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    12 Reasons Breakfast Food Is The Best Food

    It's the most important meal of the day, anytime of the day.

    1. Reason #1: BACON


    No explanation needed.

    2. There are SO many options...


    Eggs, pancakes, biscuits, fruit, toast, waffles, crepes, granola, cereal, muffins, the list is literally endless

    3. You can make it sweet

    4. Or savory

    5. You can make it healthy

    6. Orrrrrr not


    There is a reason Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme open at 6am.

    7. It's perfectly acceptable to eat for any meal of the day


    Ex: Dessert (hot chocolate french toast?! Yes plz...)

    8. If you don't think brunch is gods greatest gift to mankind...

    Via clearly need to get your priorities in order.

    9. Mostly because it makes drinking before noon socially acceptable

    10. Bacon and eggs taste good on literally everything


    Especially burgers.

    11. Breakfast is so versatile you can even drink it through a straw


    Like this strawberry ginger smoothie.

    12. And if you think cold pizza for breakfast is better than hot fluffy pancakes for dinner, you're just plain wrong.



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