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31 Gifts For Anyone Trying To Live In The Future, Today

Science fiction...without the "fiction" part.

Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

1. A magnetic balance light so all their other lamps know what futuristic standards to strive for.

2. A voice and motion-controlled trash can that'll make them feel like they're living in the year 3000.

3. An Echo Dot so they can blast their favorite playlist, check the weather, and just generally feel like they have a personal assistant — all via voice command.

4. A Roomba robot vacuum that'll keep their floors dirt- and pet hair-free. It's like hiring a cleaning person they'll have access to 24/7.

5. A compact pocket projector so they can bring big screen-viewing with them anywhere. Backyard movie night, anyone?

6. Some smart lightbulbs with 16 MILLION color options so they can control any light in their home with their phone or voice, courtesy of Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant.

7. A handmade wood wireless charger that combines old-tradition craft with new-age tech to instantly upgrade any bedside table or desk. No more unsightly cords to fuss with!

A smartphone resting on a geometric walnut wood charger with a flat top

8. A pet camera and treat dispenser combo so they can check in on their furry friends from anywhere. There's even two-way audio for some paw-some cat or canine conversations!

9. A makeup brush cleaner that will essentially automate one of life's most annoying (yet necessary) tasks.

10. A Fire TV stick to make any TV a heck of lot smarter. This latest upgrade even has Amazon Alexa voice compatibility!

11. A rechargeable hand warmer that doubles as a power bank for charging devices on the go. Perfect for live sports fans or just anyone who works in an office that loves to always blast the AC.

12. A Moleskine smart pen and notebook set to digitize every pen stroke in real-time with the Moleskine app. Finally, the ease and satisfaction of handwritten notes, combined with the organization and convenience of digital notes. My future vision says they're going to love that!

An open notebook with dotted paged, a smartphone with notes pulled up and a Bluetooth-connected pen

13. A pack of Wi-Fi-connected outlets so they can make virtually any electronic device in their home "smart." They can schedule their coffee pot to automatically start in the morning, have the lights on before getting home, or anything else they'd like to control from their phone — or with their voice.

14. A cordless purse light that'll put an end to any endless rummaging. Sensors detect when their hand is close and will light up in response. Don't worry, it automatically shuts off too!

15. An illuminated mirror compact with sun-like light for color-correct makeup application on the go. Easy to toss in a purse, it comes with a case that protects the mirror and automatically turns its light on and off.

16. A UV smartphone sanitizer because their beloved phone is also a breeding ground for germs. With this around, they'll always be just 10 minutes away from a squeaky clean cell.

A smartphone sitting in the open UV phone sanitizier, sitting on a desk next to a keyboard and pen

17. A levitating planter that's almost as magical as the feeling of successfully keeping a plant alive.

18. A portable translator so they won't be stuck pantomiming "Where's the bathroom?" to someone who doesn't speak English on their next trip abroad...whenever that is. This pocket-sized device doesn't need Wi-Fi to work either, so cross-cultural communication is always easy.

19. A rechargeable electric lighter that's wind-proof, splash-proof, portable, and just overall very nice to look at. Their candle-game just got an upgrade!

20. A Tushy bidet attachment to keep their tushy clean. A true revo-loo-tion for bathroom-goers everywhere.

21. A potentially life-saving bracelet with a hidden button that, when pushed two times, immediately sends an SOS text and their location to five loved ones. Gift them (and yourself) some peace of mind!

22. A digital picture frame that connects to Wi-Fi so they can show off an unlimited number of photos without the hassle of getting them printed (or overwhelming their already crowded walls).

The frame with a white and black frame around the digital screen with a picture of the reviewer and their father at a tennis match

23. The Oculus Quest 2 — an all-in-one gaming experience that'll bring immersive virtual reality to their at-home reality.

24. A USB car charging port that'll put an end to fights over who gets to charge their phone first on long car rides.

25. A Wi-Fi-connected oil diffuser and humidifier to bring their wellness routine into the 21st century. Set schedules, adjust vapor pressure, and change light color — all with their phone or voice!

26. An app-controlled, self-warming mug that'll elimate those constant trips to the microwave to reheat their coffee.

27. A stylish charging bracelet they'll love wearing almost as much as they love having their phone not die. No outlet needed! They can charge up while walking between meetings — now that's efficiency!

28. A super lightweight bike helmet that collapses down small enough to slip into a backpack or tote bag. A total game-changer for bike commuters everywhere!

29. A pack of programmable smart buttons for anyone who's ever thought "I wish I could order a pizza with the click of a button." Now they can.

30. A motion-sensor toilet light to make their potty feel like a piece of modern art, and end the searing pain of turning on the bathroom lights when they need to pee at two in the morning.

A toilet with a blue illuminated bowl and 16 thumbnail images of the toilet illuminated in different colors

31. A portable karaoke microphone that connects to any mobile karaoke app of their choice, transforming their home into a crowd-free stage for belting their favorite tunes.

You when they open their gift:

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