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10 Design Concepts We All Hope Become Realities

This is some real 2014 stuff, right here. Let's look past any structural flaws these ideas might have and focus on how cool they are in theory.

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1. "iBasket"

Yanko Design / Via

My laundry sits in the hamper for days. And it's a struggle to muster up the energy to do a load. Someone else felt my pain and created a hamper/washer/dryer. "After you fill it up, an automatic wash and dry cycle initiates. It’s even Wi-Fi enabled to help you monitor it remotely. Once it’s finished, it’ll alert you via email or text message to your phone."

2. "Instant Cleaning Glove"

Yanko Design / Via

If you're messy like me, you constantly spill on yourself. The Electrolux Instant Cleaning Glove would quickly wipe out all traces of the stain. "The neoprene glove disintegrates any stain or dirt from fabrics using the combination of nanotechnology and ultrasound."

3. "TODY - The Chores Servant"

Yanko Design / Via

It's basically the robot we dream about owning when we're forced to be adults and clean up our living spaces. "The TODY features four arms that follows voice commands and cleans floors as well as fabrics. Think curtains, bed sheets etc. Using its 4 arms, it can climb, move and hang to reach areas like seats, curtains, windows and more."

4. "Annulus - Water Bottle Belt"

Yanko Design / Via

It's important to stay hydrated while running, but looping in a bottle at the waist is inconvenient. Designers have fashioned the Annulus, a water bottle belt that holds about 350 ml of liquid.

5. "24h FROLIC: Bluetooth Bike Bell + App"

Yanko Design / Via

"The 24h FROLIC: Bluetooth Bike Bell + App is an ingenious addition to your bicycle that’s actually a GPS locator in disguise. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy tech to pair with your phone. Once the signal has been broken it pins your bike’s location on a map. Just pull up the app to locate!"

6. "Fabric Pen"

Yanko Design / Via

"Imagine a pen that mends your clothing by printing fabric! The ripped portion gets a brand new printed patch of the same fabric and a quick-fix repair.

- With fabric pen you can select the type of fabric material by percentage of which your clothing is made of.

- Scan the fabric’s color with the pattern and print a patch of the exact material on the damaged area.

- The printed patch attaches itself to loose threads and masks itself into the pattern of your clothing."

7. "FoodPlus"

Yanko Design / Via

"FoodPlus is a smart refrigerator with sensors fitted into the door handle. The sensors sync with a Smartphone App and help you know the freshness of your food. The fridge is smart enough to keep an update on what is stocked in it."

8. "Smart Kitchen TV"

Yanko Design / Via

"Smart Kitchen TV is a concept design that merges LG Electronics’ smart TV and projector technology. It brings home the smart media technology that transforms a typical dead zone to a digital information and media hub."

9. "Cabin Space Concept"

Yanko Design / Via

Who else hates flying economy but can't afford first class? This design is specifically to upgrade economy seats on airplanes. "Not only are they intuitive and adjust to our body shape, they also feel roomier and integrate ultra-modern technology features."

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