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Just 28 Things For Anyone Who Loves Soup

Including bowls, apparel, kitchen gadgets, and more to help you celebrate the culinary masterpiece that is soup.

1. A microwavable soup mug so you can easily microwave single servings of soup without having to get out a pot that you'll inevitably have to clean.

2. A hand-stamped soup spoon to let your inner ~soupa freak~ shine every mealtime.

A soup spoon stamped with "SOUPA FREAK" over a bowl full of red soup

3. A set of two stoneware serving bowls with built-in side trays because what is soup without its trusty companions crackers, bread, and grilled cheese?

A pair of bowls with attached handles and trays filled with soup and crackers in one and soup and toasted cheese in the other

4. A 6-quart slow cooker that'll make preparing delicious homemade soups way easier. Dump a bunch of ingredients in, set it, and forget it until the sweet smells of warm soup waft your way.

5. A Chinese soup dumpling kit because putting soup inside a dumpling is really one of the most ingenious creations I've ever encountered, and learning how to make them yourself is A) a life skill and B) makes for a fun night in!

The contents of the kit

6. A powerful immersion blender so you can skip that part of the creamy soup-making process where you burn your hands transferring soup from the pot to the blender. Now you can get your puree away right in the pot!

7. A ceramic twist trivet perfect for safely and stylishly housing your piping hot pot of soup on the table. Soup is great, but we don't need to accidentally burn another tablecloth.

8. A clear can organizer bin for anyone with a can-crowded pantry who loves space optimization almost as much as they love soup.

A standing clear bin sitting on a shelf with an open front and a stack of seven cans of soup inside

9. An adorable lidded soup bowl shaped like an acorn that's the stuff cozy cottagecore dreams are made of.

A soup bowl with an acorn-shaped lid resting on a plate next to a napkin and other table settings

10. A cozy crewneck sweatshirt with a cheeky reminder on the best way to win your heart. Noddle soup...obviously.

A light blue and navy blue crewneck sweatshirt with a screen print of a bowl of ramen noodles that says "Send Noods"

11. A soup gift basket for anyone missing Mom's homemade chicken noodle soup right about now. You could ask her for the recipe and make it yourself but this is a lot easier, I promise.

A basket filled with three soup mixes and a box of crackers

12. A printed pair of soup socks available in three mouthwatering flavors — I mean, prints! Each one comes in a matching tin can and, much like soup, will bring you joy *and* warmth.

13. A pack of microwavable bowl huggers so you can safely pull piping hot bowls out of the microwave without burning your hands. They'll also absorb minor spillage from too-full bowls as you make the treacherous journey from kitchen to couch.

14. A dedicated soup cookbook with 200 recipes organized by season to help you get your soup fix year-round, and try new and nourishing dishes that make it easy to utilize fresh in-season produce.

"The Soup Book" book cover

15. A set of reusable soup containers because you always seem to end up with enough leftover soup to feed a soccer team, and you need some leakproof, freezer-safe containers to keep it fresh.

16. An upcycled Campbell's soup CANdle that lives in the center of the Venn diagram where soup, candle, and Warhol fans meet.

A candle made from an empty chicken noodle soup can

17. A crab spoon holder to sit on the edge of your pots and pans and fearlessly guard against some of cooking's most annoying perils. Spoon drippings? Not today! Bubbly spillover from a pot boiled over? Nah. Crabby, here, doubles as a steam releaser!

18. A stainless-steel soup ladle that's kind of like the Mercedes of ladles (German engineering, included). Made from a solid piece of stainless steel, this ergonomic scoop has an all-around pouring rim to prevent drippage, and a hooked handle so you don't have to go bobbing for ladles that slipped in the soup.

19. A set of ceramic soup crocks tough enough to withstand the broiler and get that perfectly toasted cheesy top layer your bistro-worthy French onion soup has been missing.

20. An alphabetical soup tea towel made from durable linen-blend canvas that'll teach even the savviest of soup savants about a new dish or two.

21. A sleek vacuum insulated thermos perfect for enjoying soup (and other hot or cold foods) on-the-go. It has a wide-mouth for easy filling and is perfectly-sized to fit in most lunch boxes!

22. A The Office inspired soup snakes card because nothing is more romantic than you and Michael Scott teaming up to work through your bulleted list of reasons you and your S.O. belong together.

A black and white card featuring Michael Scott from "The Office" that says "You and I are soup snakes...and the reason is because of the soup that we like to eat...wait no, that doesn't make any sense. Soulmates! You and I are soulmates"

23. An enameled cast-iron Dutch oven that combines the functionality of a stockpot and baking dish into one, stylish piece. Its large size and ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures will make it a culinary one-stop shop for all your bread-baking, meat-braising, and soup-simmering needs.

24. A No Soup For You! enamel pin for Seinfeld fans to celebrate potentially the most iconic soup-related figure of all time — Yev Kassem — and his strict soup-ordering ways.

An enamel pin shaped like a soup can that says "No soup for you" with a small illustration of a mustached face in the center

25. A linen apron because you should be able to whip up your favorite soups and stews without sacrificing (aka staining) any clothes.

26. A variety pack of pre-made bone broth that'll have you enjoying all the nutritious, anti-inflammatory health benefits of bone broth without the time-intensive task of gathering all the bones and veggies needed to make it at-home.

27. An electric wok with an included divider for partaking in what is potentially the peak soup experience — hot pot. Want to cook and eat all the meat, veggies, and tofu you could ever want in one-to-two bubbling soup stocks of your choosing? Yes, yes you do.

28. A soup sampler that combines the benefits of canned goods (long shelf life, easy to make) with the benefits of something you might make at home (organic, ethically sourced). If the apocalypse comes, you're going to have the best-tasting survival food around!

Five packets of different-flavored organic soup mixes

Wear your soup love on your sleeve:

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