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    26 Last-Minute Subscription Box Gifts To Entertain Anyone With Quarantine Fatigue

    Brand-new boredom-busters for anyone who's already made sourdough, tie-dyed all their T-shirts, and scrolled to the ends of TikTok.

    1. American Cocktail Club satisfies anyone who's missing fancy happy hour cocktails. Curated recipes and all the ingredients needed for four servings arrive straight to their door so they can whip up their own in no time!

    A model pouring a shot into a copper mug surrounded by various cocktail ingredients

    2. TheraBox comes filled with therapeutic self-care products and "happiness activities" because who couldn't use a little extra dose of dopamine nowadays?

    A model holding a book titled "Self care" siting in front of a box filled with various wellness products

    3. Book of the Month delivers a hardcover book of their choice every month. It takes the scary guesswork out of offering book recs and gets more great titles on their shelves for less $$$.

    4. A Sips by sends premium teas, personalized to match their unique taste preferences. Every month, they'll get everything they need to steep and sip their way to serenity.

    Top-down view of a model holding a cup of tea sitting in front of a Sips by box filled with different types of tea bags

    5. The Adults & Crafts Crate is a major upgrade from the popsicle stick craft projects of year's past. This box comes stocked with everything they'll need to complete gram-worthy projects they'll actually want to use.

    6. Hunt A Killer walks players through an episodic murder mystery puzzle for hours of crime-solving and sleuthing fun. Mystery lovers and armchair detectives can finally get their fix since, at this point, they've probably listened to the entire backlog of every true crime podcast.

    7. The KiwiCo Eureka Crate sends hands-on projects that anyone between the ages of 14 to 104 can complete. If quarantine has their brain feeling like mush, this kit will kickstart their problem-solving skills and have them engineering inspiring creations every month!

    8. Knit-Wise curates monthly knitting projects, and sends all the instructions, yarn, and tools they'll need to get stitching — even if they've never picked up a pair knitting needles before!

    9. Call Number celebrates the latest and greatest voices in Black literature by sending them one newly-released book (and some themed goodies) every quarter. It's curated by a former librarian, so it's like having your own on-call literary guide for under-the-radar book recs.

    10. Birchbox selects and sends a monthly, personalized assortment of top-notch beauty samples to experiment with on their next hot date with their laptop and a new YouTube makeup tutorial.

    11. It's By U delivers beautiful blooms and introductory tips and tricks on the art of flower arranging! Your best *bud* can grow their creative skillset and brighten their home all in one fun monthly kit!

    12. Home Made Luxe brings all their DIY Pinterest dreams to life with a monthly craft kit full of supplies and instructions to create beautiful and useful home decor pieces!

    13. Whisk Takers takes all the time-consuming *whisk* out of baking with pre-measured ingredients and step-by-step instructions that'll teach them proper baking techniques — without the disappointing trial and error! Now, they can have their cake and eat it too. Ya know, because this time it's edible.

    14. SpiceBreeze delivers pre-measured spices and easy-to-make, authentic recipes from regions across the globe, so every month they can enjoy a delicious, culinary world tour without ever stepping outside.

    15. UnboxBoardom keeps game night fresh by sending out a new, play-tested board game every month! If their quarantine pod just can't muster yet another round of Settlers of Catan, this is the boredom-busting box for them.

    16. Wild Woman Box fuels their outdoor adventures with everything from snacks to supplies, whether they're an experienced backpacker or a 2020-made-me-do-it hiking novice.

    17. Finders Seekers is an escape room in a box that'll take the whole family on an immersive, puzzle-driven journey through a different city every month! It's cheaper than IRL escape rooms and they can keep working on it as long as they need — no time limits...or losing.

    18. The Hopebroidery Box is filled with everything they need to create their own trendy, embroidered decor — with just the right amount of hand-holding. They'll love this whether they're new to needlework or have a whole stash of thread and just need some project inspiration!

    19. MyRenovar delivers a quarterly haul of seasonal artisan-made home decor, so they can routinely revamp their space and keep it feeling more like a sanctuary and less like a cell.

    20. The Inky Box sends a monthly supply of calligraphy tools and greeting cards, plus practice sheets so they can level up their lettering!

    An open box with an array of notebooks, markers, pens, and other lettering tools

    21. A Puzzle Subscription Box that'll keep your favorite puzzler stocked up with a monthly delivery of a new 1,000-piece puzzle. There'll be no falling to *pieces* from boredom on your watch!

    22. SnackCrate is filled with full-sized salty and sweet treats from countries around the world. It's the perfect gift for anyone who is really missing those free office snacks.

    23. DateBox Club helps your favorite couple who's already watched every movie on Netflix keep the spark alive, by sending fun and interactive date ideas (and all the necessary supplies) to their door every month.

    24. Paletteful Packs is filled with top-quality art supplies — from paints to pens —that'll inspire burgeoning artists and masterclass painters alike with their tiered box options.

    A top-down view of a large and small box, both of which read 
"Paletteful Packs", surrounded by various art supplies including paints, brushes, and pencils

    25. BRĀV Box supports an active lifestyle with a monthly delivery of healthy high-quality snacks, perfect for a loved one deployed overseas or that friend who bought up all the at-home gym equipment at the start of quarantine.

    An open box filled with a mix of heathy snacks

    26. Work•Space•Spark supports working professionals of all kinds with a monthly shipment of office decor, productivity tools, and online career development resources so they'll have everything they need to thrive at work and get 👏 it 👏 done 👏

    Them waiting for their latest box to arrive:

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