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    21 Stylish Things From Express That'll Probably Make People Ask "Where'd You Get That?"

    Each one comes with a free gift — compliments.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A knit belted jumpsuit that dares to dream what a cozy-yet-stylish onesie you can feel good about wearing out of the house might look like.

    2. A bold snake buckle belt you'll find *slithering* its way to the top of the pile whenever you're in need of an edgy outfit finisher.

    3. A color-block sherpa hoodie because everyone deserves to look cool yet feel like they're wearing a blanket — and now you can.

    A model wearing tan pants and a colorblock sherpa hoodie with a front kangaroo pocket

    4. A rib-knit sweater midi dress with balloon sleeves that really nails down that coveted "cozy professional" aesthetic.

    5. A luxe pair of cashmere pom-pom slippers for keeping your feetsies warm during your bed-to-couch WFH commute.

    6. An organza puff sleeve top that combines the comfortable stretch of your favorite T-shirt with the wow factor of your favorite statement blouse. I guess we really can have it all.

    7. A reversible V-neck camisole to deliver two essential styles in one. Keep it simple with the soft matte side or glam it up with shiny satin on the reverse.

    8. A fuzzy balloon-sleeve sweater with a chunky cowl neck that doubles as an always-on-hand scarf to burrow in during cold Zoom meetings after you've lost yet another fight with your roommate over the thermostat settings.

    9. A sophisticated double-breasted coat with a removable faux fur collar that's perfect for layering, is timeless, and goes with everything — aka the investment coat trifecta.

    10. An elegant satin wrap top with a notice-me bow detail you can throw on with any pair of jeans so you instantly look like you walked right out of a style influencer's Instagram story.

    11. A waffle knit Henley hoodie that's more polished than your average sweatshirt (but no less comfortable) and lightweight enough to easily layer under a jacket or blazer.

    12. Flared dark wash jeans for a nostalgic retro flair that'll transform your jeans and T-shirt look into a *lewk*.

    13. An easy-fitting cable knit sweater that does its job (keeping you warm) with fun, frilly ruffles for a little something extra. Stay toasty, my friends.

    14. Sleek snakeskin-textured ankle booties to say "I dropped my entire paycheck on these beauties" without, ya know, actually having to come even close to doing that.

    15. A chunky, open-front cardigan you can throw on over *literally* anything for a cute, cozy dose of some much-needed warmth. It's the type of cardigan that brings to mind crisp mornings, coffee, and you gazing out at the world from the porch. Dreamy, right?

    16. A polished pair of high-waisted tweed ankle pants that *stylistically* act like a neutral and can do everything your solid black trousers can but with a lot more pizzazz!

    17. An essential rib-knit beanie your ears will thank you for next time you brave the cold for another socially distantanced, outdoor hang.

    18. Super high-waisted denim joggers so you can ease into wearing real pants with a pair of jeans that still have elasticized ankle cuffs and a more relaxed fit.

    19. A versatile long sleeve knit maxi dress that really runs the "you can dress this up or down" gambit. Wear it out to dinner? Yes. Lunch? Absolutely. Sleep in it? I really don't see why not.

    20. A round top-handle satchel in a go-with-everything shade of blue that's surprisingly spacious and versatile thanks to the detachable (and adjustable) shoulder strap.

    21. A collarless faux fur jacket with vegan leather trim that's got all the professional polish of a blazer with none of the "I can't lift my arms above my head" stiffness.

    Live footage of you flaunting your new duds:

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