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    Men Answer Commonly Googled Questions About Men

    "I'm sure there's gonna be something about boners."

    You'd be surprised at some of the stuff men google about themselves.

    We thought it would be interesting to ask a group of guys some of the most commonly googled questions by men...about themselves. Watch to see their answers!

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    The first question was: Why do men grow beards?

    But c'mon, let's keep it real.

    The next question was a bit more modern: Why do men "ghost?"

    Why not just provide a little closure and politely say, "Not interested?"

    Next question! How do men flirt? Awwwww. If anyone truly knows the answer to that, these guys said they'd like to know.

    Then all of a sudden, shit got a little serious. Why do men catcall? Good one!

    Last question: Are men insecure? Of course. They're insecure about their masculinity, and sometimes feel like they need to conform to expectations, instead of just being true to who they are.

    All the men agreed that the set of questions they had to answer was rather good, and the inquiries most definitely deserved an answer.