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    40 Products That Reviewers Say They Use Every Day

    Just a bunch of stuff that's guaranteed to come in handy, like, all the time.

    1. An under-cabinet lid opener if you live alone, have mobility issues, or pickle and pasta sauce jars just so happen to be your mortal, hand-cramping enemy.

    2. And a pack of DenTek slim brushes to keep stashed in your bag for post-mealtime meetings you'd really rather not attend with a piece of lettuce stuck in your teeth.

    3. A plastic-free food wrap made from biodegradable cotton and beeswax that can be used to store leftovers or take food on the go. Just rinse it with cold water when you're done and it's good to be reused for up to a year.

    4. A nonstick Dash mini griddle for easily whipping up delicious single servings of eggs, pancakes, and a lot more without the need for multiple pots and pans. Dorm dwellers and RV campers will particularly enjoy its teeny tiny size and easy plug-in functionality.

    A reviewer photo of the Dash mini griddle open next to a stack of pancakes

    5. A water tumbler so you can turn every day hydration into a high-stakes game! And by high-stakes I mean it comes with colorful bands to track each time you finish the bottle. It's a fun way to celebrate those small hydration wins throughout the day!

    6. These natural bamboo oil-blotting sheets because what's better than sucking up the excess oil making a daily appearance on your face and then literally throwing it in the trash and forgetting it ever happened?

    7. A patented pet hair remover if the amount of adhesive rollers you're going through is getting out of hand. This roller uses bristles, not sticky tape, to catch lint, meaning you can clean and reuse it over and over and over again.

    8. A pack of refillable K-Cups you can fill with your favorite morning coffee brew to save loads of money (and plastic).

    9. These microfiber makeup-remover cloths that are shockingly effective at wiping away even your darkest smoky eye look with JUST WATER! It can't get much simpler than that, folks.

    10. A bottle of Tend Skin Solution for literally anyone who shaves or waxes to keep ingrown hairs and razor bumps at bay when applied post hair removal.

    11. A stainless-steel foot file so you treat your feet on the regular and scrape off all that dried, cracked skin keeping you from being the foot model you were always born to be.

    Before image of a cracked foot with an after image of the skin smooth

    12. A posture corrector because you've probably spent the last year hunched over your less-than-ideal WFH setup and your spine might be suffering for it. Wear this brace for an hour or two every day to start gaining the muscle memory to self-correct your posture even when not wearing it!

    A before and after reviewer photo showing a profile view of an individual standing and another photo of the same individual wearing the posture corrector with their shoulders pulled back

    13. A 3D mouth bracket if mouthfuls of face mask fabric are really harshing the vibe every time you have the audacity to try and breath while wearing one.

    14. An extra-large bath sheet made from 100% muslin that'll actually get softer every time you wash it. It's lightweight and moisture-wicking, meaning it's as good at drying you off as it is drying itself. No more funky towel stench.

    15. The ever-reliable O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream for anyone whose dry, cracked hands need something a little stronger than the average moisturizer. This famous formula locks in moisture, while creating a protective barrier to prevent future moisture loss.

    A split image of a hand with dry, cracked cuticles on the left, and the same hand looking healthy and hydrated on the right

    16. A stainless-steel strainer and saucer set so you can easily indulge in tasty loose leaf teas and make your daily tea time a little more eco-friendly in the process.

    17. A compact countertop sweep and squeegee set because keeping your countertops clean and crumb-free is a daily battle, and you could use some backup.

    18. A hexagon rotating timer if you have trouble focusing for long stretches and need a little help breaking up the work (or school) day into more manageable, productive chunks. Simply rotate and let the countdown until the next snack break begin!

    19. An exfoliating brush you can use as a wet or dry brush to remove dead skin, stimulate circulation, and potentially reduce the appearance of cellulite.

    20. A vitamin C serum packed with antioxidants for giving your skin its daily dose of dewy, radiant hydration. Side effects may include improved appearance of dark spots and that elusive *glow*.

    dark bottle of the serum with a dropper

    21. A beloved-by-the-internet detangling brush so you can glide through your luscious, kinky, curly locks *without* the usual painful pulling and tearing.

    22. A popular streak-free anti-fog spray because your face mask and your glasses can't seem to get on the same page about letting you see clearly. A quick coat of this before heading out can help prevent the dreaded face mask fog when wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses.

    23. A roll-on migraine stick packed with cooling essential oils if you're looking for potential drug-free relief from painful headaches and migraines that's compact enough to put in a purse or pocket!

    Reviewer holding tube shaped roll on stick

    24. Or a reusable hot and cold therapy pack with a washable sleeve and a three-channeled insert filled with jasmine rice you can pop in the microwave or freezer to help soothe aches and pains or just unwind at the end of the day.

    25. These produce-saver containers that'll save you money (and unecessary trips to the grocery store) by keeping produce fresher for longer with ~mystical~ ventilation technology.

    26. A pack of shockingly absorbent reusable Swedish dishcloths for an eco-friendly alternative to disposable sponges and paper towels. Unlike regular dishcloths, these can be sanitized in the dishwasher or microwave between uses so you know they're not harboring any unwanted germ fugitives.

    27. A length-adjustable 2-in-1 broom and squeegee with rubber bristles so you can wash windows, sweep floors, and wrangle pet hair out of the carpet without the hassle of digging out any cumbersome tools.

    A reviewer photo of the combination broom and squeegee sitting on carpet next to a large pile of hair

    28. A wildly popular Bio-Oil because real-life magic (aka science) has gifted us this powerful blend of nourishing oils and vitamins to help fade scars and lock in moisture without clogging pores.

    A model rubbing bio-oil on their hands

    29. Some all-natural toothpaste tabs if you're on the hunt for a plastic-free alternative to traditional tubes that leaves your mouth feeling just as fresh and clean as your conscience does when you reduce waste!

    30. A pair of copper-infused arch support sleeves to help relieve heel and arch pain, increase circulation, and decrease swelling all without restricting your range of motion. They can be worn directly over your skin, just like socks!

    A model wearing a pair of Copper Compression Arch Support sleeves on their feet

    31. A plant-based