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Tell Us What Cool Product From An Asian-Owned Business You're So Glad You Bought

It's time to get loud and proud about allllll your favorite Asian-owned small businesses.

So, here's the thing. We know (and you know) small businesses are often the go-to place to find those one-of-a-kind, magical purchases that just make life better. So spread the love, and tell me all about a cool thing from an Asian-owned business that you're SO glad you bought!

Touchstone Pictures

Seriously. If you love it and it's from an Asian-owned brand, I 👏 want 👏 details 👏

Is it the pair of handcrafted clay rainbow earrings that you turn to whenever your outfit (or your mood) just needs a colorful kickstart?

A pair of dangly clay earrings shaped like a rainbow
Milk and Honey Clay

Based out of Beaverton, Oregon, this Filipina-owned small biz is all about purchasing with purpose. Jayna, the founder of Milk and Honey Clay, launched this passion project as a way to raise awareness about the injustice of human trafficking. For each handcrafted pair of clay earrings sold, 20% of the profit is donated to anti-human trafficking organizations in the US and around the world.

Or maybe it's the ultra-organized vegan leather tote you can pack your whole life in without looking like a pack mule?

Freja New York

Freja New York is a Chinese woman-owned brand founded by Jenny Lei, who designs gorgeous, splurge-worthy bags engineered to be the forever pieces that ground your wardrobe. She's committed to sweating the small stuff, working hard to have the smallest impact on the environment possible, while working closely with her manufacturing partners to ensure all workers are treated fairly.

Perhaps it's the incredibly delicious jade loose leaf tea you've been brewing on the daily for a soothing, mid-day pick-me-up?

Ahista Tea

Ahista Tea brings a progressive twist to the age-old Indian tea tradition with its contemporary blends and modern ceramics. Founded Ashmit Patel, the Ahista Tea team works with small farmers and suppliers to empower local economies by providing routes to market their products globally.

Whatever it is, spill the tea (but not your jade tea) and tell us all about the best products from Asian-owned businesses you're so glad you bought and why you love them! Blow up the comments below (and share a photo if you can!) for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.