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    If You Hate Being Grossed Out, The Review Photos For These 36 Products Just Aren’t For You

    Enter if you dare.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A reusable pumice stone to quickly remove stains and have your toilets, sinks, and tubs looking like new — no dingy rings in sight.

    a reviewer photo of a toilet bowl with stains
    a reviewer of the same toilet bowl without stains

    Promising review: "When we bought our previously owned condo, all three of the toilets had a permanent dark ring. I must have tried at least six different cleaning products that claimed to eliminate rings. None worked. I was actually considering buying new toilets as the ring was embarrassing to me. A friend recommended the pumice toilet bowl ring remover and I was prepared to be disappointed again. But it worked perfectly. The ring is gone on all three toilets and it only took a few minutes per toilet. I don't know when I have ever been so totally satisfied with a product. It just saved me a whole lot of money and I am no longer embarrassed by the appearance of my toilets." —lynn mcdonald

    Get it from Amazon for $11.25.

    2. A bottle of professional-grade callus-removing gel so you can quickly get your feet sandal season ready by removing years' (I repeat, YEARS') worth of hard calluses without endless scraping and scrubbing. 

    Just presoak your feet, apply the gel, let sit for five to 10 minutes, and rinse! It's recommended you go back in afterward with a foot file just to make sure no residue or dead skin is left behind.

    Promising review: "I have the driest heels and this is the ONLY product that has ever worked. Before I used this my heels had some pretty deep cracks and now they're almost baby soft again. BUT please follow the directions...left it on my super-dry thick-callused heels for only three minutes and the callouses were literally melting off! Wonderful product! So glad I don't have to go soak my feet in those tubs at the nail salon anymore." —Kiki

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    3. Or, this internet-famous foot peel mask because what could be more fun than watching your feet slough off dead skin for a week, especially when the final result is soft skin that feels like a baby's butt?

    Promising review: "My poor feet have been extremely neglected ever since I was pregnant two years ago. This was the first time I really ever had very rough, hard heels and 'old' looking feet; they were so bad that I didn't even want to have a pedicure or wear sandals. Anyway, these foot peels were super easy to use and boy are they effective. It was the fourth day that my feet began to peel — very strange! Totally painless. The new skin coming through was very soft, like new. I would totally recommend. My sister and mother have requested their boxes." —Ally CHR

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $15.95.

    4. A carpet stain remover for lifting those scary stains that make you question if it's time to bring in the professionals. With this around you can get the job done yourself. And the best part? No rinsing or vacuuming required!

    Promising review: "This stuff is jaw-droppingly amazing! I have a 9-year-old microfiber glider that I have sentimental feelings about, but as you can imagine, after nine years and three kids, it was looking pretty rough and I feared it was time to let it go. I purchased Folex to give cleaning it a try. I saturated the arm and wiped and scrubbed (with not much effort) and the dirty basically just transferred to the washcloth I was using. The picture speaks for itself." —Angela

    Get it from Amazon for $6.65.

    5. This Korean exfoliating mitt if you spend every shower examining your skin and wondering "How do I get rid of these bumps?" The answer: these gloves, which will slough away dead skin right before your eyes. 

    a reviewer photo of the mitt covered in dead skin
    a reviewers leg covered in rolls of dead skin

    Promising review: "Right out of the box I could tell these mitts were going to be exactly what I needed. Excellent quality and easy to use! I’ve tried them twice already and my skin is now incredibly smooth! After I scrubbed my arm, I looked at the mitt and saw it was covered with dead skin cells. I’ll be buying more of these as gifts for girlfriends (in a fun spa gift basket)!" —Danielle Gill

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    6. A powerful mold and mildew stain cleaner that'll lift the most terrifying grout and caulking stains without the back-breaking scrubbing. Just apply the concentrated gel formula, wait six to eight hours, and watch your stains (and your worries) wash down the drain.

    a reviewer photo of a bathtub with dirty caulking
    the same bathtub looking clean

    Promising review: "We moved into a new apartment and the mold was out of control and it was disgusting. We tried so many products to get it out until we found this one and decided to try it as we didn’t have anything to lose. I’m so happy we bought this! This is basically concentrated Clorox as a gel so it’s so much easier to apply than the liquid and it kind of stays in place. You just have to apply it, wait a few hours, and remove it (no scrubbing required). Just make sure your shower is dry when you apply it and you’ll be good to go. Definitely worth buying if you have the same problem and nothing has worked." —Chris

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

    7. A fast-acting fruit fly trapper because you're one more fly sighting away from throwing out all your produce. Just place one of these ready-to-use traps near your trash, sink, or other fruit fly breeding grounds and enjoy 45 days of pest protection. 

    reviewer photo of an apple shaped fruit fly trap sitting on a ledge
    reviewer photo of the inside of a fruit fly trapper with dozens of fruit flies stuck in a sticky substance at the bottom

    Just place the traps where you've spotted fruit flies before and empty half of the lure bottle into the trap.

    Promising review: "Our home was infested with fruit flies. As a household of minimal fresh produce and a mostly nitrate-rich menu, we were confused and horrified when these tiny, evil bastards took over our house. These apple traps are LEGIT. Within an hour or less they had captured a good amount of flies. I just bought more." —MotherofChaos

    Get two traps from Amazon for $5.89.

    8. A box of waterproof medicated pads you apply like bandages to finally force out the wart living rent-free under your skin.

    Promising review: "I had a stubborn wart on my right thumb that has been there for almost a year. Went to the doctor the first time to freeze it, but it didn't completely remove the wart so I decided to try the gel. The gel helped but not for too long and the wart came back (in a couple of days). Long story short, I got these medicated Band-Aids and the results are incredibly satisfying. Used these Band-Aids every day for a week and the next week, my wart is gone. So far, it's been a week after and I haven't noticed any growth. Highly recommend!" —J

    Get a pack of 14 from Amazon for $6.96.

    9. A pack of stain-lifting pads so you can take care of stains from spilled costume party cocktails and pet accidents on your carpet without even having to touch it. Simply lay down the pad, stomp, and let it sit.

    a reviewer photo of a used stain lifting pad
    on the left, a stained rug labeled

    Promising review: "WOW! Honestly, I was a little skeptical of the promise of these pads, but I bought them just to try out. THEY WORKED AMAZINGLY WELL! Seriously. I have some stains that are 1.5–2 years old. I've tried everything to get them out. I put these pads on the stains (two to cover the spot), let sit for about an hour, pulled them up, and the stain was gone. I truly couldn't believe it. The pad was yellow. Somehow the old urine was soaked up into the pad. My carpet looks like new. I couldn't recommend these any higher for what I wanted and what I got. Wish I could give this more than 5 stars." —Matt

    Get a pack of 20 from Amazon for $27.49.

    10. An anti-dandruff shampoo for reducing scalp flaking and itching thanks to a little clinically proven ingredient called ketoconazole, which kills the fungus that causes dandruff. Now you and your favorite black turtleneck can reunite without fear!

    Promising review: "This stuff is absolutely amazing. I was one step away from going to the dermatologist. I had severe dandruff that was so bad, I could shake my head and it would come off. With just a few uses per week, I got rid of all my flakes. My scalp also stopped burning from dryness. My hair has never been healthier." —Moo Moo

    Get it from Amazon for $10.38.

    11. A flexible drain snake if you'd like some help extracting the wet woolly mammoth living in your pipes with its "micro-hook" head and rotating handle that allows for 360-degree removal. Just keep a barf bag nearby — you might need it.

    A model feeding the drain snake down the drain and using the handle to turn it
    a reviewer photo of the drain snake with the end covered in hair

    This pack contains a reusable handle and five single-use heads that you just remove and dispose of after handling your clogged pipes.

    Promising review: "Wow. Best thing ever. Seriously. I have had tweezers and sticks and plumbers and chemicals trying to get my master sink to drain. Plumber even said I need an entirely new faucet to get the drain plug part because they don't sell those separately. Well, I have two sinks, a tub, and shower that all match so that was not a valid solution. Doubt I can find the same model. So I bought this thing. Stuffed it down, pulled up hair, and black muck. Did it about eight times quickly, ran the water, went right down the drain. Seriously. This is the best tool ever and the best $12 I have ever spent. Everyone with a sink needs this tool. Seriously." —juliejules

    Get a five-pack from Amazon for $19.99.

    12. A beloved tub of pink cleaning paste that'll preform small cleaning miracles on virtually any surface in your home without endless, abrasive scrubbing that can actually end up causing damage to the surfaces underneath.

    Promising review: "Found this product on TikTok. I don’t think I’ve ever seen value like I do with this product! Literally use it on EVERYTHING!! Kids and teens have dirt, grime, and grease on their walls? This will make it look like a new paint job. Baseboards need some love? A pea-size amount of this makes them look brand new. Need a shoe cleaner? PERFECT for sneakers. I could name a million more uses, but I can ASSURE you this is worth every penny. What’s more? You need such LITTLE of this product, it will last a VERY long time. Thank you, TikTok!!!" —Rachel in CLT

    Get it from Amazon for $5.97.

    13. A bottle of all-natural stain remover to revive fabrics you thought were a lost cause with plant-based ingredients that are safe to use on everything from clothing and car seats to bed linens and cloth diapers.

    Promising review: "My favorite off-white hoodie had a huge tomato sauce stain that I had already tried to wash out. I used Tide to Go on it. The stain turned brown, but was still there. I was going to throw it away but thought I’d try this stuff. I soaked the stain with it overnight and ran it through the washing machine. No sign of the stain!!! Amazing stuff!" —Scott Broadbent

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99

    14. A scrub-free mold and mildew stain remover so you can take care of the toughest cleaning challenges in no time at all. Just spray the ready-made formula and watch stubborn stains and odors ~disappear~ right before your eyes.

    a reviewer photo of a shower floor with mold and mildew in the tile cracks with a puke emoji
    a reviewer photo of the same shower now clean with a heart-eyed emoji

    Promising review: "The caulking between our shower tile and tub was poorly installed and has always been a pain to clean. This product brought my grueling 45 min process down to about 25 seconds. I NEVER leave reviews but I will happily put my name behind this product!!" —Kelsi 

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in three sizes).

    15. An easy-to-use ear washer bottle for anyone who suffers from ear wax build-up, blockages, and impaction and wants to skip a pricy doctors trip to flush it out. 

    Doctor Easy started 20 years ago with the invention of the Elephant Ear Washer by a doctor who saw the need for a better method of treating patients’ earwax impactions.

    Promising review: "Gross photos. My husband has had a lot of earwax impaction problems in his life and up until this point we have paid to have a professional take care of it. But recently, he suddenly lost about 80% of his hearing and just couldn't wait for an appointment so we bought this item. From the reviews I have read it was a particularly easy solution for my husband. Nasty huge chunks start falling out after just a couple of squirts. Cleared everything out no problem. Highly recommend." —Tea

    Get it from Amazon for $31.95

    16. A lemon-scented cleaning gel if spending hours wiping out keyboards, air conditioning vents, and speakers is not your idea of a good time. Just plop this gooey godsend on whatever needs cleaning and watch as it oh so satisfyingly lifts dirt and dust in a snap.

    Promising review: "I purchased this product to clean those little spaces in my car filled with random crumbs from my husband and dog hair and it works amazing. Picked up everything and didn’t leave a residue. The lemon scent was faint and didn’t overpower the vehicle while I was cleaning it. But this definitely got in all the little nooks and crannies." —Kimberly

    Get it from Amazon for $5.59.

    17. A ridiculously charming exfoliating stick that acts as a gentle skin scrub to draw out excess sebum, whiteheads, and blackheads from your pores. And after you're done ogling all the gunk your octopus friend evicted from your face, just give it a rinse and reuse later. 

    A black small octopus shaped remover in a reviewer's hand
    the cap off to show the sebum on the top of the remover

    Promising review: "After just two days of use, this adorable little octopus has done wonders for me, smells great too. Here's how I used it: I wore down the stick just a little to where the texture from the salt is visible, scrubbed around on my face so there was plenty of product, then I used my fingers to gently massage all the gunk away. Rinse, pat dry, and enjoy the softness. Highly recommended for people with sensitive skin like myself." —LuckLocust

    Get it from Amazon for $11.52

    18. A pack of dishwasher-cleaning tablets because (to my shock and horror) you have to clean the thing that cleans your dishes, and these tablets make doing so as quick and easy as...well...running the dishwasher.

    Promising review: "This stuff is amazing! I used it in my dishwasher. Had standing water on the bottom, dropped one tablet in the water. Put it on light wash cycle and at the end of the cycle, the water was gone! It thoroughly cleans and I have not had any other problems. I now use it regularly. I recommend this highly to keep your dishwasher clean and eliminate clogs from buildup. It was recommended to me by my super and after my positive experience I am happy to cosign his recommendation." —cheapchicshopper

    Get a six-pack from Amazon for $8.98.

    19. A cruelty-free pet ear cleanser to gently (but effectively) flush out built-up dirt to keep your furry friend's ears happy and healthy.

    Promising review: "My husband and I just adopted our cute puppy, Winston, from the Humane Society. When we adopted him, his ears were unfortunately pretty dirty, but after we used this ear cleaner today, his ears are so clean!! I'm so amazed at everything it managed to get out. Our puppy's ears look so much better now! I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a dog." —Jerome F

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

    20. A pack of 40 acne patches so you can stop that zit dead in its tracks with ~gunk-absorbing powers~ that speed up the pimple-healing process without picking or popping.

    a hand holding a large square acne patch
    a hand holding two small, individual pimple patches

    Promising review: "I ordered these on a whim after a long day of isolation and internet browsing and because I have a terrible habit of picking at spots on my face and making them into something much much worse. These magical spots are life changing!!! Put them on before bed (or before work) on clean skin and FORGET about them. You don't notice they're there — unless you go to pick at something and then YOU STOP!! Leave them in place for at least six hours and then peel them off. They come off easily (but not so easy that they come off while sleeping) and the amount of 'bleck' they suck out is amazing!!! So a spot that was going to erupt into Mount Vesuvius ends up being NOTHING!!!! I've purchased six packages and will keep buying them. An amazing value!" —Jennifer Nothdurft

    Get a 40-pack from Amazon for $8.49 (also available in an XL size). 

    21. A double-sided hairbrush cleaning brush if you're lowkey disgusted by hair the minute it's no longer on your head. This handy tool will do a better cleaning job than your fingers ever could, with a pointed end for picking out tangles and stiff bristles to remove all that built-up hair, dust, and fluff.

    a reviewer photo of a square brush with lots of hair in it
    a reviewer photo of the same brush with all the hair removed

    Promising review: "This is the tool I never knew I needed. It may seem like a silly thing to spend money on when you can clean your brush out by hand but this gets so much more out of the brush! It's easy and rather enjoyable. Who wants to brush their nice clean hair with a brush full of dirty oily hair and dust. When you really think about it makes you want to throw out all your old brushes. I will be buying these as gifts for all my girlfriends." —emmaline

    Get it from Amazon for $10.95.