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    28 Pet Products You May Want To Bring On Your Next Trip To The Park

    Be *pup-pared* with everything your dog might need for a perfect park play sesh.

    1. A portable paw cleaner with silicone bristles you simply fill with water to gently scrub away dirt and mud, saving your carpet from another dirty dog disaster.

    2. A virtually indestructible Kong flying disc for a toy that can actually keep up with all the rough-and-tumble play your pet's dog park posse gets up to.

    A small white and brown dog playing tug with a human

    3. A hooded rain poncho (in a wide range of too-cute prints) so a surprise shower doesn't come between your pup and those much-anticipated outdoor playdates. Maybe you'll even be able to skip chasing your drenched dog around the house with a towel before the post-walk shake gets everything within a 12-foot radius soaked.

    4. A special doggie seat belt that clips right to their harness to keep your pup from climbing all over the place mid-drive, while still allowing them to comfortably sit or lay down.

    5. Or a reinforced pet car seat if slipping and sliding all over the car makes your small dog nervous. This strapped-in pen offers extra protection and a secure spot to curl up and catch some z's.

    6. An immunity-boosting allergy supplement because your dog loves the dog park but hates the outdoor allergen-induced itchiness. These soft chews not only help with skin sensitivity, but deliver a dose of probiotics and other nutrients to help support immune function, digestion, and promote healthy skin.

    7. A personalized diamond ID tag to convey everything anyone might need to know about your dog in case of an emergency without interfering with their curated canine aesthetic.

    8. A Chuckit! ball launcher for dramatically upping your fetch game by helping you throw the ball farther (good for the dog) and pick it up without actually touching the copious amount of slimy drool left behind (good for you). Everyone wins!

    A reviewer photo of a hand holding the ball launcher loaded with a ball and a black dog looking at it

    9. These extra-thick poop bags so you can get to the business of taking care of your dog's business with easy-tear, easy-open bags that fit in virtually any dispenser AND are made of corn, so they're naturally biodegradable.

    10. A durable dual dog leash with a padded handle and swivel clasp that auto-adjusts when your pups inevitably swap spots every 15 seconds. Now the first five minutes at the park won't be spent untangle their leashes.

    Reviewer holding the leash attached to two dogs

    11. Or an eco-friendly infinity leash made from recycled polyester that can be used not one, not two, but 10 DIFFERENT WAYS because your carefree canine needs a leash that can keep up with their wild and free lifestyle.

    12. A dog shammy that's wayyyy more absorbent than regular cotton towels if your fur baby has a habit of leaving the park a lot dirtier and wetter than when you arrived.

    a model using the gray shammy towel on a white dog

    13. A poop bag dispenser that attaches right to your dog's leash because you never want to be caught at the park with a mess you can't handle. Bonus: it has a built-in flashlight to make it easy to find your doggy's doo doos in the dark.

    14. A leakproof dog water bottle to keep your active puppo hydrated after running laps with all his park pals. The one-button locking mechanism allows you to release water into the trough and let undrunk water flow back in so nothing goes to waste!

    15. Or collapsible dual travel bowls for a dog-friendly dispensary for food, treats, and water no matter where you are.

    16. A hecka durable duck chew toy so your adorable-but-destructive good doggo and all his park pals can get through an afternoon of play without it ending in stuffed animal guts flying everywhere.

    17. A matching face mask and bandana set that'll all but guarantee you and your fur-covered mini-me are awarded "best dressed" at the park.

    a matching bandanna and face mask set with a peaches print

    18. A car bench seat pet cover if you love taking your dog on outdoor adventures but hate the wet, muddy, and furry price your backseat pays every time. This non-slip and waterproof cover is easy to install and 100% machine washable.

    19. Some unscented bamboo pet wipes because even dogs need a quick way to get clean between bath times — it's like dry shampoo for fur! These wipes make wiping away dirt and drool a breeze, in a convenient canister you can keep stored in your car.

    20. These itty-bitty fleece-lined boots with a too-cute, fashion-forward design to resemble a pair you might have in your own closet while keeping your pup's paws warm and protected.

    21. A breakaway collar for a safety-first approach to playtime. This collar will quick-release when put under a lot of pressure, helping prevent any harm from coming to your dog if their collar gets caught on a fence or even another dog.

    22. A pair of silicone treat pouches with a magnetic closure for one-handed operation so you can easily transport wet and dry treats alike and show your pet that they're the goodest good dog around.

    23. A set of vet-endorsed dog sneakers even discerning sneakerheads would approve of that protect puppy paws from physical and fashion disasters alike.

    24. A hands-free leash extender for your bike if your preferred form of park ~trans-pup-tation~ involves two wheels.

    A bike-riding couple holding hands while two dogs attached to the bike via the leash extender walk alongside them

    25. A portable dog tunnel because you're at the park to burn a lot of dog energy, and sometimes a single tennis ball just isn't enough to keep your dog's attention. This tunnel scrunches up to fit in the included carrying case for easy transport and can be used for casual play or introductory agility training.

    26. A flying disc made from durable nylon that floats in water to tire out your dog with a high-flying game of fetch. Just look at them go — again, and again, and again.

    A tan and white dog running across grass with a yellow nylon flying disc in its mouth

    27. A pullover fleece vest that's soft and thin enough to comfortably wear around the house, while still offering tons of warmth during outdoor potty breaks and cold-weather park dates.

    28. And a zippered doggy backpack so your furry friend can pull their weight and carry their own toys and treats to the park (and look really really cute doing it).

    Your dog next time they realize you're headed to the park: