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Close Your Eyes. How Old Are You?

New Survey Finds Women Have a “Memory Age” – And It’s Younger than They Thought

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Close Your Eyes. How Old Are You?

Picture yourself. How old do you look in your mind? That right there is what we call your Memory Age. Now, compare her to how old you are really? Did you find much of a difference? If you did, you’re not alone.

Skin by Lovely, a leading provider of medical aesthetics in California and Oregon, recently asked 350 women aged 30-70 across the U.S. how they mentally “see” themselves. Each participant was asked to close their eyes and conjure up a mental picture of themselves and share how old they look in their minds.

It turns out, we’re all carrying around a “memory photo” of ourselves and she is on average 10 years younger than we are today. Proof that women (whether 35 or 65) are not trying to recapture their youth – they just want to turn the clock back a bit.

The survey results showed that our minds may be playing tricks on us when it comes to aging. And while the main characteristics of one’s younger self are what we expected – younger, fewer wrinkles, better skin, more rested – the survey was not without its surprises. Here are just a few:

* Turning Back Time, Not Recapturing Youth: Almost 62% report a 1- to 10-year difference in their Memory Age whether they are in their 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s. Proof that nobody wants to be 21 again – even in our memories.

* Mind Playing Tricks on You: Almost 40% were surprised by how much younger their Memory Age is. Surprised? Don’t we all look in the mirror every day?

* Looking for Love a Promotion: 40% of women associate their Memory Age with a specific period in their lives – chief among them is not love and marriage, it’s their careers! Has it finally become more about climbing that ladder, than approaching that alter?

* Move Over Baby Boomers: Only 15% have tried injectables. But when this group is split by age, the numbers tell a different story: 30% of women 30 to 44 have tried injectables, while less than 6% of women 50-70 have tried injectables. Life and business is competitive and Gen X is working hard to keep its edge.

Check out the infographic below to see the full survey results. To find out how to regain your memory age visit

Mind Playing Tricks On You?

Skin By Lovely / Via

A recent survey by Skin by Lovely asked women how old they look in their minds. The results – for 90% their “Memory Age” was younger in their minds than their actual age.

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