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32 Products That’ll Help You Get The Job Done Faster

If time is money, then these products are worth their weight in gold.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A Dash rapid egg cooker that can effortlessly make boiled, poached, and scrambled eggs, and even individual omelets, quicker than on a stove top. *AND* weighing in at just ONE POUND, it's perfect for small apartment kitchens, dorm rooms, or RV travel!

The egg cooker in black filled with six eggs

In need of an egg cooker deep dive? Check out BuzzFeed editor Marquaysa Battle's Dash Egg Cooker review.

This cooker includes the base, clear lid, measuring cup, poaching tray, omelet bowl, boiling tray, and a handy little recipe book!

Promising review: "Where has this gadget been all my life?! I love to cook but I always find boiling water for eggs to be annoying. It's very easy to use and the eggs come out perfect! You just pick how you want to make your eggs, fill the cup with water to the appropriate line, pierce the egg, cover it, and turn on. All in all, it's a great product and I’m happy with this purchase." —Death2Barbie

Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in five colors).

2. An affordable teeth whitening pen because traditional strips are tough to use, expensive, and can leave you with teeth sensitivity that is, in my professional opinion, NO fun. this pen requires just ONE minute of daily use to get teeth that are four to eight shades whiter. The best part? No lingering sensitivity. 

Promising review: "These are some of the best teeth whitening pens that I have ever used! They are extremely easy to use with very simple instructions. They even whiten your teeth starting after the first use! Being able to use these has made it so I feel more confident in my smile by having better, whiter teeth. There is very minimal flavor to the gel so if you happen to get a taste of it, there is no bother. I would highly recommend these!" —Derek Gross

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $19.99

3. A tube of Glossier Boy Brow for instantly filling and fluffing brows with just a couple of quick swipes. 

AnaMaria's before and after photo showing darker, fuller-looking brows after using Boy Brow
AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed editor AnaMaria Glavan (pictured above) swears by this stuff: 

"This magic bottle is proof that not all heroes wear capes. The creamy formula, which comes in blonde, black, clear, and brown (which is what I used!), goes on smoothly and doesn’t require a lot of product to do the job. I used the wand to brush baby hairs in the beginning/middle of my brow upwards, and then brushed the longer, toddler-like hairs at the end of my eyebrows, sideways. And one coat was more than enough! Boy Brow does what exactly what the Glossier brand claims to do; it gives me a filled-in eyebrow that doesn’t look filled in. The finish looks natural, which is exactly what I wanted — my facial caterpillars have never looked better.

Get it from Glossier for $16 (available in five shades).

4. A nose wax kit so you don't have to go through the slow and painful process of yanking hairs out one by one with tweezers. Does it look scary? A bit. But reviewers say it's painless and can literally help you breather a little easier. 

Reviewer with the sticks inside their nostrils
Reviewer's used wax sticks full of nostril hair

The hairs in your nose play an important role in filtering out any harmful debris. But of course it's your body and if you want to wax your nose hairs you're more than welcome to — just be careful as plucking nose hairs can lead to infection and ingrown hairs.

Pulling nose hair straight from the root will give you results that can last up to FOUR weeks! With this kit you'll have 100 grams of nose wax beads, 30 wax applicators, 10 mustache protectors, a measuring cup, and 15 paper cups at your disposal.

Promising review: "I highly recommend this product. The instructions were super easy to follow and it worked perfectly! I was a little nervous to pull the sticks out once the two minutes were up, however it didn't even hurt. I expected it to hurt momentarily and my eyes to water, but neither was true! If you wanna get rid of them pesky nose hairs...snag this product!!!" —Julie J.

Get it from Amazon for $15.99.

5. hair-removing glove if chasing your pet around the house because they're scared of the brush is getting old. This mitt will help curb shedding while giving your good boy or girl a productive pet sesh they'll actually love.

The grooming glove with silicone nodules, full of hair held in front of a French bulldog
a reviewer photo of the glove covered in a pile of white hair
AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed,

My colleague AnaMaria Glavan swears by this thing. In her own words:

"The glove is super comfortable and using it couldn’t be more foolproof: just put it on and run your hands through your pet’s fur. That’s it! The silicone grooves pick up so much fur with ease. Like, my dog looks close to hairless. HOW is he shedding so much?!?! After a few runs, I found that I would have to remove fur from the glove before continuing (you can pick up the fur with your other hand or run the glove under some water — either works) but it’s no biggie. The silicone actually makes it really easy to keep this clean. We got Rockie when he was 5 and he’d been riddled with skin issues and allergies, so I was pretty nervous to use anything that could potentially aggravate his conditions. However! Not only does this *not* bother his skin, but he…loves this. A lot. He starts snoring after exactly two run-throughs on his back. Also, his coat looks SO shiny after each use! TL;DR: This is one of those inexpensive add-ons that any pet owner should have on hand."

Get it from Amazon for $6.79

6. Budget-friendly period underwear to make handling Aunt Flo as quick and simple as...well...putting on your underwear. This affordable pair can absorb the equivalent of two tampons so you can go about your day (or night) without fretting about unexpected leakages.

BuzzFeed editor in black underwear
a reviewer photo of th e back view of someone wearing the underwear
Emma Lord / BuzzFeed,

Some reviewers recommend sizing up! For more info, check out BuzzFeed editor Emma Lord's full Bambody period underwear review.

Promising review: "These are amazing and they fit so good! I've worn them on my heaviest days and no leaks whatsoever. Super convenient for those of us that wear pads because you jump out of the shower and put a pair on and you're done! No sitting on the toilet to put a bulky pad in your underwear. I bought three pairs and will definitely buy more so I don't have to wait for them to air dry to reuse! Washing is easy just rinse out and throw in washer on cold water and hang to dry! I love These! Life-changing!!!!!" —Lauryn

Get it from Amazon for $14.90+ (available in sizes XXS–6X and individually or in packs of two or three in various colors).

7. A versatile chop, slice, and dice unit that'll drastically *cut* down on veggie prep and cleanup time with interchangeable blades that can each be popped in the dishwasher.

the slicer unit filled with chopped carrots with the lid opening, sitting next to all of the various blade attachments
a reviewer photo of several bowls filled with different chopped vegetables sitting next to the chopper unit

This unit comes with three interchangeable chopping blades, three grater blades, and two slicer blades. It also comes with holding containers to house all the blades, a cleaning fork, and a safety holder.

Promising review: "I got this because I am slow at chopping veggies with a knife and it works great. It takes no time at all to have fully diced onions now. When I have a bunch of stuff to chop at once, I can just chop, let it go into the catch bin below, chop the next thing, etc, and when I'm done, dump everything into my pot for dinner. Cleaning is also super easy. The pieces come apart for individual cleaning and you can throw the whole thing in the dishwasher." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $29.97.

8. A pack of cleaning K-Cups because, unless you really have your life together, the inside of your Keurig is likely coated with grinds and residue from old brews. Now you can give your machine regular deep cleans in the same amount of time it takes to make a cup o' joe. Side effects may include better-tasting coffee.

A glass on the left filled with brown water, a glass in the middle filled with cloudy water, and a glass on the right filled with clean water
Reviewer's picture of their Keurig machine being cleaned by the cleaning cup

Promising review: "This was easy to use. Just pop in and let the system do the work. No downtime, no waiting. Simple and easy to use. I did notice a difference after the first use. Highly recommend it." —vetrie

Get a pack of six from Amazon for $9.95.

9. A silicone-free L'Oreal moisturizing treatment for anyone who hates waiting around to wash out goopy hair masks with disappointing results. This rinse-out formula works on any hair texture or length in just eight SECONDS, delivering the proteins and amino acids necessary for a shiny, flippable mane.

A reviewer with defined coily hair
Reviewer with shiny long, straight hair

Shine in a silicone-free product?! Dreams really do come true.

Promising review: "I bought this stuff on a whim because I'm always in the market for products that promise to smooth frizz and enable easier blowouts. My hair is almost shoulder-length and has been through a lot of damaging bleach and harsh keratin treatments. Honestly, I was shocked at how well this worked. After one use (left it in for about a minute and followed with normal conditioner), my hair was so easy to blow-dry. It came out straight with just a paddle brush and I was able to skip the flat iron. It still had bounce and volume, though. I'm a huge fan!" —LisaG

Get it from Amazon for $8.97.

10. A doctor-recommended Squatty Potty so any tough "gotta go" urges go a little (or a lot) smoother thanks to this stool's natural colon-aligning prowess.

A model sitting on a toilet with their feet propped up on the white Squatty Potty
A toil with the white Squatty Potty sitting in front

If you want more Squatty Potty content before making the best purchase of your life, check out our Squatty Potty review.

Promising review: "Unbelievable how effective the Squatty Potty is. I bought it as a joke, but it really works. Amazing how the natural position works. Others in our family have bought Squatty Potties and agree. We are fans." —Lucy

Get it from Amazon for $24.99, or for a more ~aesthetic~ throne, splurge on the clear one for $79.99.

11. Plus, a classic Tushy bidet attachment for a true revo-loo-tionary toilet upgrade that'll quickly get your booty clean without endless wiping and wiping and wiping. 

A Gif of a Tushy bidet being installed on a toilet and squirting water when the knob is twisted
A close-up of the Tushy control panel with a small knob

Tushy is a small biz founded in 2015 with the goal of promoting booty bliss and reducing wastefulness. Their line of easy-to-install bidets make is easy to go toilet-paperless and reduce overall water waste. Plus, a portion of Tushy profits go toward building community toilets in impoverished Indian communities. 

It comes with everything you need to install your bidet in under 10 minutes! 

Promising review: "This was our second Tushy! Our first was installed in our master bath. We just remodeled a guest bathroom and could not call it 'finished' without a Tushy in it. Once you get Tushy clean, nothing else will do!" —Teresa S.

Get it from Tushy for $99 (originally $129; available in 10 colors).

12. A set of reusable wad-free pads if you're tired of laundry day being derailed by tangled bedsheets. These help maintain a balanced washer drum, reduce dry times, and prevent wet clothes from getting trapped in the sheets.

the wad free pads attached to a bed sheet

Wad-Free is a small biz that was launched during the pandemic by Cyndi Bray, who learned CAD (computer-aided design) to create the pads. 

Promising review: "Wow!!! You wonder if things like this really work and, well, I can absolutely confirm it does! First, I was impressed that the package came with two of the devices because I was only expecting one. So there was one for the fitted sheet, and the flat sheet. Finally, I tried it out and my sheets not only did NOT wad up, they came out of the dryer feeling fresher, feeling more dry, and unwrinkled! I will be buying a set of these for each of my immediate family members and close friends! What a great gift!!!" —katy

Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

13. These glamorous magnetic lashes to make falsie application a lot quick and easier. Each set of reusable lashes sticks right to the included eyeliner, so you can cut goopy glue out of the equation entirely. 

a reviewer photo of someone wearing the lashes
a reviewer photo of the lashes and application kit

The full kit comes with 12 pairs of lashes, a pair of scissors, two liquid eyeliners, an eyelash curler and a carrying case for travel. 

Promising review: "I love these magnetic lashes! So much better and easier than lashes that need glue and these stay on longer too in my experience. I don’t even need eye makeup anymore because the black liner included does the trick in one step. The additional compact is perfect for on the go and fits in my bag and doesn’t damage the lashes. I think they are great!" —Mcookie

Get it from Amazon for $12.99

14. A double-sided hairbrush-cleaning brush that'll do a better (and quicker) cleanup job than your fingers ever could, with a pointed end for picking out tangles and stiff bristles to remove all that built-up hair, dust, and fluff.

a reviewer photo of a square brush with lots of hair in it
a reviewer photo of the same brush with all the hair removed

Promising review: "This is the tool I never knew I needed. It may seem like a silly thing to spend money on when you can clean your brush out by hand but this gets so much more out of the brush! It's easy and rather enjoyable. Who wants to brush their nice clean hair with a brush full of dirty oily hair and dust. When you really think about it makes you want to throw out all your old brushes. I will be buying these as gifts for all my girlfriends." —emmaline

Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

15. Dishwasher-cleaning tablets because (to my shock and horror) you have to clean the thing that cleans your dishes, and these tablets make doing so as quick and easy as...well...running the dishwasher.

a reviewer pictures labeled
a reviewer image of the same dishwasher labeled

Promising review: "This stuff is amazing! I used it in my dishwasher. Had standing water on the bottom, dropped one tablet in the water. Put it on light wash cycle and at the end of the cycle, the water was gone! It thoroughly cleans and I have not had any other problems. I now use it regularly. I recommend this highly to keep your dishwasher clean and eliminate clogs from buildup. It was recommended to me by my super and after my positive experience I am happy to cosign his recommendation." —cheapchicshopper

Get a six-pack from Amazon for $5.98.

16. A bleach-free Wet & Forget shower cleaner for not only cleaning but preventing buildup so you don't have to spend hours scrubbing at stubborn soap scum. Once a week simply give your shower a spray, let it sit overnight, rinse off the next day, then — BOOM — you're done and didn't even break a sweat.

a model using the shower cleaner in a wet shower
a reviewer photo of a sparkling clean shower with glass doors

Promising review: "Like other Wet & Forget products, this stuff is amazing. Spray down my shower and tub real quick every week and walk away. Keeps my shower clean. Also keeps the drain clear. Wish there was a product that could keep the rest of my house clean like this." —David Buser

Get it from Amazon for $17.23.

17. Some fizzing Johnny Drops so you can give your toilet a cleansing spa treatment without all that time-consuming scrubbing. It's basically a bath bomb but for your porcelain throne.

White bath bombs next to the brown paper bag packaging
Juniperseed Mercantile / Etsy

Juniperseed Mercantile is a Colorado-based Etsy shop run by science teacher Tiffany Norton, who creates all-natural cleaning, skincare, bath, and body products.

Promising review: "This is my second purchase of these, so you can tell I totally love them. They work great and I just store them in a jar on the back of the toilet. Definitely can't say I’ve ever stored any other toilet cleaner out in the open." —Laura Wick

Get an eight-pack from Juniperseed Mercantile on Etsy for $10.

18. A patented pet hair remover if you're tired of digging out the vacuum anytime Fido touches the couch. This lightweight roller makes it easy to manage shedding between deeper cleans. Plus, it uses bristles, not sticky tape, to catch lint, meaning you can clean and reuse it over and over and over again.

The T-shaped roller with its compartment open, showing how it's full of grey hair
A reviewer's before: brown-grey couch cushion covered in white pet hair
And after: That same couch cushion, with no pet hair in sight

Because it doesn't rely on adhesive paper, you only have to buy it once and can reuse it — cleaning the hair off the brush when it gets clogged, of course!

Promising reviews: "Finally a lint roller that really works. Now I have an obsessed husband picking up German shepherd hair off the couch. Worth the price paid. It will pay for itself. No more sticky tape rollers!" —Blanca LInda Hatter

Get it from Amazon for $24.95.

19. A handy bag holder featured on Shark Tank to get all your groceries from the car to the house in ONE run. It easily holds up to 80 pounds and can be carried by hand or tossed over your shoulder (it's padded) for hands-free ease. 

a reviewer photo of someone carrying several bags on their shoulder using the bag carrier
a reviewer photo of a hand holding two ten-pound jars of fire glass using the bag holder

Click & Carry is a Los Angeles–based, woman-owned small biz founded by Kim Meckwood as a way to solve her own struggles lugging shopping bags around. Since then, the Click & Carry has been utilized for a range of uses, from carrying paint cans to sports equipment. 

Promising review: "I heard about this product from a friend and had been meaning to check it out. My only regret about this purchase is not getting it earlier! I used to dread going to the grocery store due to the hassle of struggling with all my bags and the multiple trips to and from the car. Now those days are a thing of the past because of this ESSENTIAL product. After realizing my newfound love of this product, I did some research and found all sorts of other uses for it such as using it to secure my purse to my shopping cart and hooking my dog leashes together to walk both dogs at the same time. I love this product and love gifting it to others as well!" —Lisa Gilroy

Get it from Amazon for $12.99 (available in five colors). 

20. A sleek Burst water flosser so you can get your flossing done faster with a rechargeable unit that does all the hard work for you. It's water-resistant so you can floss in the shower, doesn't take up a ton of counter space, and when your dentist asks the inevitable "Are you flossing?" question you can proudly flash your squeaky-clean pearly whites. 

a hand holding the water flosser over a sink
a gif of a hand filling the flosser water tank from the sink
Danielle Healy / BuzzFeed

After recently experiencing my first cavities as an adult, I decided maybe it was time to get serious about that whole flossing thing. A few personal barriers to that goal included the fact that I hate flossing, it takes forever if you're doing it well, and regular floss is single-use and potentially very wasteful. The answer? This water flosser. It's certainly an upfront investment, but after several months of regular use, it seems like it's built to last a long long long time (it looks no worse for wear after me dropping it several times). One charge lasts SO unbelievably long, and since I live in NYC and have approximately zero counter space, the fact that it's so compact is a big plus. You have to refill the water reservoir once or twice per floss sesh, but it's really easy and you don't have to shut the unit off and on every time. My teeth feel super clean after using it and it's really helped me build a better oral-hygiene routine that I don't dread doing before bed.

Get it from Burst Oral Care for $69.99 (available in three colors).

21. A bottle of professional-grade callus-removing gel that'll quickly remove years' (I repeat, YEARS') worth of hard calluses without endless scraping. Reviewers say dead skin dissolves in mere minutes, so I'd start picking out a new pair of sandals, like, now.

a split before and after image of a reviewers foot looking dry and cracked and the same foot looking moisturized
Calluses on a heel and toe looking improved and less rough in after photos

Just presoak your feet, apply the gel, let sit for five to 10 minutes, and rinse! It's recommended you go back in afterward with a foot file just to make sure no residue or dead skin is left behind.

Promising review: "I have the driest heels and this is the ONLY product that has ever worked. Before I used this my heels had some pretty deep cracks and now they're almost baby soft again. BUT please follow the directions...left it on my super-dry thick-calloused heels for only three minutes and the callouses were literally melting off! Wonderful product! So glad I don't have to go soak my feet in those tubs at the nail salon anymore." —Key2Del

Get it from Amazon for $13.87.

22. A makeup brush cleaner because who has time to clean their makeup brushes regularly, let alone wait for them to dry? Like a mini washing machine, this handy gadget has a spin cycle to clean and dry your brushes in a fraction of the time it would take to hand-wash them. 

A person dipping a makeup brush attached to the brush spinner into a round glass bowl for washing