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    Black Sitcoms Practically Raised Me, And Here's A List Explaining How

    "I know that I can always be myself..."

    1. Moesha: Having a sense of agency is worth fighting for.

    Moesha sits at her dining room table, looking quite fashionable and smart

    2. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Men are capable (and should be encouraged) to express emotion.

    James Avery and Will Smith embrace hands, showing emotion and care for one another

    3. Living Single: Family is the people you choose and the people who choose you.

    Max, Khadijah, Regine, and Sinclair all gather in the bathroom, using supplies as a microphone while singing

    4. The Parkers: It’s never too late to shape your life.

    Kim and Nikki Parker are hugging each other in a promotional poster

    5. The Proud Family: It’s okay to follow your own path.

    LaCienega, Zoey, Penny, and Dijonay stand by outdoor tables