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Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Are Back In The Newest Samsung Commercials

And they're almost as cute as Kristen crying over sloths.

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So, everyone remembers when Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard killed it with their Christmas-themed commercials for Samsung this past holiday season.

View this video on YouTube / Via Samsung

The 90-second spot has over 13 million YouTube views!

Well, they're back at it again! Samsung recently released two commercials highlighting their home appliances.

View this video on YouTube / Via Samsung

This 60-second spot features the couple preparing for a dinner party. Shepard told People Magazine, "The premise of this commercial is we have two kids, all of our friends have two or more kids, going out to a restaurant is suicide, so if you want to hang, it’s gonna be a house party."

The second commercial shows off the couple's tag-team approach to parenting.

View this video on YouTube / Via Samsung

Dax and Kristen frantically wash a stuffed lamb with Samsung's Activewash Top Load Washer. Bell told People, "We pretty much hold hands the whole day while we shoot because when we’re at home, it’s mano a mano. One person’s got one kid, the other person’s got the other kid. So it’s a treat to get to shoot these things and work together."

Basically.... relationship goals.

Keep on being adorable.
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Keep on being adorable.

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