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    10 Cool Asian-Owned Businesses Our Readers Really Love

    Sparkling water, clay earrings, and more goodies brought to you by Asian-owned businesses BuzzFeeders really love.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the coolest stuff they've bought from Asian-owned businesses. And they didn't disappoint! Here are their amazing suggestions that I suggest you bookmark, like, now!

    1. Milk and Honey Clay handcrafts purpose-driven earrings made from (you might've guessed) clay, donating 20% of the profits from each pair sold to anti-human trafficking organizations in the US and around the world.

    Milk and Honey Clay

    "Milk and Honey Clay is amazing! I own two pairs and I’m OBSESSED with them!" —maddiehines

    Based out of Beaverton, Oregon, this Filipina-owned small biz is all about purchasing with purpose. Jayna, the founder of Milk and Honey Clay, launched this passion project as a way to raise awareness about the injustice of human trafficking.

    Get The Kelia rainbow earrings for $25 (available in two color schemes) and The Kekoa sunshine earrings for $25 (available in nine colors).

    2. Sạch combines sustainability and sweet-smelling scents in their collection of clean candles, each of which is made from all-natural coconut wax, comes packaged in 100% recyclable jars, and is printed with hand-cut labels made from biodegradable sugar cane paper to reduce waste!


    "Their candles have the cleanest burn I've ever experienced and such fresh scents, not to mention they're eco-conscious with their materials and packaging! I also have to rave about their customer service — I received a broken candle in one of my orders and they sent a replacement right away, no questions asked." —dchen27

    Sạch (which means clean in Vietnamese) is owned by real-life couple and Los Angeles-dwelling Vietnamese-Americans, Tram and Kevin. The pair creates delicious-smelling, eco-conscious candles because, like many people, they have been struggling to balance their current desires for comfort with their growing concerns for the future of the environment.

    Get the Tâm candle for $22 and the Altar candle for $22.

    3. Made in Chinatown supports small businesses in Manhattan's Chinatown through a range of community initiatives as well as merchandise lines, which are dreamed up by a talented team of volunteer designers in collaboration with local restaurants, shops, and organizations.

    A crew neck sweatshirt printed with Chines script and text that reads "Two Lobsters w. Ginger + Scallion $35"

    "This super cute and comfortable sweatshirt from Made in Chinatown! Not only is the design super cool, but the proceeds directly go back to small businesses in New York's Chinatown. Comfort + supporting the community = double win!" —christinahui286

    Welcome to Chinatown is a grassroots initiative supporting Manhattan's Chinatown in light of COVID-19’s economic impact. By offering pro bono services and helping small businesses drive additional income, Welcome to Chinatown is working to amplify community voices. Since their founding, they have raised over $400,000 from multiple community initiatives including their merchandise lines, Made in Chinatown.

    Get the Big Wong x Made in Chinatown sweater for $54.99 (available in unisex sizes S—XL).

    4. Gift of Heart dreams up conversation-starting jewelry (mostly earrings, but pendants, too) that you won't find anywhere else. The shop's specialty lies in their glittery acrylic styles, in bold shapes like dangling cheeseburgers and shimmering planets.

    Gift of Heart / Etsy

    "I have far too many pairs of earrings from Gift of Heart on Etsy — some of the cutest I own without a doubt." —jordanmark219

    Gift of Heart is a small jewelry biz on Etsy run by Kim Chen, a Taiwanese-American living in Los Angeles. She crafts earrings from a wide range of materials, like wood and leather, but the majority of her creations are made from glittering acrylic in wonderfully wacky shapes.

    Get the acrylic cicada earrings for $17+ and the wooden blue leaf earrings for $16+ (available in four back styles).

    5. RIFRUF protects puppy paws from physical and fashion disasters alike with stylish shoes even discerning sneakerheads would approve of. For now, they only have their flagship, vet-endorsed Caesar 1 sneakers, but new styles and colors are in the works!, RIFRUF

    "I bought these CUTE and DOPE dog sneakers from a brand called RifRuf. Literally changing the game for dog shoes!!!! And of course Asian owned!!!" —phoebekwak

    RIFRUF is an Asian-owned small biz founded by Peter Liu and Jeremy Yoon that's creating design-driven dog shoes. It all started when Caesar (Peter's adorable Frenchie and Chief Dog Officer) had one too many run-ins with irritated paws, and his humans had trouble finding booties that met their high expectations for style and paw protection.

    Get a set of four Caesar 1 dog booties for $65 (available in two colors).

    6. Duyen Does Stuff takes macramé decor to the next level, weaving colorful keychains and wall hangings with beautifully-intricate designs that feel equal parts homespun and modern.

    a mustard yellow macrame wall hanging

    "I got this gorgeous mustard color macrame from DuyenDoesStuff on Etsy! So gorgeous! 🤩 She even hand-paints some of her macramé, too! Super love" —crzy_azn13

    Duyen Pham runs her eponymous Etsy small biz, Duyen Does Stuff, from Tustin, California where she creates ~gorgeous~ fiber art, like macramé wall hangings and keychains. Fun fact: her wall hangings are named after her family members as a way to honor her Vietnamese heritage!

    Get one of her macramé wall hangings for $40 (available in five styles).

    7. Sanzo captures real fruit flavor without added sugars inside their line of lightly sweet sparkling water in traditional Asian flavors like calamansi (aka the Philippine lime), lychee, and mango.

    Three different-color cans surrounded by various spices, fruits, and vegetables sitting on a counter
    @drinksanzo / Via

    "Sanzo sparkling waters SERIOUSLY taste like the fruit (unlike a lot of seltzers that barely have a hint of their flavors) without being too sweet. I hadn't heard of calamansi before trying that flavor and I can't get enough!" —artdanny

    Sandro Roco, a Queens-born Filipino American, launched the brand in 2018 after noticing a big disconnect between the modern labels of new-age drinks and the preservative- and sugar-laden labels of the legacy Asian brands. Sanzo's sparkling waters aim to bridge cultures, by celebrating authentic Asian flavors using real fruit and no added sugars or artificial flavors.

    Get the 12-pack sampler from Amazon for $34.99 or from Sanzo for $34.99 (subscribe and save 10%).

    8. Kach Design Studio does a little bit of everything (and does it exceptionally well), creating everything from pop art prints and feminist stickers to giftable pet portraits and wine labels. Her art is just as creative as her product offerings, which include stick-on window decals that catch the sun for joy-inducing rainbow rays in your home.

    A hand holding a window decal suncatcher that says "Create your own magic"
    Kach Design Studio

    "This rainbow suncatcher decal from Kach Design Studio! You stick it on a window with direct sunlight and it casts rainbows in your room 🌈" —kchaodesigns

    Launched in 2020, Kach Design Studio is an Asian-owned small biz run by Katrina, a Maryland-based designer whipping up fun and feminine prints, stickers, and home decor that put a retro-inspired twist on modern motifs.

    Get the rainbow suncatcher window decal for $15+ (includes shipping).

    9. Mshl.Collective takes orders via Instagram DM for her handcrafted clay earrings, which run the gambit between timeless tassels and of-the-moment statement pieces, like this pair inspired by a certain first female vice president.

    A pair of dangle earrings shaped like speech bubbles that say "I'm speaking"
    http://@mshl.collective / Via

    "I got these kick-ass 'I’m Speaking' earrings from @mshl.collective on Instagram. She made some super cute masks as well. She even donated some of her mask proceeds to the National Parks Foundation — cute and helpful! —gypsywaves

    Mshl.Collective, a Southern California-based small biz, was founded by Cambodian full-time student and National Park-enthusiast Michelle Lim. What started as a way to push her creativity during quarantine flourished into a small business where she uses her background in design and fashion to inspired creativity across mediums.

    Get the "I'm Speaking" earrings for $20 (includes shipping).

    10. And Eastern People brings underrepresented communities and bold street style together with graphic tees and sweatshirts that celebrate a wide range of Asian cultures.

    A t-shirt printed with a panda eating a drumstick and the words "Yeet Hay"
    Eastern People

    "This Yeet Hay tee from Eastern People! 'Yeet hay' is a term that's used to describe the bad feelings you can get after eating a lot of fried, greasy food. And it's a panda eating a freaking drumstick, so it's hilarious. I've bought this for myself, friends, and family!" —dangercake

    Eastern People is an equal-split cultural collaboration between NextShark and an apparel factory called Merch Labs, which was officially launched in 2020. Designed by and for Asians, all of their products are inspired by all of the rich cultures that span the East are printed and shipped from Southern California, home to one of America’s largest Asian communities.

    Get the Yeet Hay tee for $24.99 (available in unisex sizes S—3XL).

    Waiting by the door for your cool new stuff to arrive:

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    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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