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    17 Subscriptions For Anyone Who Has Too Much On Their Plate

    Give yourself the gift of a shorter to-do list.

    1. Home Chef comes stocked with pre-portioned ingredients with easy-to-follow recipes you can whip up in under 30 minutes! For really hectic days, you can opt for ready-made meals with ready-made peace of mind when inevitably someone in the house asks "What's for dinner?"

    A topdown view of a meatball, potato, and pea dish

    2. Winc keeps your bar cart stocked with delicious wine deliveries so you can skip the last-minute booze run. Each bottle is handpicked to tantalize your unique tastebuds based on the results of Winc's fun preferences quiz!

    A hand putting a bottle of wine into a box filled with over bottles of wine decorated with tinsel and pine cones

    3. Vellabox sends a sweet-smelling surprise every month, so you'll always have a high-quality, artisan-made candle on-hand when you finally have a moment to yourself and need to create a little *ambiance*.

    Two candles sitting in an open cardboard box next to a vase

    4. KiwiCo delivers an interactive, learning-based activity to your door every month so you can take a break from coordinating yet another fun-but-educational activity for the little ones.

    5. Atlas Coffee Club will fuel your busy days with monthly shipments of single-origin coffee from a new country every month based on your java preferences!

    6. SnackCrate will take you on a global snack tour with a monthly delivery of full-sized salty and sweet treats from countries around the world. It's perfect for anyone who's too busy to make the trip to the store for snacks, or who has so many other things on their mind that they'll stare at the snack shelves for 10 minutes trying to find the one they want.

    7. A Bouqs flower subscription delights with a new bouquet every month, so you can fill your often-too-empty vases with farm-fresh flowers that'll brighten your home and mood!

    8. Dollar Shave Club delivers heavy-duty six-blade razors, shaving gel, and other top-quality grooming products for anyone who shaves, with regular refill boxes so you never run out of what you need to look your best.

    9. Daily Harvest stocks your freezers full of breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and desserts that are so good and so easy to make that even frying up an egg will feel like a not-worth-it hassle.

    A white Daily Harvest box surrounded by an array of packaged smoothies, flatbreads, and harvest bowls

    10. Blueland sends eco-friendly cleaning supplies in reusable bottles and customizable, recurring refill shipments so achieving a squeaky-clean space is always in the cards, even when a trip to the store is not.

    A mix of Blueland reusable spray bottles with brown bags of refill tablets

    11. Stitch Fix removes the stress of clothes shopping by pairing you with a personal stylist who will hand-select and send five pieces. Once the shipment arrives, you can try on each piece without the dressing room jitters, keep what you want, and send the rest back!

    A button-up shirt, pants, slingback pumps, a pair of earrings, and a purse

    12. TheraBox comes filled with therapeutic self-care products and "happiness activities" to encourage you to take a little "me time." Besides, who couldn't use a little extra dose of dopamine nowadays?

    A model holding a book titled "Self care" siting in front of a box filled with various wellness products

    13. Sips by sends premium teas personalized to match your taste preferences. Every month, you'll get everything you need to steep and sip your way to serenity — without a trip to the store!

    Top-down view of a model holding a cup of tea sitting in front of a Sips by box filled with different types of tea bags

    14. DateBox Club takes the stress out of date night by sending fun and interactive date ideas (and all the necessary supplies) to your door every month, so you and that special someone can just focus on enjoying a well-deserved night off together.

    15. A Thrive Market membership that'll grant you full access to an online marketplace of delicious and sustainable kitchen and home essentials you can have sent straight to your door for 25–50% off in-store retail prices. No more long, out-of-the-way trips to Whole Foods just to find that one specific brand of oat milk!

    An open Thrive Market cardboard box surrounded by various grocery items like BBQ sauce,  jerkey sticks, and avocado oil

    16. Birchbox curates a personalized selection of top-notch beauty samples that'll make it easy to find and test out new products for less money and without the time-intensive research.

    17. Quip will send an über-stylish electric toothbrush and a reoccurring shipment of brush heads, because remembering to change out your toothbrush is probably somewhere near the bottom of your to-do list.

    A quip toiletry case, floss holder, tube of toothpaste, and toothbrush

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