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12 Times "Criminal Minds" Made Us Want To Become An F.B.I. Profiler

Who doesn't want to catch bad guys standing next to Derek Morgan?

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7. Women can play games, too

Season 2: Episode 21

When JJ, Garcia and Prentiss are talking to Brad, a "real F.B.I. agent," at the bar. They (with extreme intrigue) ask to see his badge (which he casually dismisses) and basically humiliate him when he finds out they're actual F.B.I. agents. Nice try, Brad.

8. Gideon saves the day

Season 1: Episode 3

When a copy-cat serial bomber tells Gideon the red cord will turn the bomb off and Gideon says to cut the blue and basically saves the entire building from being blown to pieces. #BOOM (no pun intended).

9. Compromising Positions

Season 6: Episode 4

When Reid figures out which man got Maryann Thomas pregnant by showing her pictures of the men her serial killer husband has murdered when no one else could break her. Reid, you can break me anytime.

10. Working the case

Season 5: Episode 9

When Hotch tells his son, Jack, to "work the case" so he doesn't have to witness his mother, Haley, being shot by Foyet. Ultimately, this saves Jack's life. Best dad award definitely goes to Hotch for this one.

11. JJ takes the shot

Season 3: Episode 9

After Garcia was shot by James Colby Baylor aka Jason Clark Battle and he shows up in the BAU. JJ comes from behind the desk and shoots him in the middle of his forehead, killing him instantly. This was the first time JJ ever killed someone -- oh, the things we do to protect our best friends. Garcia, JJ deserves a big THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE.

12. Garcia working her magic per usual

ABC STUDIOS Cliff Lipson

When Garcia hacks into computers to get information and handles it like a boss.

"If you look to your cursor, you'll notice it's moving on its own. That's me hacking your secure network. Now, I got her file, now I got her Social, and now, cause you're grumpy, I'm gonna send your boss those Jamaican vacation photos."

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