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26 Black Artists That'll Help You Start Your Own Art Collection

To help you #BuyBlack today, tomorrow, and always.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

While BuzzFeed celebrates Black History Month, we also believe in celebrating the value and contributions of Black people year-round. Please enjoy our BHM-themed shopping lists from BuzzFeed Shopping, the Black entrepreneurs who create these products and services, and know that you can #BuyBlack well beyond this wonderful, dedicated month.

1. Monica Ahanonu has an instantly recognizable signature style, marked by vector illustrations and an impressive mastery of daring color combinations. You've likely seen her work already and just not realized it!

Monica Ahanonu Design / Etsy

About the artist: Monica Ahanonu graduated from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in 2013 and started her career at DreamWorks Animation. Since 2017, she has been operating as a freelance illustrator working and living in Los Angeles, creating work for a range of impressive clients from Shea Moisture to Vanity Fair.

Check out more of their work at Monica Ahanonu Design on Etsy.

2. Stormy Nesbit brings a modern lens to her minimalist illustrations, focusing on uplifting images of Black figures with messages of self-care and self-love that'll tie together any space in your home.

Stormy Nesbit

About the artist: Stormy Nesbit is a Minnesota native who graduated with a degree in graphic design from West Virginia University and went on to pursue her master's degree in visual communication design at Arizona State University. By day, she works as a graphic designer at PetSmart in Phoenix, Arizona. By night, she works freelance and runs her eponymous shop where she sells shirts, notebooks, prints, and more that feature her striking illustrations.

Check out more of their work at Stormy Nesbit.

3. Emma Hall loves bright colors, nature, and anything bohemian-inspired. All of which is evident in her quirky, colorful illustrations, which retain a handmade feel despite being digitally produced. In her shop, you'll find something (or many things) for you, and maybe even something for the kids, since she has hands-down the coolest animal alphabet cards I've ever seen.

EmmaMakeStudio / Etsy

About the artist: Emma Hall is a Mozambican and English designer from Cambridge currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in architecture from Newcastle University. She considers this her introduction to computer design, which led her to the work she does today creating fonts, patterns, templates, and illustrations.

Check out more of their work at EmmaMakeStudio on Etsy.

4. Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. specializes in wildly colorful letterpress printing inspired by proverbs, sayings, and quotes — often with social and/or political commentary baked in. Looking for something one of a kind? His method often involves overprinting multiple layers of text, resulting in no two prints being truly identical.

Kennedy Prints / 20X200

About the artist: According to his Instagram, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. has been "puttin' ink on paper since 1949." He attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned an MFA in 1997. He later taught graphic design at the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts at Indiana University, and now runs Kennedy Prints! from Detroit, Michigan.

Check out more of their work at 20X200 or Kennedy Prints!.

5. Alleanna Harris captures the beauty of everyday sights in her playful — and at times beautifully nostalgic — illustrations. If you live in Philly and don't snag some of her Philly food-themed pieces, you're doing it wrong.

Alleanna Harris Art / Etsy

About the artist: After initially attending Philidelphia's Temple University for architecture, Alleanna transferred to the University of the Arts and took a mix of animation and illustration courses. In 2015, she graduated with a BFA in animation. Now she's back in her native southern New Jersey, working as a full-time freelancer illustrating children's books, advertisements, and more!

Check out more of their work at Alleanna Harris on Etsy.

6. Mary Joak spent some time taking fashion courses, and it shows! Her celebratory portraits depicting Black people and culture all have one thing in common — careful attention to the subject's wow-worthy outfit and accessories.

Mary Joak / Society6

About the artist: Mary Joak is a visual artist and illustrator with a blended background, having grown up in the UK after moving from Nigeria. She earned her BSc from the University of Greenwich and later went on to take fashion courses at The University of the Arts London.

Check out more of their work at mary joak on Society6.

7. Diane Hill paints joyful pieces inspired by an 18th Century style called Chinoiserie (pronounced shin-waa-zuh-ree), which is largely influenced by East Asian artistic traditions. Her pieces have incredible depth, often depicting birds and other scenes from nature.

Diane Hill Design

About the artist: Based in London, Diane Hill is an artist, wife, and "mum" of two girls. With a focus on interior design, she creates silk wallpapers, hand-painted murals, and original artworks for luxury interiors, hotels, and private residences. The rest of us can enjoy our own Chinoiserie Chic with her precision art prints.

Check out more of their work at Diane Hill Design.

8. Leeya Rose Jackson celebrates the beautiful spectrum that is femininity through her illustrations, many of which juxtapose everyday imagery with a whimsical pastel color scheme. What better way to celebrate that Nalgene water bottle you love so much than to put it on your wall?

Leeya Makes Noise / Society6

About the artist: Leeya Rose Jackson is a queer, femme designer and illustrator based in Minneapolis. She works as an art director for Wieden+Kennedy, an advertising agency in Portland, Oregon, in addition to running her personal branding shop, Noisemakers Design, and For Our Magic, an organization she co-founded with a friend to fund self-care beauty services for BIPOC individuals in the Twin Cities area.

Check out more of their work at Leeya Makes Noise on Society6.

9. e bond is a true multihyphenate — artist, writer, bookbinder, educator, designer — with an unapologetically vibrant style that she applies both to her art prints and to her handmade journals!

e bond / 20X200

About the artist: e bond has an impressive education under her belt, with a BFA in graphic design, a BFA in art history from Moore College of Art & Design, and an MFA in creative writing and book art from Mills College. Over the last 20 years, e has worked for top-tier clients like Anthropologie and Gap Inc., while also serving as a professor of graphic design and book art at various colleges.

Check out more of their work at 20X200 or Work by e bond.

10. Domonique Brown gives us the best of both worlds, delivering a mix of energetic pop-art portraits and sleek minimalist abstractions that any gram-worthy gallery wall could benefit from.

Domonique Brown / Society6

About the artist: Domonique received her AA in graphic design and a BS in public relations from Cal Poly Pomona, before going on to earn an MBA in marketing from California State University Dominguez Hills. Now she runs her own business, DomoINK, full time where she sells her art as apparel, home decor, and more!

Check out more of their work at Domonique Brown on Society6 or at DomoINK.

11. Airielle Marie pulls inspiration from fashion and beauty, creating of-the-moment illustrations with dreamy neutral palettes that celebrate both. Millennial pink-lovers, you're bound to find about 12+ things you want on your walls NOW.

Airielle Marie Art / Etsy

About the artist: Airielle Marie (I was surprised to find) is a student! The California Bay Area native is a lover of creative pursuits of all kinds (fashion, design, gaming) and creates the prints she sells in her free time!

Check out more of their work at Airielle Marie Art on Etsy.

12. Nom takes those macramé wall hangings you've come to know so well to the next level, weaving deceptively complex geometric designs throughout her contemporary fiber art wall hangings.

Studio Nom / Etsy

About the artist: Nom was born in the South African country of Swaziland and grew up in the Netherlands. She studied textile design at the Charles Montaigne Fashion Academy in Amsterdam. After graduating in 1999, she pursued a 12-year-long career as a fashion designer for different brands before going out on her own to explore, and eventually fully embrace, weaving and macramé.

Check out more of their work at Studio Nom on Etsy.

13. Ngabo D. Cesar astounds with his magnetic portraits of Black people both real and imagined. The largely self-taught visual artist is just 25 years old and counts big names like Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o (and now you!) as fans.


About the artist: Ngabo D.Cesar, also known as El’Cesart, joined Instagram in 2014 and discovered the work of other digital artists. Inspired, he embarked on his own journey, learning through experience and, of course, YouTube tutorials. Now with over 60,000 followers, El’Cesart is expanding his artistic practice with the launch of a streetwear collection and collaborations with the likes of HBO and the American Black Film Festival.

Check out more of their work at El’Cesart.

14. Alannah Tiller simplifies and abstracts everyday objects and people, finding a new and unique POV to translate into her minimalist illustrations. In her own words: "It all started with a lil' scribble."

Alilscribble / Society6

About the artist: Alannah Tiller is a multidisciplinary artist and academic based out of Austin. She attended Texas State University where she earned a Bachelors in art history, before going on to earn a Masters of museum studies from The University of Oklahoma.

Check out more of their work at Alilscribble on Society6 or at Alilscribble.

15. Felicia Jackson possesses a distinctly modern style. Primarily depicting Black women with minimalist shapes and bright colors, her work expertly captures a joyful sense of movement. Makes ya wanna dance!

Felicia Jackson / Redbubble

About the artist: Felicia Jackson is based out of Louisiana and has worked as an artist for COMDA since 2011. Her personal work is displayed at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, and Jackson is a champion for raising money to help promote arts education.

Check out more of their work at Felicia Jackson on Redbubble.

16. Charlotte Dyce paints people, managing to capture raw emotion in each of her meticulously crafted portraits. These are the types of paintings you could look at over and over and, depending on your mood, feel something new every time.

CharDyceArt / Etsy

About the artist: Charlotte Dyce is an emerging artist based out of the UK. Primarily using acrylic and oil pants, Charlotte fostered her love of art at a young age, going on to study art in school and at university.

Check out more of their work at CharDyceArt on Etsy.

17. Aurélia Durand depicts Afro-descendants as joyful, proud, and empowered through her vibrant pop-art illustrations. She's blown up on Instagram (for obvious reason) and just this year illustrated the New York Times bestseller This Book is Anti-Racist.

4ur3lia / Redbubble

About the artist: Aurélia Durand grew up in Réunion, an island in the Indian Ocean and east of Madagascar, a real melting pot that fostered her interest in multiculturalism. She studied design in Paris and Amsterdam, slowly developing her style and finding her love of illustration. Now she works freelance, creating prints, murals, AR, and animations for brands like VICE, Urban Decay, Adidas, and so many more

Check out more of their work at 4ur3lia on Rebubble or at Aurélia Durand.

18. Aminah Dantzler creates modern illustrations featuring clean lines and bold colors with the hopes of capturing and uplifting the unique essence of other women, especially Black women! Her shop is *the* aesthetic destination for all your GRL PWR needs.

DantzlerGallery / Etsy

About the artist: Aminah Dantzler is an NYC-based visual artist and professional painter. Aminah started painting in college as a creative way of grappling with a bout of depression, and it has since blossomed into a thriving small business.

Check out more of their work at DantzlerGallery on Etsy.

19. Tye Jiles combines rich colors and bold geometric shapes to create dynamic illustrations that tell a story about the beauty of different cultures. Every piece is like an exciting visual feast. Just eat up all that incredible color!

SagMoon Paper Co. / Etsy

About the artist: Tye Jiles is a Milwaukee, WI-based illustrator, collage artist, and surface pattern designer who took her lifelong love of art and created a career out of it. In addition to working as a freelance designer, she also runs her own shop SagMoon Paper Co.

Check out more of their work at SagMoonPaperCo on Etsy or at SagMoon Paper Co.

20. Birungi Kawooya combines paper silhouettes and vibrant African textiles to bring to life the beauty of the African diaspora. And 10% of all sales go to Sistah Space, a community-based org working to bridge the gap in domestic abuse services for Black women and girls.

Birungi Kawooya

About the artist: Birungi Kawooya's journey with art has been one of mindfulness, self-love, and expression. Art was a hobby but not a career until 2018 when two trips to Uganda (combined with creating art) helped her reconnect with herself and her passions. In addition to selling her work, she also coaches beginner-friendly Mindful African Art workshops.

Check out more of their work at Birungi Kawooya Art.

21. Donice Bloodworth Jr. infuses his rich portraiture with an almost graffiti-like feel, including paint-dripped faces as a signature element. Crowns are also a persistent theme, which is fitting since Donice can often be found on Instagram promoting and celebrating other Black creators.

DaCre8iveOne / Redbubble

About the artist: Donice Bloodworth Jr. is a Decatur, Georgia-based artist and teacher. He attended Albany State University and Atlanta College of Art where he received his BFA in illustration. In 2001, he began his career as an instructor, teaching at Pace Academy in the Upper School art department.

Check out more of their work at DaCre8iveOne on Redbubble or at DaCre8iveOne.

22. Sharon Walters mixes magazine cutouts and photography to hand construct collages that explore Black beauty and identity. Looking at how detailed these are, I'm convinced she is the most patient person alive.

Sharon Walters

About the artist: Sharon Walters is a London-based collage artist who graduated with a degree in fine art from Central St Martins in 2011. Since then, she has developed her personal practice while partnering with community arts organizations and museums to explore and collaborate with the voices of those who are often unheard.

Check out more of their work at london_artis1.

23. Adrienne Brown-David frequently depicts her own children in her art, seeking to capture an image of Black youth that is pure and uninterrupted by society's tendency to cut those very childhoods short. Her style ranges widely from hyperrealistic pencil drawings to more abstract paintings.

Adrienne Brown-David

About the artist: Adrienne Brown-David has been creating ever since she was a little girl. She spent a year at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago before moving back home to St. Louis where she taught after-school art classes to kids for a couple of years. Continuing to move around, develop her art style, and show her work in galleries, Adrienne eventually married and now lives in a small town in Mississippi with her husband and four daughters.

Check out more of their work at Adrienne Brown-David.

24. Elisa Bell creates punchy prints with bright "in your face" colors and feel-good motifs. The best way to describe her work is "endlessly fun," which is the kind of energy any home can benefit from.

Elisa / Redbubble

About the artist: Elisa Bell is a visual artist, surface designer, and owns a visual branding agency called Pop Design. The self-taught creator is based out of Virginia with her husband and two kids.

Check out more of their work at Elisa on Society6.

25. Alicia Noelle Jones explores the archetypes of her Caribbean roots through vivid abstract depictions of nature that'll make your indoorsy space look a little more outdoorsy (and A LOT more cool).

ANoelleJay / Redbubble

About the artist: Alicia Noelle Jones was born in Jamaica and currently lives in Brooklyn. By day, she works as a project manager specializing in policy research and change initiatives in health care, while simultaneously working on her art and maintaining her brand, ANoelleJay.

Check out more of their work at ANoelleJay on Redbubble or at ANoelleJay.

26. Bethany J. Garita favors digital art (though she's skilled in a variety of mediums), creating playful images of Black women joyfully living life — as spooky witches or otherwise.

Art By Bethany G.

About the artist: Bethany J. Garita is a Louisiana native living in Southern California with her husband and two kids, whom she homeschools. In addition to her illustration work, she is also a professional makeup artist.

Check out more of their work at Art By Bethany G.

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Brooke Greenberg / BuzzFeed

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