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She Sets The App World On Fire

Everyone knows she's a perfect 9 - 9.5? A perfect 10 is just unrealistic Gavin DeGraw. Even among these badass women who created these fantastically feminist apps.

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1. Whitney Wolfe - Founder and CEO of Bumble

Bumble / Via

Okay, I'll admit... Whitney Wolfe's ingenious app really helped me navigate the dating world. With it's incredibly feminist take on the digital dating scene, the gal makes the first move when it comes to asking out the guy. For homosexual couples either one can reach out first, though the idea behind the app is to level out the power dynamic in the dating world. Girl, you get me!

2. Hanh Nguyen - Founder and CEO of GlamOutfit

Hanh Nguyen / Via Twitter: @fashiongiik

Formerly employed at Microsoft and Rent the Runway, Hanh Nguyen knows a thing or two about coding and fashion. Enter GlamOutfit, a closet-organizing and styling app (like Cher's closet from the movie 'Clueless'!) that digitally stores your wardrobe and helps you plan your daily outfits. It's an all-inclusive company that champions looks that make you feel good about yourself! So say goodbye to gender norms, and hello to GlamOutfit!

3. Roni Frank - Co-Founder and Head of Clinical Services at Talkspace

Talkspace / Via

Even though the conversation around mental health is changing, the stigmas surrounding it are still prevalent. Talkspace offers you online therapy that is cheaper than in-person therapy, and it allows you confidential support in the comfort of your own home. You deserve to feel better and you know at the very least that Roni Frank is in your corner.

4. Yunha Kim - Founder and CEO of Simple Habit

Yunha Kim / Via

Are you more on edge these days, or is it just me? Well whether or not the state of the world has you more anxious than usual, taking a few minutes to meditate in general will only improve your quality of life. Ironically, as Yunha Kim created the mindfulness app, Simple Habit - her work also became a way to destress.

5. Gillian Morris - Co-Founder and CEO of Hitlist

Hitha On The Go / Via

Travel to more places for less? I'm in! This simple yet brilliant model by Gillian Morris provides you the freedom and opportunity to find amazing flight deals in relativity short period of time. Now you don't have to plan your trip to Bora Bora years in advance.

Whether you're Whitney Wolfe, Wonder Woman (who doesn't love the alliteration there?) or someone looking for an outlet to put their energy in, you are a badass in your own right and you don't have to be a perfect 10!

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