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    30 Affordable Minimalist Products To Bring Calm To Your Bedroom

    You know how the saying goes: Treat your bedroom like a temple.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A teensy tissue box home to transform that busy name-brand box into modern decor, complete with tear- and snot-absorbing "smoke" coming out the top.

    a reviewer photo of a box filled with lavender next to a the white house-shaped tissue box cover with a tissue coming out the "chimney"

    2. A set of tiered organizing cubes because your room's perpetual state of mess is the opposite of the calm feeling you're going for. This versatile storage solution should help keep things tidy and keep the clutter at bay.

    Reviewer image of clear box-shaped storage shelving tiered with two boxes, then three, then four

    3. A floating hidden bookshelf that'll take the load off your crowded bookshelf and turn your ever-growing novel collection into eye-catching wall decor. Same amount of stuff with a less cluttered feel.

    4. A minimalist decor collage so you can achieve that muted art zine aesthetic without needing to spend hours scouring for the perfect images yourself.

    A series of rectangular muted photos and prints stuck to a wall with circular stickers

    5. A rechargeable electric lighter if you're tired of using that old gas station lighter and want one that's windproof, splash-proof, flame-free, and just overall very nice to look at.

    6. A simply structured organizing rack for turning that chaotic pile of [insert your personal brand of clutter here] into chic decor that makes finding your favorite record or your next novel much easier.

    7. A modern shoe rack to create a designated space for present-you to store shoes so future-you doesn't trip on them during middle-of-the-night bathroom runs.

    A seven tier simple white standing shoe rack

    8. A small rechargeable bedside lamp because your one-way ticket to better bedroom vibes is a little touch-enabled mood lighting.

    9. A gold metal moon phase garland so balanced and serene you'll be ~over the moon~ every time it catches your eye.

    A gold garland strung above a bed with moons in waxing and waning phases strung along it

    10. A whimsical cloud-shaped magnetic key holder that'll cut back on the number of times you tear your bedroom apart in a week looking for your keys.

    Two pairs of keys suspended by the cloud-shaped magnetic key holder

    11. A multitasking LED alarm clock with two USB ports for charging up devices overnight without cluttering your nightstand with approximately 800 extension cords. Plus, it's pretty and can double as a little bedside mirror!

    12. A hard stock "Shades of Legs" print if a minimalist gradient is the antithesis to your cluttered workspace and 48 open browser tabs.

    A minimalist drawing of legs layered over each other in different skin tones

    13. A simply designed pastel mug warmer to keep your coffee and tea at the *perfect* drinking temperature without resorting to a hot plate that would look more at home in a camper van than your minimalist oasis.

    14. A woven seagrass basket because even your plants have to pass the vibe check, and this is just the thing to dress up that plastic nursery planter.

    15. A set of adhesive cable organizers that combines style and organization to tame the tangled mess of cords currently overtaking your desk.

    A set of two gold finished round cable organizers installed on a desk with a charger wire running through them

    16. A macrame hanging wall mirror so you can make your closet-sized bedroom feel a bit less cramped with the illusionary power of reflection.

    a reviewer photo the macrame mirror hanging on the wall

    17. Or a seven-piece mirror display if you want your bedroom walls to feel like a MoMA exhibit where you're the curator.

    18. An inspiring digital download print for a stylish in-your-face reminder of those grounding affirmations you've been working on. What better way to start the morning than waking up to one of these beauties?

    19. A set of low-profile hooks because it turns out there is a better way to display your favorite hoodies, bags, and scarves than in a jumbled pile on the floor of your closet.

    20. A minimalist glass tumbler so you can clear your nightstand of the six half-empty plastic bottles and replace them with this stylish receptacle, which you can sip on even when half asleep and unscrewing a cap is simply too much to handle.

    21. A blank acrylic dry erase board that's a major aesthetic upgrade to standard dry erase boards with all the same schedule-tracking, note-taking, organizing prowess.

    Square transparent whiteboard with four gold knobs installed on a wall

    22. A lightweight trashcan if you've avoided keeping a waste bin in your bedroom because a lot of standard trash cans are...well...kinda ugly. This one isn't, and it has a handy handle for easy maneuvering when it's time to tidy up.

    A white square shaped trashcan with a wooden handle on the lid

    23. A tiered jewelry stand for bringing some order to the disorderly (and unwearable) pile of tangled necklaces occupying your vanity.

    a reviewer photo of a three-tiered necklace rack

    24. A three-tier hanging basket to liven up that empty corner with a creative storage solution that's perfect for displaying small accessories, notebooks, and other "Where do I put this?" items you're constantly reaching for.

    25. A no-frills, simple metal garment rack because your closet overflow will look a lot better on this boutique-worthy display than it does piled up on your desk chair.

    Simple metal garment rack with beige and white shirts hanging from it and small shelf for shoes below

    26. A woven storage basket that makes clutter ~dissapear~ so you and your eyes can enjoy a distraction-free zone.

    27. A felt letter board so you can leave yourself sweet messages, affirmations, and reminders without disrupting your carefully curated aesthetic.

    28. A set of stackable trays in punchy colors for organizing jewelry, keys, office supplies, crafting tools, or really whatever bedroom clutter needs a little corralling.

    a reviewer photo of the different-colored nesting trays filled with clay pieces

    29. A simple cushioned hammock chair if the one thing your room is missing is a non-bed space to relax, read, and revel in your minimalist masterpiece of a bedroom.

    30. And an adorable cactus humidifier that's powered with a USB cable and moonlights as an emotional support succulent while delivering the soothing airborne hydration your skin and hair crave.

    A small, lit up white humidifier with a teensy green cactus emerging from it

    You creating the minimalist sanctuary of your dreams: