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    35 Beauty Products So Good No One Will Believe You Spent Less Than $25

    Just lots and lots of high-end results on the cheap.

    1. A gluten- and cruelty-free lengthening mascara if you're tired of getting excited about mascaras that never live up to their promises. This one is different — or at least according to the 150,000+ 5-star reviews.

    2. A volcanic stone face roller to soak up excess face oil even if you have makeup on! Unlike blotting papers, this roller is able to be washed and reused, reducing waste and saving you $$$.

    3. A multi-tasking plant-powered vitamin C serum with over 59,000 5-star ratings for anyone looking to take care of dark circles, sun spots, redness, and breakouts once and for all.

    A split photo of a face with some breakouts and the same face with the breakouts gone.

    4. A pack of multipurpose dermaplaning razors because that middle school eyebrow mishap has made face shaving and brow shaping feel like a daunting task. These teeny-tiny blades safely remove peach fuzz, exfoliate skin, and include a precision cover for worry-free eyebrow maintenance.

    5. A cruelty-free eyeshadow primer that'll make sure all the hard work you spent on that smokey eye doesn't go to waste and lasts all day long without smudging or creasing.

    6. A pack of 40 acne patches so you can stop that zit dead in its tracks with ~gunk-absorbing powers~ that speed up the pimple-healing process without picking or popping.

    7. A silicone-free L'Oréal moisturizing treatment if you want visibly healthier-looking hair FAST — like, eight seconds fast. This rinse-out formula works on any hair texture or length, delivering the proteins and amino acids necessary for a shiny, flippable mane.

    8. A tub of rejuvenating eye cream to tighten, brighten, and lift those tired eyes and make it look like you actually got enough sleep and didn't stay up late rewatching The Office...again.

    9. A tube of Glossier Boy Brow for instantly filling and fluffing brows with just a couple of quick swipes. Now, who's ready to face the day with the best brows on the block?

    AnaMaria's before and after photo showing darker, fuller-looking brows after using Boy Brow

    10. An affordable teeth-whitening pen because traditional strips are tough to use, expensive, and can leave you with teeth sensitivity that is, in my professional opinion, NO fun. This pen requires just ONE minute of daily use to get teeth that are four to eight shades whiter. The best part? No lingering sensitivity.

    a split image of a reviewer's teeth before and after using the whitening pen

    11. An award-winning cruelty-free eyeliner that's creamy for a smooth glide, brightly pigmented, and long lasting so you can get the bold look you're after without the subsequent raccoon eyes.

    12. A mega-popular hydrating Cerave facial cleanser so you can keep your skin clean and clear with one simple product that won't leave your face feeling stripped and dry afterward. It also doubles as a bodywash if you're struggling with bacne, chestne, or buttne.

    L: a reviewer with acne on their cheeks, R: the same reviewer with much of the acne gone

    13. Plus, this corresponding Cerave moisturizer to round out your routine with a top layer of hydration that's fragrance free and never feels too heavy or greasy.

    14. A powerful 2% BHA salicylic acid exfoliant if harsh scrubs haven't done your skin any favors. It helps to clear skin and unclogs pores by gently sloughing away dead skin to reveal the texture-free glow hiding underneath.

    on the left, a reviewers skin with hyperpigmentation on the cheeks labeled "before" and, on the right, the same reviewer with their skin clear and glowy labeled "after 1 month"

    15. A hair-finishing stick for making your messy bun look a little less messy by smoothing flyaway hairs up and away in seconds.

    16. Or an edge control gel that'll help smooth edges and baby hairs without any greasiness or flaky residue. Just sleek styles for days.

    17. A vibrant 35-color eyeshadow palette because this one palette opens up a big, bright, beautiful world of cool and colorful makeup looks.

    18. An affordable Coty setting powder so your makeup stays fade and fine line free ~all day~ while giving your complexion an overall smoother, softer appearance — without looking cakey.

    19. A bottle of professional-grade callus-removing gel that quickly removes years' (I repeat, YEARS') worth of hard calluses without endless scraping and scrubbing. Reviewers say dead skin dissolves in mere minutes, so I'd start picking out a new pair of sandals, like, now.

    20. Some adhesive abstract floral nail wraps if you want a bold salon-quality manicure without shelling out the big bucks. If applied correctly, they should last for around a week (or more!) and all you have to do is peel, stick, file, and finish with a topcoat.

    a model wearing the nail wraps

    21. A fun *and* effective bubbling clay face mask to get rid of pesky blackheads in one of the most entertaining ways imaginable.

    22. A fast-drying matte finishing spray for keeping your makeup in-place and maintaining that matte look you walked out of the house with ALL day.

    Comparison of reviewer's makeup, half of which looks good thanks to the setting spray and half of which has rubbed off without the spray

    23. A beloved-by-the-internet detangling brush because your old brush isn't going to change no matter how many pain-induced swears you throw its way. Time to upgrade to something that will treat your kinky-curly locks with the respect they deserve.

    24. A scalp revival dry shampoo with charcoal, biotin, and witch hazel that cleanses and refreshes hair, while working to prevent future oiliness. And it's safe for all hair types — color-treated, keratin-treated, chemically treated, and relaxed hair.

    25. A natural overnight lip mask so you can quit waking up to dry, cracked lips thanks to a powerhouse blend of mango butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil for deep hydration.

    reviewer holding open jar of the overnight lip mask

    26. This Korean exfoliating mitt if you love the delightful feeling of disgust that comes with seeing dead skin slough away right before your eyes and knowing that you're going to feel SO SMOOTH after.

    27. A cruelty-free lip balm with SPF 25 to take even chronically irritated lips from dry and cracked to hydrated and smooth while protecting them from future damage.

    a split image of a reviewer's lips before and after using the balm

    28. A coconut facial-toning mist with a shea butter base and active botanicals for an anytime solution to dry, irritated skin. Give it a spritz morning, noon, night, or whenever your skin could use a refreshing reset.

    a bottle of the facial spray next to bits of solid turmeric

    29. A velvety lip tint with a precision tip applicator because it turns out you don't have to pick between bold, buildable color and smooth, all-day staying power.

    30. A vegan exfoliating body scrub that buffs away bumps by combining the benefits of a chemical peel and microdermabrasion treatment into one gentle, at-home treatment. If you struggle with persistent KP, this scrub is for you.

    a split reviewer photo of their arm before and after using the body scrub

    31. An easy-to-use collagen-coating hair mask you can apply at home so it looks like your hair hasn't undergone years of abuse at the hands of bleach and blow-dryers.

    32. A silky-smooth Huestick to use under foundation as a color corrector or as a breathable, blendable, buildable pigment on lips, cheeks, and eyes.

    33. A fine-toothed eyelash comb for help breaking up clumpy mascara and achieving the full and feathery lash look you're after.

    a model using a fine-toothed comb on their lashes

    34. A wildly popular Bio-Oil because real-life magic (aka science) has gifted us this powerful blend of nourishing oils and vitamins to help fade scars and lock in moisture without feeling heavy on the skin and clogging pores.

    35. The ever-reliable O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream that's a lifesaver for dry, cracked hands that need something a little stronger than the average moisturizer. This famous formula locks in moisture, while creating a protective barrier to prevent future moisture loss.

    A split image of a hand with dry, cracked cuticles on the left, and the same hand looking healthy and hydrated on the right