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7 Most Infamous Villains And Crazies To Ever Appear On "The Bachelor"

There’s always one. Let’s reminisce, shall we?

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7. Nikki Ferrel and Juan Pablo

The Bachelor, Season 18:

Crazy times two, ladies and gentlemen. I don’t think Nikki is as crazy as Clare Crawley was. But, Nikki deserves a spot on this list simply because she chose to stay with the worst Bachelor in the show’s history – CRAZY. Good news, though, they broke up – maybe she’s not as crazy as we thought. Juan Pablo, on the other hand, he’s still crazy.

6. Ashley S.

The Bachelor, Season 19:

The currently airing season with bachelor farmer, Chris Soules, has a few interesting women. Now, I wouldn’t say Ashley S. is a villain (too early to tell), but she definitely is cray-cray. I don’t even think she knows where she is half the time. And, her crazy, bulging eyes surely don’t help Ashley’s crazy case. I don't know, though, I think short-shorts Jillian may be in the running for craziest crazy this season with her most recent hot tub episode.

5. Tierra LiCausi

The Bachelor, Season 17:

Getting the first impression rose before bachelor, Sean Lowe, had even met all of the other contestants? Good move, Sean. You gave Tierra an instant target on her back. Maybe all the jealousy is what turned Tierra crazy. Or, maybe, it was just her possessiveness when she said, “I’m not friends with girls who like my boyfriend.” Tierra, just go lock yourself in the bathroom and cry on the floor – oh, wait, you already did that.

4. Bentley Williams

The Bachelorette, Season 7:

Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert, heard about Bentley’s bad rep before she even met him on the show. Yet, she fell for the single dad hard. Way to go, Ash! Bentley spent all of his time playing with Ashley’s emotions and trying to pull her in. The funny part is that Bentley wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that he wasn’t interested in her! Talk about crazy and narcissistic.

3. Clare Crawley

The Bachelor, Season 18:

Apparently, Juan Pablo attracts the crazy ones. Clare was nothing short of crazy when she pulled a “Courtney Robertson” and knocked on Juan Pablo’s door asking him to go for a late-night dip in the ocean. It may have worked for Courtney, but it didn’t end so well for Clare. Juan Pablo told her before the rose ceremony that he regretted their sneaky encounter in the ocean – this may or may not have added to the crazy.

2. Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka

The Bachelor, Season 14:

I mean, the picture says it all. Vienna, known as Season 14’s “bad girl,” won the heart of former Bachelor, Jake Pavelka. Vienna definitely showed some crazy during the show, but after it’s airing, I think Jake turned out to be the REAL crazy one. Their nationally televised split was the definition of crazy when both Vienna and Jake insulted each other more than a few times. Poor Chris Harrison.

1. Courtney Robertson

The Bachelor, Season 16:

Courtney Roberston is arguably one of the most controversial women in Bachelor history. So, just how did she become such a villain in the show? Talking about the other girls behind their backs, breaking the rules (like skinny-dipping in the ocean with Ben Flajnik) and waving her roses around like a crazy woman definitely didn’t help her situation. Well, she ultimately won Ben's heart (for a short time) and she also wins this BuzzFeed list. #Winning

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