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    27 Renter-Friendly Home-Improvement Products

    No drill, no problem.

    1. A set of wireless LED puck lights so you can get the custom lighting look even if your lease is really specific and explicitly permits against drilling holes in your cabinets.

    2. A luxe peel-and-stick tile backsplash because the charming shade of "eggshell" on your kitchen walls just isn't really doing it for ya these days.

    3. A fast-drying grout paint pen for help covering up those dingy stains living in your tile cracks. Think of it like one of those adult coloring books — fill in the lines and bask in your ~artistic~ sensibilities.

    4. A set of magnetic decorative garage door accents to add some cheap and easy curb appeal to your rental. Installation is as easy as sticking them on the door, and the UV and weather-resistant plastic is built to last in even harsh climates.

    5. Printed peel-and-stick wallpaper if you've been dreaming of a trendy accent wall since before you even paid rent. There's no glue or special tools required, and can be removed without damaging the paint underneath.

    6. A pack of modern metallic switch covers to really add a custom feel to your space. Just be sure to swap the old ones back in when it's time to move out!

    7. A battery-operated motion-sensor toilet light that'll make your potty feel like a piece of modern art, and end the searing pain of turning on the bathroom lights when you need to pee at two in the morning.

    A toilet with a blue illuminated bowl and 16 thumbnail images of the toilet illuminated in different colors

    8. A pack of hook-and-loop Command picture hanging strips so you can get your gram-worthy gallery wall without drilling approximately 800 holes in the wall. That big canvas you've been waiting too afraid to hang? Go for it — four pairs of strips can hold up to 16 pounds!

    9. Or some colored Washi tape for hanging unframed prints or adorning your walls with custom geometric designs that'll easily peel right off when your lease ends or you just want to change up your space!

    a reviewer photo of the box of tape with different-colored rolls

    10. These intricate adhesive floor tiles if your building's pre-war charm does not extend to those pre-war tile floors. No messy grout here! They're totally water-resistant and washable — so mop your heart out!

    11. Some adhesive LED color-changing strip lights because you're all about curating a mood — even when that mood is changing constantly. Fortunately, the only thing between you and custom light configurations is finding the remote...

    12. A pair of large Command hooks to support the curtain rod that's going to support those VITAL blackout curtains. I would like to choose whether I watch the sunrise, thank you very much.

    13. Or these Shark Tank-featured no-drill curtain rod brackets that simply require a hammer and five seconds of your time to install with zero measuring or leveling.

    14. A self-adhesive door draft stopper because you're still raging about last spring's astronomical electric bills thanks to your good friend the ~air conditioner~. Simply cut to size and stick on any door to guard against drafts, noise, under-door lights, and wasted money down the drain.

    Close-up of the white plastic stopper attached to the bottom of a door

    15. A roll of vinyl peel and stick contact paper so you can revamp your rental's ancient dishwasher with a sleek stainless-steel look that's more 2021 and less 1971.

    16. A stick-anywhere motion sensor light bar for illuminating lightless closets and dark pantries without approximately zero hardwiring required.

    17. This self-adhesive black wood texture paper that can be applied to any smooth surface (tabletops, cabinets, furniture, etc.) in need of a revamp.

     a reviewer image of brown cabinets at the top, and the same cabinets with the black paper applied on the bottom

    18. Some sleek privacy doorknobs because those industrial door levers are handy, but don't quite match your carefully curated decor.

    19. A stylish and slim felt storage bin if the pile of shoes visible under your bed makes you want to tidy up your space without springing for a custom, drawer-equipped bed frame that definitely will not fit in your closet-sized apartment.

    20. A roll of dark vinyl contact paper to turn bland countertops and tables into surfaces you'll ~marble~ at every time you walk by.

    21. A slim 21-inch Command ledge for all the joy of floating shelves with none of the lease-violating commitment.

    22. Some affordable cabinet pulls that'll modernize your dated kitchen or bathroom cabinets. They're super easy to install. The hard part will be remembering where you stored the original hardware before move-out day.

    a review image of white cabinets and drawers with the black hardware installed

    23. An updated toilet seat because if the toilet is the focal point of the bathroom, you may as well make sure you like how it looks.

    24. A trendy arch wall decal so you can stop pining after other people's cool painted arches on Instagram, and force other people to pine after your cool wall arch (because I can't paint a simple arch, can you?).

    25. Some smart lightbulbs with 16 MILLION color options that you can screw into any light fixture and control with a smartphone or your voice, courtesy of Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant.

    26. A hand-tufted bold area rug to cover up your less-than-fresh hardwood floors with cozy, cushy, printed flair!

    27. And this drywall repair putty if, in a moment of weakness, you do whip out the drill and want to pretend like it never happened for the sake of your security deposit.