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    32 Tips To Help Save Future You From Life's Little Problems

    Spend a little money now to save your sanity later.

    1. Save your hard-as-rock brown sugar by adding a terra-cotta sugar-saver that'll transform it into a soft pile of ready-to-use sweetness (and keep it that way).

    2. Add a couple of cable clips to your workstation if you're tired of crawling under your desk yet again to fetch fallen charging cords.

    3. Prep your lenses with a quick coat of anti-fog spray to help prevent the dreaded face mask fog when wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses. The pandemic changed a lot of things — your desire to see clearly is not one of them.

    4. Rock wrinkle-free fits by deploying some Downy fabric spray whenever there's no time (or energy) to break out the iron.

    a reviewer photo of a blue dress shirt looking wrinkled on the left, and the same shirt with less wrinkles on the right

    5. Stop drowning your counters with an absorbent faucet drip catcher and cut out the after-dinner ritual of sopping up the small lagoon that forms behind your sink every time you do dishes.

    6. Manage Fido's constant shedding with a pet hair remover equipped with reusable bristles so you can keep your clothes and furniture fur-free without dragging out the vacuum or wasting a bunch of single-use lint roller sheets that just can't keep up with your pet's endless amount of hair.

    7. Treat your kinky-curly hair right with a beloved-by-the-internet detangling brush because your old brush isn't going to get any better no matter how many pain-induced swears you throw at it.

    8. Prevent tangled bedsheets from derailing laundry day by using wad-free pads to help maintain a balanced washer drum, reduce dry times, and prevent wet clothes from getting trapped in the sheets.

    the wad free pads attached to a bed sheet

    9. Make your money go further with these Shark Tank-approved miniature spatulas so you can scoop out every 👏 last 👏 drop 👏 of that expensive foundation, lotion, hot sauce, etc.

    10. Revitalize dull and dry hair with a silicone-free L'Oreal moisturizing treatment if you want visibly healthier-looking hair fast — like, eight seconds fast. This rinse-out formula works on any hair texture or length, delivering the proteins and amino acids necessary for a shiny, flippable mane.

    11. Open the jars you used to ask your neighbor to open with an under-cabinet lid opener. This inconspicuous gadget will help you master pickle and sauce jars, and is great for seniors or anyone with joint or arthritic pain.

    12. Revitalize stubbornly droopy houseplants by adding Miracle-Gro plant food spikes that continuously feed plants with nutrients they need to thrive for up to two months.

    13. Make almost any device in your home "smart" by installing Wi-Fi connected outlets to control lights, your humidifier, and even the curling iron you forgot to unplug all via your phone or voice control.

    a reviewer photo of a smart outlet plugged into a wall socket

    14. Safely pull piping hot bowls out of the microwave sans hand burns with a pack of microfiber bowl huggers. They'll also absorb minor spillage from too-full bowls as you make the treacherous journey from kitchen to couch.

    A pair of hands holding a bowl that's resting in the red bowl hugger

    15. And avoid frozen hands with crocheted pint cozy that'll wrap your favorite flavor in a protective layer so you don't feel like you've got frostbite when you're on the couch just trying to enjoy some Ben & Jerry's.

    16. Save your hand from painful search and rescue missions by installing a car gap filler — a Shark Tank product you might recognize as the simple yet genius invention for preventing loose change, french fries, and earrings from falling into the space between the car seat and the middle console.

    17. Secure your fitted sheet by adding bedsheet fasteners if your tossing and turning leads to you having to essentially remake the entire bed come morning.

    18. Invest in some comfortable period underwear because you won't wake up with blood on your sheets when your underwear has the ~absorbency powers~ of up to three regular tampons.

    19. Squeeze in a nutritious breakfast even when you oversleep with a Dash rapid egg cooker that can make boiled, poached, or scrambled eggs, and even individual omelets quicker (and with less mess) than cooking on the stove top.

    The egg cooker in black filled with six eggs

    20. Carry all your groceries from the car to the house in ONE run with a handy bag holder featured on Shark Tank. It easily holds up to 80 pounds and can be carried by hand or tossed over your shoulder (it's padded) for hands-free ease.

    21. Rescue well-loved knits from the horrors of aging — lint, matted fibers, and pilling, oh my — with a battery-operated fabric shaver. It's like a tiny vacuum; just empty the detachable lint catcher when you're done, and enjoy your revitalized sweater.

    A split reviewer image of a pilled sweater with text that reads "Before" on top, and the same sweater without visible pilling with text that reads "After" on the bottom

    22. Stop scratching sooner when you use a bite suction tool to suck out the venom left behind under the skin by our bug and insect friends. It'll help reduce both itchiness and swelling and get things healed up sooner.

    23. Banish stinky kitty smells by sprinkling the litter box with a layer of unscented deodorizer for a better smelling home and extending the life of your litter, saving you $$$.

    24. Halt that zit dead in its tracks by applying acne patches with gunk-absorbing powers that speed up the pimple healing process without picking or popping.

    25. Trap the flies and gnats living rent-free in your home with Sticky Stakes if you're tired of buzzing creepy crawlers distracting you right in the middle of an important presentation (or Netflix binge).

    26. Always be prepared for life's little mishaps with this travel-ready mini emergency kit printed with the city skyline of your choice and stocked with those easy-to-forget provisions that'll save you in a pinch. A Band-Aid for those new-shoe blisters, a sewing kit for lost buttons, or a deodorant wipe because — don't lie — we've all been there.

    A small white faux leather pouch with a black skyline print surrounded by a mix of travel-sized toiletries and on-the-go essentials

    27. Save your shoes with a suede and nubuck cleaning brush because anyone who hasn't accidentally got caught in the rain while wearing a pair of suede shoes is lying. This brush will diminish the look of water stains with no additional cleaners required so you and your favorite shoes can reunite for another (drier, I hope) outing.

    28. Stop surrendering socks to the black hole in the laundry room by using sock keepers that keep pairs together in the washer *and* dryer. Now, you can enjoy fewer lost socks and quicker folding times.

    29. Extend the life of your charging cords with spiral cable protectors to prevent fraying and other external damage without sacrificing mobility, so you can still lay in bed with your phone and bend the crap out of your charger like you do every night.

    30. Keep area rugs from slipping and sliding all over the place with a roll of double-sided carpet tape that's safe to use on wood, tiles, vinyl, and more. No one wants to start the day with a twisted ankle before they've even left the house.

    31. Spray those pesky sneezes away and try this concentrated allergen spray for a quick and easy way to reduce the presence of airborne and surface allergens from pets, mites, and more.

    the allergen spray

    32. Preserve that half-drank bottle of vino with a wine-saver pump that'll keep things tasting fresh for up to a week by sucking the air out of the bottle. It's suitable for all types of wine and comes with two super-sealing bottle stoppers.

    You with the tools to handle all that annoying life stuff: