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Find Your Fur-Ever Partner This Valentine's Day!

Humans. Sometimes we are more trouble than we are this Valentine's Day why not offer your heart to someone who will appreciate it fur-ever!

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Have an 'AWWWW' moment at this!

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So why adopt a rescue pet?

Here are some promises that you have probably never heard from a human...

1. I will love you unconditionally (ok...a little bit conditional on food and cuddles....but who wouldn't want to share that!)

Nom Nom Nom
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Nom Nom Nom

2. I will never leave the toilet seat up or down...or even bother to argue with you over it!

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3. I will always be grateful for having you in my life!

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4. I will always think you look beautiful/handsome/fabulous

Delaney Janse van Rensburg / Via

5. I will let you use my fur to cry into on a bad day

Homes Alive Pets / Via

6. I will always appreciate your time, attention and effort

Pets In Need / Via

7. I will not disagree with your politics, beliefs or long as you love me.

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8. I will always be ready for a cuddle selfie and generally up for those 'OMG...How cute? #adorable' moments!

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