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    Just 18 Not-Boring Gluten-Free Snacks

    We will not be accepting bland snacks, thank you very much.

    1. A pack of gluten-free Oreos to relive the childhood joy of a classic milk and cookies without the adverse gluten-induced symptoms.

    The package of cookies next to a stack of Oreos

    2. Some savory Quaker rice crisps if you're tired of bowls of plain popcorn and crave something with a little more cheese-powdered pizzazz.

    3. Grain-free Hu Kitchen peanut butter cookies for a gluten-free sweet you don’t have to make from scratch and that also doesn’t contain added sugars!

    4. Microwaveable Annie's macaroni and cheese cups made with rice pasta so you can get a yummy, piping-hot snack in the amount of time it takes to order that shirt you've been eyeing.

    a reviewer photo of a hand holding one of the cups

    5. A bag of dark chocolate and sea salt brownie brittle because what could be better than an entire bag of the crispy edges of a brownie?

    6. Some savory popped water lily seeds that combine the light and satisfying crunch of popcorn with loads of antioxidants and minerals. But don't just take my word for it — the sharks over at Shark Tank love them, too!

    7. A bag of Hippeas chickpea puffs to further prove my theory that you can make literally anything out of chickpeas, including a delicious vegan puff snack that's devoid of other top allergens like peanuts, tree nuts, and soy.

    8. A box of Three Wishes cereal if current dietary restrictions have you missing the cereals of your youth and you're on the hunt for a high-protein, low-sugar, adulting-approved substitute.

    9. A bag of roasted edamame beans for a crunchy, salty snack that's a protein-packed alternative to regular potato chips.

    10. A box of pepperoni pizza pockets so you can burn the roof of your mouth on a gluten- and lactose-free snack instead of burning the roof of your mouth AND getting a stomach ache from the other guys.

    the pizza pocket box surrounded by cooked pizza pockets

    11. Some grab-and-go meat sticks in turkey, beef, and pork varieties because sometimes the best way to quickly conquer a snack attack is with straightforward, protein-packed deliciousness. These snack sticks get extra points for containing at least 40% less sodium than similar leading brands.

    12. A pack of Dutch stroopwafels that bring together a light wafer cookie and an ooey-gooey caramel-y core for an anytime treat you can eat on the go or as a warm, melty companion to tea or coffee (let the cookie heat up on top of the mug).

    13. A box of gluten-free Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits to recreate the best free dinner rolls ever to grace the tables of an American casual dining chain.

    14. Raw almond butter bites for a compact snack that delivers nutty, buttery, crunchy goodness in every bite with a boat-load of energy-fueling protein.

    a bow filled with round almond butter bites

    15. A box of KIND bars if you're nuts about nuts, especially when they come drizzled in chocolate and caramel.

    the box of bars with images of the three different included flavors on it

    16. Some single-serve King Arthur brownie cups so when the baked good cravings hit (and mom isn't around with her famous brownies) you'll have a suitable substitute you can pop in the microwave and start enjoying in minutes.

    four microwave cups in different flavors

    17. Farmhouse sandwich bread because high-quality bread is the foundation (and delivery system) for so many not-boring snacks.

    18. A bag of Power Up trail mix that's easy to just keep in your backpack or tote for an always-on-hand snack that'll keep the hunger pains at bay without boring your tastebuds — you've got your salty and your sweet!

    You won't have to use your gluten-detecting powers on these snacks:

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