10 Kids Movies That Will Always Make You Cry

Remember when you were little, and the best part of your day was when your mom would pop in a Disney movie for you to watch? Remember when Bambi’s mom got shot and Mufasa got trampled on? We’ve all been there, and most of us are still there.

1. A Little Princess

Pretty much anything having to do with her dad will guaranteed make you weep like a little princess.

2. Bambi

“Your mother can’t be with you anymore.” Good thing I didn’t wear mascara as a 5 year old.

3. The Fox and the Hound

Damn it, Copper.

4. Homeward Bound

“You’ve learned everything you need, Chance. Now all you have to learn is how to say goodbye.” Christ.

5. All Dogs Go To Heaven

“Goodbye is not forever.” Except it is.

6. The Lion King

I mean, duh.

7. E.T.

Shame on you, Katy Perry featuring Kanye West.

8. The Land Before Time

“I’ll be with you, even if you can’t see me.” I’m going to name my first born, Little Foot.

9. Dumbo

When he visits his caged up mother. Ughhh.

10. Tarzan

Phil Collins, “You’ll Be in My Heart.” That’s all you need to know.

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