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    37 Things To Help Your Hair, Skin, And Nails Recover From Winter Dryness

    Life's too short to not be hydrated.

    1. A water tumbler to tackle your dryness issues from the inside. Colorful bands make it easy to track each time you finish the bottle so you can smash those hydration goals and feel your body sigh with relief that you're giving it water and not another iced coffee.

    2. A hydrating hair mask so you can skip the expensive salon treatment and give dry, dull hair the deep-conditioning TLC it needs — all from the privacy of your own home.

    3. The ever-reliable O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream for anyone whose dry, cracked hands need something a little stronger than the average moisturizer. This famous formula locks in moisture, while creating a protective barrier to prevent future moisture loss.

    A split image of a hand with dry, cracked cuticles on the left, and the same hand looking healthy and hydrated on the right

    4. A skin solution if you're someone who shaves or waxes but your already dry skin keeps rebelling with angry red razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Apply this post-hair removal for silky-smooth results.

    5. A pair of satin pillowcases that are gentler on already dry, damaged hair, preventing breakage and naturally improving overall skin and hair hydration. Less frizz, less painful tangles, and one less thing you have to worry about when your head hits the pillow.

    6. Or an adjustable satin-lined beanie with a hidden drawstring because frizz isn't just a nighttime problem, but an every time it's windy, rainy, or humid problem.

    7. A bottle of nail and cuticle care oil you apply like a clear coat of polish to give your nails all the cuticle-softening, nail-strengthening nourishment they've been craving.

    A split reviewer image showing a hand with brittle, chipped nails and dry cuticles on the left, and the same hand with healthy-looking nails and cuticle on the right

    8. A stainless-steel foot file so you can scrape off all the dried, cracked skin that accumulated during the winter months and get your feet ready to rock your strappiest sandal.

    Before image of a cracked foot with an after image of the skin smooth

    9. A Briogeo Scalp Revival shampoo for near-instant relief from a dry, itchy scalp. Micro-exfoliants gently lift dead skin cells while a mix of charcoal and coconut oil cleanse and hydrate leaving behind a clean, flake-free scalp.

    10. Or a scalp massager if you love your current shampoo but are still battling dry, flaky build-up from the winter. This silicone-tipped brush not only feels ~super~ relaxing but works to gently exfoliate the scalp and remove flakes.

    11. A holographic peel-off mask that's a hydrating party for your pores, with powerful ingredients like rose water, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin. Expect bright, glowy skin — plus the joy of that satisfying peeling!

    12. An all-natural self tanner because you want that sun-kissed glow but not that sun-smacked irritation. The vegan and cruelty-free formula skips the harsh chemicals, so it's safe on sensitive skin and won't stain your white towels and sheets.

    13. A microfiber towel specifically designed to protect moisture-starved strands from breakage and unwanted frizz. Hint: your regular terry bath towels are not.

    14. A green tea and lime natural dish soap so your hands don't emerge from the sink after finishing a pile of dishes feeling even more irritated and raw than they did before. This plant-based formula promises to cut through grease without stripping your skin of its natural moisture.

    15. A cuticle therapy cream for soothing angry, split cuticles with a nourishing mix of vitamins A and E. And if your cuticles are willing to share, this cream works great on other prone-to-dryness areas like hands, elbows, and feet.

    a white tub of Orly cuticle therapy cream

    16. A vegan jelly oil cleanser if other makeup, and pollution-busting cleansers leave your face feeling tight and dry. This one transfigures while you cleanse, starting as a jelly and turning into an oil as you work it into the skin. Add water and it transitions into a hydrating milk to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

    17. An ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid serum that plumps, smooths, and softens skin for an overall brighter, bouncier complexion. Like the beauty filter on TikTok, but real life.

    A two-paneled reviewer photo showing a face with red acne on the cheeks on the left, and a face with a clear complexion on the right.

    18. A vegan and cruelty-free firming serum so you can stress less about your stressed-out skin with a nourishing blend of peptides and vitamins that plump dry skin, while a magic ingredient called ~resveratrol~ works to strengthen your skin's natural defense systems to ward off dullness and fine lines.

    the firming serum bottle

    19. A hydrating hand sanitizer because your good hygiene shouldn't be punished with painfully dry hands. This germ-busting, quick-dry formula is infused with moisture-rich ingredients like vitamin E and glycerin to keep hands feeling soft and clean.

    a reviewer photo of a hand holding a bottle of the hand sanitizer in front of three other bottles

    20. A powerful hair mask infused with Australian Kakadu plum and starflower oil to leave 3a–4c curls looking and feeling happy and hydrated without weighing them down.

    21. A sweet-smelling artisanal bar soap infused with shea butter so your shower time suds won't come at the usual cost of stripped, dry skin.

    22. A whisper-quiet mini humidifier for combating parched morning skin and hair. Let it run overnight on your bedside table or treat yourself to a misty morning facial that'll help to reduce redness and leave skin damp, maximizing the absorption of serums, oils, and creams.

    23. Or a cool-mist humidifier that holds a full gallon of water if you've got a big, dry room made inhabitable by constantly-running furnaces. On low, this quiet little gadget can run for 30 hours so you won't have to make constant trips to the sink for refills.

    24. A rosebud lip balm that smells great and leaves lips feeling hydrated. A pack comes with three so you can scatter them throughout your life to prevent that "oh no I left my lip balm in my other bag" sinking feeling.

    Three open tins of Rosebud Salve with a caption that reads "The BEST lip balms ever"

    25. A wildly popular Bio-Oil because real-life magic (aka science) has gifted us this powerful blend of nourishing oils and vitamins to help fade scars and lock in moisture without clogging pores.

    A model pouring bio-oil on their hands

    26. Some paraben-free body butter with shea butter, grape seed and rice bran oils, and candelilla wax to slather anywhere and everywhere for head-to-toe moisture that melts into the skin, leaving it soft and supple without the greasy feeling.

    27. A dry time-reducing blow-dry spray if your parched hair could use an extra layer of frizz-fighting defense against high-temp styling tools.

    28. Or a super lightweight bonding oil that doesn't just protect, but repairs damaged hair on a ~molecular~ level to increase shine and softness. It doubles as a heat protectant and scalp sun shield against harmful UV rays.

    29. A soothing eye serum roller with hyaluronic acid because winter wreaks havoc on skin's every nook and cranny, including sensitive under-eyes, which calls for an ultra-hydrating, targeted treatment to avoid fine lines.

    30. An oil-free moisturizer with SPF 30 to give your face the everyday protection it needs to fight off skin's enemy number one (the sun) and retain its natural moisture.

    31. Or a hydrating tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 so you can spend less time applying lotions and potions in the mirror and get buildable color-correcting coverage and sun protection in one easy-to-use tube.

    32. This curl defining cream-gel infused with argan oil for a moisture-rich styling solution that embraces your natural texture while fighting frizz.