fall. The Fall is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

5. Gravez / Via

Fresh to the scene, Atlanta, Georgia native Gravez has accumulated over 33k followers on Soundcloud in less than a year. It was just this past October, that Gravez began releasing his tracks of experimental hip-hop and future R&B beats.

6. Juj / Via

Another LA native, Juj pronounced "jewj" (aka Jewlz Santana) is sure to show you the beauty of ambient music through his hip-hop/rap instrumental jazzy beats.

7. Kaytranada / Via

Haitian-Canadian Kaytranada is already sweeping through the world stealing hearts with his music. Especially known for his remixes, because Kaytra puts the perfect spin of future R&B and experimental hip-hop on easily favorable tunes, which are guaranteed to have you dancing, bobbing, and nodding right along.

8. Louie-P / Via

Did you know Kaytranada has a brother and it's Louie-P, and together they form The Celestics a Candian hip-hop duo? Straight from Montreal, you have Louie-P as the emcee and Kaytra as the producer, simply two talented brothers making rap music.

9. Mike Gao / Via

Mike Gao is a producer and music technologist from Los Angeles. His style is futuristic and forward thinking, always attempting to push the conventions of Hip Hop, the beat scene and bass music to find the next aesthetic while ironically playing with existing idioms and conventions. He is a bonafide audio scientist, creating his own game changing iOS apps and plugins, as well as doing research for Native Instruments. On social media, Mike Gao has been called a genius by some of the top producers in the scene, from Ta-ku to Kaytranada and Mr. Carmack.”- Rekstizzy, Gumship Mike Gao is also one of HW&W's researchers.

10. Myth Syzer / Via

French producer Myth Syzer will not only entertain your ears with his experimental hip-hop beats, his art direction will leave you more than impressed with his work. A perfect example that showcases Myth Syzer's visual, artistic, and music ability, is the music video for Bonbon a la menthe. (See below)

View this video on YouTube

Myth Syzer - Bonbon a la menthe feat. Bonnie Banane

11. Nouvel Âge / Via

Just popping out of the Montreal music scene, is Nouvel Âge. A funky fresh electronic new wave duo, consisting of singer Antony Carle, and producer/multi-instrumentalist David Pimentel. They are working on their first EP set out to be released this year, keep on the look out at HW&W.

12. Pomo / Via

Another Montreal native, Pomo has been proving that Canadians are indeed, killing it in the electronic dance music scene.

Drawing from various influences, Pomo makes an effort to distance himself from genre-defining elements while approaching his music from an organic and raw songwriting perspective. Using elements from hip hop, electronic, and 70s/80s funk, the multifaceted producer likes to draw people in with the malleable dynamics of his music, something that attracts himself to artists like J Dilla, Prince, Disclosure, and the emerging EDM scene as a whole.

13. Reva DeVito / Via

Sultry, sweet, and soulful; Portland, Oregon native, Reva Devito pours her whole heart into her tunes. Reva Devito's modern, jazzy, and timeless tracks, will make you instantly fall in love with her sound.

14. Stwo / Via

Better late than never, for young Persian producer Stwo who only began producing and releasing tracks in 2013. Which makes Stwo still relatively new to the scene, yet has already accumulated nearly 150,000 followers on Soundcloud.

His musical style of smooth future garage bass lines, soulfully pitched vocals and 808-inspired beats places him perfectly in the majestic bass movement du jour.

15. Ta-ku / Via

Perth native, Red Bull Music Academy-Barcelona Alumn, and HW&W's creative director is the one and only Ta-ku. Ta-ku takes his hip-hop roots and combines them with his further experimentation with electronic, soul, future, and R&B sounds.

16. Tek.Lun / Via

All the way from Baltimore, Maryland is another young producer, by the name of Tek.Lun. Tek.Lun's take on experimental hip-hop/rap will definitely have you vibing along to his dope tracks.

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