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    Looking To Cut Down On Waste? Check Out These 43 Products

    Simple swaps to help you create less day-to-day trash.

    1. A pack of shockingly absorbent reusable Swedish dishcloths for an eco-friendly alternative to disposable sponges and paper towels. Unlike regular dishcloths, these can be sanitized in the dishwasher or microwave between uses so you know it's not harboring any unwanted germs.

    2. A pack of reusable silicone lids that have a seemingly endless list of uses. Top off a saucepan, store leftovers, keep food warm while cooking — all without needing to use any single-use plastic wrap!

    3. A pack of refillable K-Cups you can fill with your favorite coffee to save loads of money (and plastic).

    4. A washable sponge to replace the probably-kinda-smelly disposable sponge you're currently using. These work just as well, and can be tossed in the washing machine or dishwasher and reused again and again!

    5. Reusable produce bags for cutting down your single-use plastic consumption at the grocery store or farmers market! Plus, these have a drawstring closure, which is way more convenient than standing in the middle of the aisle trying to knot the top of those flimsy plastic bags.

    6. Reusable Stasher food storage bags so ditching those single-use plastic baggies is easy! These airtight pouches come in a range of sizes and are safe to use in the microwave and freezer. Then just toss 'em in the dishwasher for easy cleaning!

    7. A set of reusable shopping bags that fold up tiny enough to keep in a purse or backpack so you're always prepared to say no to the inevitable "Do you need a bag?" question.

    8. A Tushy bidet attachment for a true revo-loo-tionary toilet upgrade that'll keep your tushy in tip-top shape without the need for toilet paper.

    9. Or a Fohm dispenser if you're not ready to give up on TP entirely. It transforms any standard piece of toilet paper into a cleansing wet wipe for a more *booty-ful* clean that won't clog your toilet!

    A hand holding some toilet paper with foam on it under the Fohm dispenser next to a roll of toilet paper and a potted plant

    10. A beginner-friendly menstrual cup for a one-and-done purchase you'll keep for years that won't fill up your trash or empty your wallet like other period products. Just imagine — no more emergency runs to pick up tampons because your period came early.

    11. Or, try Thinx period underwear that'll make managing your flow as easy (and comfortable) as putting on underwear.

    12. A stainless-steel strainer and saucer set so you can ditch your single-use tea bags (many use plastic sealants and aren't biodegradable) and indulge in an eco-friendly tea time with tasty loose leaf teas.

    13. A slim lay-flat water bottle that's stylish, space-efficient, and will leave you happy and hydrated while your friends hit up the corner store for a $6 bottle of water.

    A square, flat laying water bottle sitting on a table with a laptop and newspaper

    14. A compost bin for food scraps that's sleek enough to keep on the counter, but it doesn't have to stay there; it comes with a mounting bracket for the inside of cabinet doors!

    15. A makeup erasing cloth to gently — but effectively — remove your makeup with just a little bit of water. Plus, it's reusable! Once it gets dirty, just toss it in the wash.

    BuzzFeed writer removing bright red lipstick with the makeup erasing cloth

    16. A pack of glass straws you can reuse again and again for all your sustainable sippin' needs! They're wide enough to easily drink your favorite smoothie (and cute to boot).

    A glass straw in a cup of water with lemon

    17. A biodegradable phone case because have you ever thought about how many phone cases you've owned? Probably a lot — all of them made from plastic. These ones keep the sturdy protection and skip the plastic, so it won't be sitting in a landfill long after you've upgraded to the latest model.

    18. An all-natural shampoo bar for cutting single-use plastics from you haircare routine. Did I mention their formula is vegan and sulfate-free. Oh — and there's plastic-free conditioner, too!

    A stack of four different-colored shampoo soap bars

    19. A rechargeable electric lighter that's wind-proof, splash-proof, portable, and just overall very nice to look at. Your candle-game just got an upgrade!

    20. Handmade UNpaper towels that roll up just like regular paper towels, but can be reused! Made from absorbent cotton flannel with durable serged edges, they wash clean with a regular load of laundry after sopping up a spill.

    21. A S'well water bottle with a gorgeous teakwood finish that'll house all your on-the-go beverages without the single-use plastics. It's insulated to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot with no leaking or sweating!

    22. A packable cutlery set so you never have to say "Oh, I forgot my reusable straw at home" ever again! That (and a whole lot more) fits in the included storage case for convenient carrying.

    23. A 3-in-1 tool that does the work of a dust-removing garment brush, pet hair-busting lint roller, and a heel-protecting shoehorn all in one. In this case, less really is more!

    24. A rechargeable hand warmer that doubles as a power bank for charging devices on the go. It's perfect for anyone who doesn't have the patience to wait and shake those single-use hand warmers for what feels like ages.

    25. A plastic-free food wrap made from biodegradable cotton and beeswax – unlike plastic wrap, it can be reused for up to a year before needing to be replaced.

    26. A stick of plastic-free deodorant that's also free of aluminum and other potentially toxic ingredients, but chock-full of sweet-smelling odor protection.

    An open box filled with five Native deodorant sticks in different flavors and cardboard packaging

    27. A no-frills bamboo toothbrush with soft charcoal brushes so you can actually follow your dentist's orders and swap your toothbrush every three months without piling up more plastic in the landfill. Over time, this all-natural brush will biodegrade and return to Mama Earth.

    28. And some clean, green toothpaste tablets to make it easy to ditch those plastic tubes, and finally put an end to any fights over who dried out the toothpaste and forgot to replace the cap yet again. You may recognize these from Shark Tank!

    29. A box of convenient, tablet-based cleaners from Blueland — another Shark Tank alum — that'll have your surfaces sparkling with just a few swipes. Sidebar: whoever thought cleaning solution would ever be so aesthetic?