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11 Thoughts All Women Have When Instagramming

Try not to laugh as you're scrolling through and thinking to yourself, "OMG, that's totally me!"

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1. Fit Fam For Life!

Is it just me or is everyone all of a sudden a health guru? Let's be honest, I’m sure you eat unhealthy at times, but there's no way you'd post that because that would be breaking the "fit fam" rules!

2. The Over-Excessive Hash-Tagger

Come on, we ALL know at least one of them. #MCM #MyLove #BestFriend #Hottie #TooGoodToBeTrue #Forever #Kisses #Hugs #Lucky #Blessed #MyEverything #LiveForLove #Happy #Smiles……WE GET IT. #ByeFelicia

4. Congratulations! It's a...Baby!

The newly pregnant woman -- Don’t get me wrong I enjoy seeing a few pictures of your baby bump mirror pic. But, do you really need to take a new photo every day? I don’t think your stomach grew much in 24 hours (unless that shirt just makes you look bigger).

6. Sorority Take-Over

Don't these girls always seem to be looking away from the camera when they're getting their picture taken? They're either laughing or smiling as if it was candid or something. But, you aren’t fooling anyone. Nobody looks that good when they’re cracking up.

7. The I-Want-To-Post-A-Picture-To-Express-My-Feelings Person

We all probably have at least one or twelve quotes in our Instagram portfolio. Does it actually make a person feel better when they post something inspirational? Or, maybe, just maybe, they want to get a lot of “likes.” Quotes always do the trick.

8. It's Snowing! Therefore, I Shall Post a Picture of...SNOW!

Since it’s winter, it’s going to be cold, right? (Well, except for Florida). But, for the rest of the country, it seems that the majority of Instagrammers feel they’re the only ones who are experiencing cold weather and snow. So, here’s a screen-shot of my weather channel app telling you it is 6 degrees along with the 1 inches of snow outside of my house.

9. The I'm-On-Vacation-And-Want-Everyone-To-Know-It Person

I really just want you all to see my amazing bikini body (and by amazing bikini body, I really mean the lower half of my legs) on the beach with a Pina Colada in my hand (non-alcoholic because I’m only 17, obvi).

10. Just in Case You Wanted to Know EVERYTHING I Ate Today

Like, how did you know I wanted to read your food diary and look at your perfectly pre-arranged wheat toast with avocado spread and an egg yolk? They must be psychic. By the way, a cup of blueberries isn’t going to fill me up. Pass the cheeseburger please.

11. My Daily Workout Routine (But, first, let me take a selfie)

Aren’t you afraid your boobs are going to fall out of your sports bra when you're "working out?" Well, I guess if you aren’t actually doing any kind of movement, you’ll be fine. But, if you’re just trying to get the attention of all the guys there, those tight shorts will definitely give you that (along with a wedgy).

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