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    33 Ways To Solve All Your Most Annoying Beauty Problems

    Imagine a future with less chapped lips, oily T-zones, and clumpy mascara.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Stop that zit dead in its tracks and apply acne patches with gunk-absorbing powers so you can speed up the pimple healing process without picking or popping.

    Promising review: "I’ve tried so many brands of pimple spots, and these are hands-down the best on the market. I’m a performer at Walt Disney World, and a clear complexion is required. Last night, I put these on a few acne problems (a small cyst, a whitehead, and a pimple I shouldn’t have picked and has been a bump for about three weeks now.) I just woke up and am writing this review in disbelief. THEY'RE FLAT! Gone! All of them! I could cry I’m so happy. The packaging is also ideal…Because it allows you to conveniently and easily peel the stickers off without stretching them out or folding them back on themselves. Do yourself, and your complexion, huge favor! Have these on hand for a stubborn zit when you really need help. Make sure you apply them to completely clean and dry skin." —Caitlyn

    Get a 40-pack from Amazon for $8.49 or an eight-pack of the large patches for $8.49.

    2. Manage unwanted hair with dermaplaning razors that safely remove peach fuzz, exfoliate skin, and include a precision cover for worry-free eyebrow maintenance, because I know that middle-school eyebrow mishap scarred you for life.,

    Promising review: "Took me a little while to figure out the right angle to use this effectively but once I did it worked like a charm. I’ve used it for shaping eyebrows and managing the little bit of blonde peach fuzz I have on my upper lip. I haven’t tried it anywhere else but no bad reactions or pain, and relatively easy to maneuver with a bit of practice." —Kelly G.

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $4.99.

    3. Soak up excess oil with a volcanic stone face roller even if you have makeup on! Unlike blotting papers, this roller is able to be washed and reused, reducing waste and saving you $$$.


    Promising review: "It’s nothing short of amazing! My face produces more oil than BP and this handy little gadget was able to suck it all up! I love the fact that it’s washable and that I no longer have to use three oil blotting papers to soak up all my face’s oil production." —Christa Monko

    Get it from Amazon for $9.98.

    4. Fade scars by applying some wildly popular Bio-Oil, which is infused with a powerful blend of nourishing oils and vitamins to lock in moisture without feeling heavy on the skin and clogging pores.,

    Promising review: "After just about three weeks of use I’ve seen such a positive change in both the evenness of time and of the texture of my skin. Melasma and acne scarring have faded pretty dramatically — I don’t even bother putting on foundation when I do my makeup in the morning. The oil is so lightweight and doesn’t exacerbate my already oily complexion." —L T C

    Get it from Amazon for $8.92+ (available in three sizes).

    5. Stop overplucking with this eyebrow stencil kit, which includes 30 wearable stencils for taking the guesswork out of shaping and picture-perfect makeup application.,

    The kit comes with 30 different eyebrow stencils, a shaping razor, and a double-sided waterproof eyebrow pencil.

    Promising review: "Really great! Surprisingly! I bought these expecting the worst and they were awesome! There are tons of different eyebrow stencil options. I found one closest to my eyebrow shape. I struggle with drawing my eyebrows to match. Their shapes are naturally quite different. This set did a great job. I used my own brow pencil however because the light brown color is very crayon brown. I like a more taupe color for my brows." —Chls

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in three colors).

    6. Get an instantly brighter smile and try this affordable teeth-whitening pen if you're tired of expensive, slow-acting traditional strips that leave you with lingering teeth sensitivity.

    a split image of a reviewer's teeth before and after using the whitening pen

    Promising review: "These are some of the best teeth-whitening pens that I have ever used! They are extremely easy to use with very simple instructions. They even whiten your teeth starting after the first use! Being able to use these has made it so I feel more confident in my smile by having better, whiter teeth. There is very minimal flavor to the gel so if you happen to get a taste of it, there is no bother. I would highly recommend these!" —Derek Gross 

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $19.99

    7. Tighten pores and reduce fine lines when you try Skin1004's Zombie masks. You'll pay the small price of looking like an extra in The Walking Dead for 15 minutes, but that'll just make that post-facial reveal that much sweeter!

    Reviewer before and after showing the mask made their skin look tighter and reduced the appearance of some wrinkles

    The kit includes eight Zombie Pack sets (powder and activator), plus one applicator brush!

    Promising review: "When you put it on, the smell hits you hard. As it is on your face the smell is not too bad and the mask tingles as it dries. Wash it off and reveal clean, smooth skin. Plus fun to take pictures looking like a cracked mess." —raine

    Get an eight-pack from Amazon for $30.92.

    8. Give your fingers a break with a double-sided hairbrush cleaning brush with a pointed end for picking out tangles and stiff bristles to remove all that built-up hair, dust, and fluff.

    Promising review: "This is the tool I never knew I needed. It may seem like a silly thing to spend money on when you can clean your brush out by hand but this gets so much more out of the brush! It's easy and rather enjoyable. Who wants to brush their nice clean hair with a brush full of dirty oily hair and dust. When you really think about it makes you want to throw out all your old brushes. I will be buying these as gifts for all my girlfriends." —emmaline

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

    9. Trust the over 58,000 5-star ratings and introduce this vitamin C serum into your routine if you're looking for a multitasking powerhouse to lessen dark circles, sun spots, redness, and breakouts.

    A split photo of a face with some breakouts and the same face with the breakouts gone.

    Promising review: "This product changed my life. I now leave the house without makeup but feel confident because this serum gives me such glowing skin with an even complexion. This is must for me every morning after my cleanser and before my moisturizer. They use a good stabilizer because the vitamin C doesn't oxidate over time in the bottle. I'm now on my second bottle and plan to keep buying. I have normal to dry skin type for the record!" —Kaitlyn Evangelista

    Check out our TruSkin Vitamin C Serum deep dive for more info!

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in two sizes).

    10. Sleep on satin pillowcases to protect already dry, damaged hair from breakage and naturally improve overall skin and hair hydration. Frizz and painful tangles are two thing you won't have to worry about when your head hits the pillow.,

    Promising review: "I sleep on cotton bedding and every morning I awaken to frizzy hair :( I was told about sleeping on a satin pillowcase but never really gave it much thought until recently. I ordered just one in champagne from Amazon. I put the pillow inside the satin pillowcase then had my first night's sleep on satin. I awakened the following morning and was very impressed. No frizz! I also noticed that during the day, my hair was less frizzy as well, given the summer heat and humidity, of course. This is a great pillow. It looks very rich and is priced under $10. I am very satisfied and highly recommend this pretty pup. A must-have." —Lori B

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $9.97 (available in 24 colors).

    11. Or don this satin-lined beanie with a hidden drawstring so you can take those hydrating, frizz-fighting benefits on the go.

    Grace Eleyae

    Grace Eleyae founded her eponymous small business label after a bumpy car ride in 2014 left her chemically straightened hair *literally* broken. She created her first product, The Slap (a satin-lined adjustable cap) to treat her own hair, which eventually grew into a full line of protective hair care products that are both fashionable and functional. In fact, Grace Eleyae silk-lined winter beanies made it on the 2020 edition of Oprah's Favorite Things!

    Chantel Turner, another wonderful BuzzFeed shopping writer, files this cap under "life-changing":

    "*I* personally own one of these amazing caps and it has changed my life. My scarf never stayed on my head throughout the night so I always experienced frizz in the morning. I adjust this cap with the hidden drawstrings and haven't experienced that problem since I started using it. The cap is also perfect for rainy, windy, or humid days. A traditional hat without the satin/silk allows the humidity to seep under and cause major frizz or leave me with the dreaded 'hat hair.' With the Grace Eleyae cap, I can style my hair before placing the cap on and when I get to my destination and take it off, it looks exactly as I styled it."

    Get it from Grace Eleyae for $29.95.

    12. Take the anxiety-inducing guesswork out of liquid eyeliner application with a black eyeliner stamp so it's easy to achieve a perfect cat-eye look every time.


    The set comes with two double-ended pens. Each pen has one side with the wing stamp, and the other with a traditional liquid eyeliner tip.

    Promising review: "Actual holy grail! This eyeliner has changed my life. I know that sounds suuuper dramatic (and it is), but it’s true! I have been doing cat eyeliner for the past six years and I’m somehow STILL horrible at it. I also recently had a baby, so my daily 10–20 minutes of attempting a passable cat-eye was chucked out the window and replaced with a sad, under-five-minute routine. I ordered this on a whim thinking it might help and after the first application, I knew I had found my answer! This stuff is SO easy to apply and actually looks really good. Now I get to feel a little more like myself even if all I’m doing that day is changing diapers." —Katelyn

    Get it from Amazon for $14.97.

    13. Say goodbye to calluses with a stainless-steel foot file that'll scrape off all the dried, cracked skin getting in the way of you being the foot model you were always born to be.

    Before image of a cracked foot with an after image of the skin smooth

    Promising review: "I keep this in my shower and give my soles and heels a quick rasp every day. It really keeps the calluses/dead skin under control with almost no effort. I've had it for almost a year now and it hasn't rusted or anything in the shower. I've never accidentally hurt myself in any way with it. Tip: If you're starting with significant calluses (or whatever condition you're addressing), don't expect to get rid of it all in one day. Work on it a little every day for several days. Also, don't apply a whole lot of pressure to it, or you'll just grate your healthy skin off. Instead, gently but firmly rasp areas that need it." —lona

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

    14. Soothe skin by applying this aftershave solution because your skin likes to rebel with angry red razor bumps and ingrown hairs every time you shave or wax.

    Promising review: "I was very surprised by how well this product works. I’ve been using it once a day every day for the past month and it really has made a difference. Exfoliating wasn’t enough for my skin and I don’t like to sit there pulling out my ingrown hairs. It smells like alcohol but I was very surprised by how it leaves my skin. It does not dry it out, leaves it moisturized and my ingrowns have been reducing." —Krystle

    Get it from Amazon for $16.79.

    15. Try this dark skin-friendly moisturizing body sunscreen if you're tired of other sunscreens forcing you to decide between proper skin protection (yay!) and chalky white cast (boo!).

    buzzfeed editor holding a tube of black girl sunscreen
    Marquaysa Battle / BuzzFeed

    Black Girl Sunscreen is a Black woman-owned brand. The sunscreen is SPF 30 and is paraben-free, fragrance-free, vegan, and cruelty-free.

    BuzzFeed editor Marquaysa Battle loovveess this sunscreen: 

    "Babyyy! This was the best beauty find of 2020 for me. The first body sunscreen I've found that does NOT leave me looking ashy. Wearing sunscreen regularly (yup, even in the fall) is one of my new self-care methods and I feel good putting this on knowing it a) doesn't look ghostly on me and b) was made by Black women just like me." 

    Get it from Target for $15.99.

    16. Rejuvenate tired eyes with a tub of eye cream with tightening and brightening effects so it looks like you actually got enough sleep and didn't stay up late re-watching The Office...again.,

    Promising review: "I never ever write reviews. I have tried every eye cream out there. Not one does what is says. This was immediate! I saw softening of my wrinkles and crow's feet. It’s amazing. I will be buying this again and again." —melisa delaney

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in three sizes).

    17. Apply this nail and cuticle care oil like a clear coat of polish and give your nails all the cuticle-softening, nail-strengthening nourishment they've been craving.

    A split reviewer image showing a hand with brittle, chipped nails and dry cuticles on the left, and the same hand with healthy-looking nails and cuticle on the right

    Promising review: "I had peeling, weak nails for years. Tried everything. I bought this in February. This size bottle lasted a bit more than a month with me religiously applying it two to three times a day. I was really seeing great improvement, so I bought another bottle in late March. By May, all the peeling had grown out and my nails were getting stronger every day. I then bought the big 4-ounce refill bottle because I never want to run out of it again! Cannot recommend this stuff enough!" —Diana

    Get it from Amazon for $8.50+ (available in three sizes).

    18. Get thicker-looking hair with a sulfate-free biotin shampoo that moisturizes your scalp and potentially stimulates regrowth with regular use. It's 100% safe to use on all hair types — even color-treated hair.

    a split reviewer image showing the top of a head with thinning hair on the left, and the same head with a lot of hair filled in on the right

    Promising review: "I love this shampoo! I had gastric sleeve surgery and my hair was very, very thin. I started taking biotin and switched to biotin shampoo as recommended by my doctor. It doesn’t make your hair grow by washing it, but it makes your hair and roots stronger. And it worked. After I used the whole bottle, my hair was stronger. I had a lot of new growth that was sticking around (the previous new growth fell out early on), and my hair was getting thicker. Eight months later, my hair is back to normal. It's longer and thicker than ever. I still use it twice a week and love it! I’m not crazy about the way it smells, but others love it when they smell my hair." —Diane J. Huff

    Get it from Amazon for $9.85.

    19. Swipe on a tube of Glossier Boy Brow because who doesn't feel more ready to face the day with the fullest, fluffiest browns on the block?

    AnaMaria's before and after photo showing darker, fuller-looking brows after using Boy Brow
    AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed editor AnaMaria Glavan (pictured above) swears by this stuff: 

    "This magic bottle is proof that not all heroes wear capes. The creamy formula, which comes in blonde, black, clear, and brown (which is what I used!), goes on smoothly and doesn’t require a lot of product to do the job. I used the wand to brush baby hairs in the beginning/middle of my brow upwards, and then brushed the longer, toddler-like hairs at the end of my eyebrows, sideways. And one coat was more than enough! Boy Brow does what exactly what the Glossier brand claims to do; it gives me a filled-in eyebrow that doesn’t look filled in. The finish looks natural, which is exactly what I wanted — my facial caterpillars have never looked better.

    Get it from Glossier for $16 (available in five shades).

    20. Get a professional-looking mani when you apply this peel-off barrier before polish to ensure an easy cleanup if you accidentally color outside the lines.

    Promising review: "If you do nail art or want to perfect your nail polishing skills, this is the product for you. Easy to use, dries sparkly so you know it’s dry, easy peel-off in one piece, and a clean finish. I do a lot of nail art and stamping. Some of the stamping polishes are really hard to get off the cuticle but with this, they come off cleanly. Helps when I do my toes, too, if I get a little messy, the mess comes off with the latex. You can also switch the brush so you don’t waste the bottle when the brush gets clumpy." —Diannah S.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    21. Cleanse and refresh hair with charcoal and biotin dry shampoo if you're tired of rinsing your bangs under the sink between regular washes. Plus, it works to prevent future oiliness and is safe for all hair types — color-treated, keratin-treated, chemically treated, and relaxed hair.

    the bottle of dry shampoo against pieces of charcoal

    Briogeo is a Black woman-owned beauty brand founded by Nancy Twine, who spent her childhood whipping up natural beauty products with her grandmother because of dissatisfaction with the natural hair care products she found in stores. Briogeo strives to take it back to basics, offering a high-performance, hair care collection that is naturally based, yet performance-driven to provide visible results for all hair types.

    Promising review: "I was surprised by this product. I have always been skeptical about dry shampoos because I have been told it leaves a white residue in your hair. However, with this product, I did not experience that at all. I put the powder in my hair, wait about two mins and then brush through my hair with my fingers and voila! Get that oil outta here! I can now go a few more extra days without washing my hair with this product. There is a light smell that I don’t mind. My hair does not feel heavy. I will definitely purchase this product again." —Nina 

    Get it from Amazon for $32. 

    22. Buff away bumps with a vegan exfoliating body scrub so you can fight your persistent KP with one gentle, at-home treatment that combines the benefits of a chemical peel and microdermabrasion.

    a split reviewer photo of their arm before and after using the body scrub

    Promising review: "So I have keratosis pilaris or goosebump-like bumps on my bum and have been always super self-conscious about it. I’ve used this product five to eight times and they are seriously like GONE. It’s soooo smooth now and I’m super happy. It does say to use it once a week but I’ve just been using it every time I shower, which is almost every day. I only use a dime-size amount and it’s able to cover my bum and some of my legs. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who also has pesky bumps on their body. Also, this product has no scent, which is a plus for anyone who has sensitive skin!!" —Ang M 

    Get it from Amazon for $28

    23. Maintain your makeup by applying this NYX setting spray for helping your smoky eye persevere through the toughest elements. In the words of the USPS: Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will keep this makeup from looking tight...or something like that.

    Promising review: "INCREDIBLE!!!!! I swear this has changed my life. It makes my makeup last all day — literally 120-plus hours. It has even kept my makeup on and smudge-proof through a two-hour nap!!! I'm so incredibly impressed. I have very oily skin, and the 'dewy' finish has not made me look or feel greasy. I seriously love this stuff sooo much!!!!" —JaNaeSyx

    Get it from Amazon for $6.73+ (available in two sizes and in a matte or dewy finish).

    24. Lather up with anti-dandruff shampoo that'll help reduce scalp flaking and itching thanks to a little clinically proven ingredient called ketoconazole, which kills the fungus that causes dandruff. Now you and your favorite black turtleneck can reunite without fear!

    A reviewer split image showing a scalp with dandruff flakes on the left, and the same scalp free of flakes on the right

    Promising review: "This stuff is absolutely amazing. I was one step away from going to the dermatologist. I had severe dandruff that was so bad, I could shake my head and it would come off. With just a few uses per week, I got rid of all my flakes. My scalp also stopped burning from dryness. My hair has never been healthier." —Moo Moo

    Get it from Amazon for $14.84.

    25. Hydrate chronically dry lips with an SPF 25 lip balm because, yes, even your lips need sun protection to keep them feeling and looking their best.

    a split image of a reviewer's lips before and after using the balm

    Promising review: "This little $8 tube has changed my life. For going on 12 years I've had almost non-stop chapped cracked and peeling lips. It doesn't seem to matter the season or even be related to time spent outdoors. I'd just learned to live with it and cringe when I'd see close-ups of my face. I happened upon a post in a women's hiker forum and this brand was heavily recommended. For the first time in many years I can smile without my lips hurting and can eat without them burning. It stays on even after brushing my teeth. It's so nice to feel soft lips again after all these years." —Bluebearee

    Get it from Amazon for $8 (available in five flavors). 

    26. Try this silicone-free L'Oreal moisturizing treatment to get a shiny, flippable mane FAST — like, eight seconds fast. This rinse-out formula works on any hair texture or length, delivering the proteins and amino acids necessary for visibly healthier-looking hair.

    @lorealparis / Via,

    Shine in a silicone-free product?! Dreams really do come true.

    Promising review: "I love this product. I cannot believe how it tackled the frizz in my naturally fine hair. It really improved the definition of my color and the shine and the overall texture is revitalized. I have major issues with frizz and need detangling. My hair is dry from multiple color treatments and damaged hair. I feel like I just went to the salon, and for this price, it is truly a miracle product." —siobhan

    Get it from Amazon for $8.97.

    27. Bust breakouts with a top-selling acne oil packed with hydrating oils if you're tired of tough zit treatments that leave your skin dull and dry. Use it as a spot treatment or mix it with your moisturizer for full-face coverage.


    Blume is a POC-owned small biz cofounded by sisters Taran and Bunny, who wanted to create a line of transparent, eco-conscious self-care products that destigmatize and de-mystify the shame-centered talk around periods and puberty.

    Promising review: "I’ve been using Meltdown nightly for two weeks and my skin has completely cleared. I had been struggling with awful, stubborn peri-menopausal acne for months. It’s such a relief! I love it. Smells good, easy to use. Highly recommend!" —Bobbi M.

    Get it from Blume for $28 (save 20% when you subscribe).

    28. Smooth down flyaways with a hair finishing stick so your messy bun looks a bit less messy.

    Promising review: "I was skeptical of products like this, but I figured it was cheap enough to try. I'm SO glad I did! I always have what I call 'fluh fluhs' coming out of the part on my head and no matter how many times I wet them down they stick straight up again. This product sticks them down and they stay down! The only caution I would give is that there's a little learning curve of how hard to press the wand to your hair. I find that I need a very light touch or I get too much of the product in my hair, which then looks a little greasy. If you wipe the brush as you pull it out you should be OK — just like mascara! Great buy!" —tinyntuff

    Get it from Amazon for $7.98.

    29. Or, lay your edges with a control gel for help smoothing down edges and baby hairs without any greasiness or flaky residue. Just sleek styles for days.

    BUT we want to add that no one should feel pressure to lay their edges, unless they way want to! Check out, "Just A Friendly PSA That You Don't HAVE To Lay Your Edges Down If You Don't Wanna."

    Promising review: "Hands down! The best edge control I have ever used and I have used a lot of them. Stayed all day! No flakes and nongreasy! And this one is not even the strongest in the line. Love this product!" —Seabea2013

    Get it from Amazon for $4.99+ (available in four sizes).

    30. Separate lashes with a fine-toothed eyelash comb that'll help break up clumpy mascara and achieve the full and feathery lash look you're after.

    a model using a fine-toothed comb on their lashes

    Promising review: "The product I never knew I needed! I love clumpier mascaras but sometimes I tend to go overboard. This comb separates lashes beautifully without stripping the lashes of the product entirely. It allows me to have that thicker lash look whilst keeping them looking fuller and separated!" —Selena C.

    Get it from Amazon for $4.99

    31. Fight frizz and treat hair with an easy-to-use collagen-coating hair mask to make it look like your hair hasn't undergone years of abuse at the hands of bleach and blow-dryers.

    Bek O'Connell / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "Worked like a charm! My hair had gotten very dry over the prolonged winter but just using this product once return my dry locks back into silky ones! Great product!" —Kistmyst

    Read our review of Elizavecca's CER-100 Collagen Coating Hair Protein Treatment to learn more about why my colleague calls it, "the miracle product I've been searching for."

    Get it from Amazon for $9.90.

    32. Soothe redness with a green-to-beige color-correcting treatment that uses color theory to even your complexion while protecting skin from harmful UV rays and other environmental irritants.

    a model before and after using the color correcting treatment with redness on the cheeks greatly reduced

    Promising review: "I have sensitive skin and have been combating redness as long as I can remember. A few dabs of this over my moisturizer and my skin is even and there is no redness to be found!" —

    My coworker Elizabeth Lilly uses this stuff daily. Check out her Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment review for more deets and a compelling before and after.

    Get it from Sephora for $52.

    33. Apply this lightweight maskne face spray to your mask before heading out and enjoy the hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial benefits, because the last thing you need is breakouts to make this pandemic even more stressful.

    a model holding the spray bottle and a face mask
    Averr Aglow

    Averr Aglow is a small biz founded by Camille after they struggled with breakouts well into adulthood. After a lot of research, and a little help from their husband, they created an all-natural skincare routine packed with over 40 vitamins and minerals that help skin look its best. 

    Promising review: "Great! It smells nice and freshens up my masks. I've been getting terrible acne on my chin since COVID started, but this spray helps a ton!" —Grace V. 

    Get it from  Amazon for $19 or Averr Aglow for $19

    Cross a few beauty busters off your list of 99 problems:


    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.