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    32 Products To Help Make Mornings Less Awful

    Breakfast gadgets, home tech, and beauty tools to make rising and shining a little easier.

    1. An Echo Dot to turn your smart speaker into an all-in-one alarm clock, morning meditation teacher, private DJ, daily affirmations coach, or whatever you need to get your morning off to a great start. All you gotta do is give Alexa a shout!

    2. A pack of meditation taper candles made from all-natural beeswax that each burn for roughly 20 minutes if waking up on the right side of the bed for you starts with with a moment of mindfulness — accompanied by the sweet sweet smell of honey.

    3. A genius pancake batter mixer with an included blender ball for mixing, pouring, and storing pancake, waffle, or crepe batter in one easy-to-clean container. If no-mess breakfasts aren't enough to improve your mornings, the silicone spout makes it easy to create fun, edible shapes and bring out your inner breakfast-loving child.

    4. A Wi-Fi-connected oil diffuser and humidifier you can schedule to start running first thing in the morning so you can wake up to the smell of soothing essential oils instead of your cat's litterbox. You can also adjust vapor pressure and change the light color — all with your phone or voice!

    5. A white light therapy lamp because sunless winters can really take their toll on your mental health, making getting up even harder than it already is. Start your day basking in the glow of this UV-free light and you just might start to feel like a morning person, even when it still looks like midnight at 7 a.m.

    6. A cordless Burst Oral Care electric toothbrush to treat your teeth (and morning breath) with powerful cleaning motors, supersoft charcoal bristles, and a built-in two-minute timer. This is optimized oral hygiene at its finest, and it's even easier than scrubbing away with a manual brush.

    7. And pair it with all-natural toothpaste tabs that make it easy to ditch the messy plastic tube, simultaneously reducing your waste and the likelihood of squirting toothpaste on your shirt.

    8. A nonstick Dash mini griddle because sometimes you want a homecooked breakfast without digging out and cleaning every pan you own. This tiny powerhouse can sit right on your countertop, practically begging you to whip up single-servings of eggs, pancakes, bacon, and more!

    A reviewer photo of the Dash mini griddle open next to a stack of pancakes

    9. A pack of Vicks Shower Bomb Tablets to imbue run-of-the-mill shower steam with a soothing mix of menthol, eucalyptus, and camphor that your aching body and stuffed-up sinuses will really, really appreciate first thing in the morning.

    10. A 100% muslin bath sheet if you're tired of too-small towels that barely manage to dry you off before succumbing to the dreaded funky towel stench. This extra-large option is lightweight, moisture-wicking, and will only get softer with every wash.

    11. A hot air brush for achieving salon-quality blowouts without the bank account-draining cost. This gadget combines the heat of a blowdryer with the shape and bristles of a round brush to help you recreate the look from home.

    12. Or this curl defining cream-gel infused with argan oil if you're looking for a moisture-rich way to embrace your natural texture that'll fight frizz in the process.

    13. A handheld milk frother for when mornings call on you to be our own barista. Easily whip up frothy, foamy drinks at home or mix healthy shakes without the fuss of breaking out the bulky blender.

    14. A doctor-recommended Squatty Potty so that morning "gotta go" feeling ends in a faster, easier poo thanks to this stool's natural colon-aligning prowess.

    15. A pair of satin pillowcases that'll help improve skin and hair hydration, reduce frizz and painful tangles, and even combat those sleep lines making it painfully obvious that you did just roll out of bed for this Zoom call.

    16. A beloved-by-the-internet detangling brush because starting the morning gliding through your luscious, kinky-curly locks sounds a lot better than the daily swears thrown at your old brush for putting you through so much pain.

    17. A soothing eye serum roller with hyaluronic acid to tackle fine lines, dark circles, and morning puffiness so you can keep on being tired without looking tired.

    18. A quart-size cold brew maker with a freshness-locking, airtight seal if your ideal morning looks like chugging cold brew coffee the minute you're awake enough to pour it.

    19. An auto shut-off outlet for automatically turning off your curling iron after 30 minutes, so you don't spend the rest of the morning panicking that the house is going to burn down in your absence.

    20. A minimalist candle complete with a curated playlist (scan the QR code on the packaging) if you're looking for a multisensory way to upgrade your morning me-time.

    a white candle that says "the vibes" on it next to a pale blue box

    21. An app-controlled, self-warming mug for eliminating those constant trips to the microwave to reheat your morning coffee or tea. Now you can just sit, sip, and enjoy.

    22. A Nest thermostat that learns your schedule and can be controlled from a phone or tablet so you never again have to spend the first moments of your morning making the freezing cold run from bed to thermostat just to get your home to a habitable temperature.

    Reviewer photo of Nest thermostat on wall displaying "cooling 78" on the screen

    23. A pack of nearly invisible pimple patches that can be worn under makeup for sneaky, all-day zit zapping. Skip the morning stress sesh in front of the mirror and head out the door feeling fresh-faced and confident!

    24. A car vent clip because curating a sweet-smelling scent for your car might just making all that morning commute traffic a bit more bearable.

    25. A Dash rapid egg cooker to make your morning egg prep 1,000x easier. Get boiled, poached, or scrambled eggs in just a couple of minutes. And weighing in at just ONE POUND, it's perfect for small apartment kitchens, dorm rooms, or RV travel!

    The egg cooker in black filled with six eggs

    26. A 3-in-1 avocado tool if you're an avocado toast enthusiast looking to ~drastically~ streamline the splitting, pitting, and slicing process. Now the only hard part is eating the avocado in that obnoxiously small window between not-ripe and rotten.

    27. A whisper-quiet mini humidifier for combating parched morning skin and hair. Let it run overnight on your bedside table or treat yourself to a misty morning facial that'll help to reduce redness and leave skin damp, maximizing the absorption of serums, oils, and creams.

    28. A bottle of wine drops so your before-bed glass of wine doesn't end in a morning-after headache. A few drops added to your glass works to naturally reduce sulfites and tannins in wine — the frequent culprit of "I had one glass, this can't be a hangover" headaches.

    29. A multipurpose handheld steamer that's a quicker, easier alternative to ironing so you don't have to spend rushed mornings digging through your drawers for a wrinkle-free shirt.

    30. A coiled goal planner because attacking the day won't feel so overwhelming if you know exactly what you want to accomplish and how you're going to do it. This undated journal will help keep you on track to smash all your personal, career, and financial goals!

    31. This all-natural dry shampoo to make quick, clean work of oily hair even when wash day was three days ago. Don't worry, all you black-haired beauties. This volumizing powder works on ALL hair shades!

    A vertically-split before and after reviewer photo showing their bangs looking oily on the left, and the same individual with bangs looking fresh on the right

    32. And a cacao and mushroom blend you can mix with your morning coffee or milk for a chocolatey addition that works to reduce stress, boost your immune system, and is packed with antioxidants to support gut health. If regularly getting a nutritious breakfast is a struggle, this is a way to make your coffee work harder for you!

    A tub of the "Shroom Shield" next to a glass filled with brown liquid and a wooden spoon filled with brown powder

    Just over here trying to make every morning a good morning:

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