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    26 Coats For Dogs (And Pictures Of Dogs Looking Completely Adorable In Them)

    Come for the coats, stay for the dog pics.

    1. A quilted reversible dog vest with one waterproof side and one soft cotton side for two pup-approved looks in one. When walkies gotta happen every day, you need a coat that can do it all.

    2. A rock 'n' roll denim vest you can customize with patches and badges if your Americana dog is looking for a one-of-a-kind wardrobe ~pupdate~.

    3. A pullover fleece vest that's soft and thin enough to comfortably wear around the house, while still offering tons of warmth for outdoor walks and potty breaks.

    4. A durable water-resistant Carhartt chore coat with a warm, quilted-nylon lining so your outdoorsy doggo can cosplay as a hardworking farm dog even if the toughest part of their day is barking at ducks in the park.

    5. A classic corduroy coat with a sherpa lining and collar because modern style shouldn't just be reserved for humans.

    6. A lightweight winter jacket to add warmth (but not weight) to even the snowiest outdoor adventures. This reversible style is thoughtfully designed with reflective trim for nighttime visibility and a back zip opening for compatibility with your pet's favorite harness.

    7. A hooded Pawcci jacket perfect for a small dog with a big personality and an eye for style. This designer lookalike will have all the other pups at the park drooling with envy.

    8. An extra-warm hooded coat fully lined in soft fleece and cotton if frigid temps are driving your dog back inside before their full walk is done.

    9. A lightweight knit sweater that'll envelop your small precious pup in warm woolen bliss, whether they're a newborn or a sweet senior who can just never get warm enough.

    10. A flashy padded snowsuit so your pint-sized pup can play in the snow and rain with the best (and biggest) of them, without getting too waterlogged or windswept in the process.

    11. A stylish "woof" dog hoodie because you already know you have the coolest dog but would like a way to signal that truth to the rest of the world.

    12. A SlowTon winter dog coat to keep your pup protected on even the coldest of days with a water- and wind-resistant outer shell, polar fleece lining, and a foldable turtleneck with a drawstring for easy fit adjustments.

    13. A soft and cozy teddy coat for making your petite pup even snugglier than before with high pile fleece and a hood with little ears that's squeal-inducingly adorable.

    14. A thermal quilted dachshund coat if you and your long dog have been looking for a warm coat that actually covers their booty for a long time.

    15. A stylish sweater and shirt combo that'll land your small pooch a top spot on the dog park's best-dressed list.

    16. A hooded rain poncho (in a wide range of too-cute prints) so a surprise shower doesn't come between your pup and those much-anticipated walkies. Maybe you'll even be able to skip chasing your drenched dog around the house with a towel before the post-walk shake gets everything within a 12-foot radius soaked.

    17. A gray high-neck tee because max-sized dogs want cool, functional, minimalist style just as much as the next pup.

    18. A padded vest with a back zip closure and external D-ring to make suiting up for walks waaayyy easier — no need for a separate harness! And it's as warm as it looks, with a water-resistant outer shell and cozy fleece lining.

    19. A lightweight sun shield tee for anyone whose dog has more issues keeping cool than staying warm. This lightweight vest blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and acts like wearable shade, helping to keep your pooch from overheating in hot temperatures.

    20. A hooded vegan leather jacket if your tiny pooch wants to give off some serious Big Dog Energy with a timeless punk style detailed with a faux fur collar and comfortable berber fleece lining.

    21. A snuggly fleece parka that's big dog-approved with a detachable cap, adjustable sides, and enough coverage to keep them warm and dry from their ears to their tail.

    22. A packable raincoat with reflective stripes that folds to fit in the included pouch so you're never left without a way to keep your dog dry when surprise rain clouds drift in mid-fetch session.

    23. A 100% wool and plant-dyed boyfriend sweater because function and fashion really can come together and, obviously, your dog deserves the best.

    24. A cuddly gingham hoodie to keep your pooch warm and comfortable whether they're lounging around the house or heading out for a brisk walk. There's even a small pocket on the back for storing poop bags, treats, or a small toy!

    25. A furry Louis Pawtton jacket with an elegant monogrammed print so your dog can make the world its runway, stay warm, and flaunt what they've got.

    26. A velvety hooded tracksuit for anyone missing their Juicy Couture sweatsuit circa 2003 who'd get a lot of joy from seeing their dog sport a similar lewk.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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