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    33 Things If You’re Ready To Go All-In On Your Home Office In 2022

    It's been nearly two years of WFH. It's time.

    1. A cascading wall organizer with six removable folders if your WFH station is drowning in papers that you're very scared you're going to lose.

    2. A cooling memory foam seat cushion that'll make you feel ~supported~ even on your longest days.

    a reviewer photo of the cushion on a black desk chair

    3. A desktop whiteboard designed to fit comfortably between a keyboard and a monitor, and be a place where you can write out all your absolutely-cannot-forget reminders instead of hunting down that sticky note from this morning's meeting.

    The dry erase board with the words "Isn't this fabulous?!!!" written out on it

    4. A slim laptop stand for raising your laptop closer to eye level, naturally forcing you to sit up straighter and prevent painful hunching.

    5. A sleek mug warmer so you can actually sit through your meetings instead of making constant trips to the microwave to keep your coffee at juuuust the right temperature.

    6. A hilarious "You're on mute" mug because Mike just never remembers to turn on his mic, and it's about time you come up with a system to let him know when only the cat can hear his Excel presentation.

    Mug on kitchen table

    7. A pack of adhesive cable clips if you're tired of crawling under your desk yet again to fetch fallen charging cords.

    8. And an adhesive monitor clip that can hold up to 30 sheets of paper, making data entry and note-taking a breeze while clearing up loads of desk space.

    9. A clip-on ring light so your co-workers can actually see your beautiful face on calls, instead of slightly sinister shadow of pixels.

    10. A discreet webcam slide cover that fits on almost any device to ensure your privacy and the peace of mind that you're not being spied on — through your camera, anyway.

    A reviewer photo of an open laptop with a camera cover applied with cover slide open for use

    11. A colorful wireless keyboard and mouse set for adding some joy-inducing color to your workspace without any bothersome cords to tie you down.

    12. This super cool faux book display made out of reclaimed materials that's sneakily hollowed out so you can transform rather-ignore eyesores into look-I-read decor.

    13. A mesh metal multi-drawer monitor stand with plenty of space to stash office supplies because your monitor is already hogging 75% of your desk's real estate space, might as well get a riser that can pick up the slack.

    14. Or a sleek monitor riser with USB ports if your workday is frequently interrupted with scavenger hunts for an available outlet to charge your phone, headphones, desk fan, and any other WFH tech companions.

    a black monitor riser with usb ports on the side with a laptop sitting on it

    15. A six-outlet extender with two USB ports and a built-in night-light for quickly powering ALL your devices (yes, even the ones with huge charging cords) and freeing your feet from the tangled wire nest under your desk.

    16. An adjustable foam footrest that brings the floor to you, alleviating pressure on your hips from long hours spent sitting. For restless legs, try flipping it over and using your feet to gently rock back and forth.

    17. An adjustable phone stand to keep your workplace right-hand man (your phone) at your desk and by your side — plugged-in, charging, and ready for action!

    18. Or an adhesive under-desk phone holder for upping your productivity by keeping your phone out of sight and hopefully out of mind without worrying that you might miss a call.

    19. An ultra-thin socket cover with an attached power strip so you can actually push your desk up against the wall instead of dealing with that awkward gap caused by the bulky plug for your powerstrip.

    20. Plus, a set of zippered cable sleeves because the mess of cords under your desk makes it feel like you're sending your fit into a den of snakes every time you sit down.

    21. A lemon-scented cleaning gel if you haven't cleaned your keyboard since...well, ever and it's covered in over a year's worth of stuck lunch crumbs and dust you'd rather not live with for another year.

    22. A memory foam lumbar pillow you can strap on to just about any chair to help alleviate back pain and improve posture. Side effects may include your mom not telling you to "Stand up straight!" next time you see her.

    A reviewer photo of a black leather office chair with the lumbar support pillow strapped to the back

    23. A plug-in Wi-Fi extender that'll eliminate internet dead zones and put an end to the constant housemate battle for conference room space (aka the living room) with a signal strong enough to handle a video call.

    Reviewer holding their phone up to the rectangular-shaped router that's plugged into the wall

    24. A set of window cat suncatcher stickers so you can bask in sunny rainbows even if you're stuck inside working. Who can't help but smile at a rainbow!?

    25. An adjustable standing desk converter for transforming any table or desk into an ergonomic workstation. Sit, stand, skip — work in a way that's comfortable for you without the investment in a brand-new desk.

    26. Or an electric standing desk that's got easy, motorized movement without the usual bank-breaking cost. Plus, you can program four presets to ensure it's at the right height for you every time.

    27. An elegant desk lamp because this one feels decidedly NOT like the one you had in middle school and really ties the whole space together, don't cha think?

    28. A set of stackable clear drawer organizers if you're afraid of getting snapped by rubber bands and pinched by paper clips every time you stick a hand in your desk drawer.

    29. An under-desk bike for anyone who struggles to squeeze a workout into their busy schedule. Now you can flex your multi-tasking muscles and pedal the day away while you work.

    30. A portable wireless mini humidifier to help combat allergies and parched hair and skin, all while being quiet enough to leave on during your morning meeting without causing a disturbance.

    31. A minimalist Zoom meeting door hanger so you can let everyone in the house know you're not to be disturbed without feeling like the town crier. Hear ye, hear ye! My third call of the day starts now!

    A natural wood doorknob hanging sign that says "Zoom Meeting, please do not disturb" in simple black letters"