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I've Tried Tons Of Side Hustles, So I'm Ranking Them All From "Meh, Not Worth It" To "OMG, YES!"

As a first-gen millennial, hustle is a part of my DNA. I also have ADHD, so of course, I’ve tried waaay too many side hustles to see what I actually like doing.

Hey 👋 I’m Daniella, and I’m a self-proclaimed side hustle queen 👑.

Daniella sitting on a throne statue in Grafton, MO

Hustle culture was in my life long before I knew what the words "hustle culture" even meant.

Person yelling at another person

My first side hustles 15 years ago started out of a similar need to my parents.

Let’s go through all the side hustles I’ve tried and rank them from least to most worth it.

20. Online Surveys

woman closing her laptop with text that says me realizing what a waste of time these surveys are

19. Selling Stuff I Already Had

18. Selling Plasma

17. Mystery Shopping

16. Flipping Items Online

15. Paid Research Studies

14. Snow Plowing

Snow truck plowing the road

13. Brand Ambassador

Daniella Flores at a brand ambassador gig

12. Restaurant Server

11. Live Painting

Daniella and friends at a show where they were live painting at

10. Selling on Etsy

9. Pet Sitting on Rover

A screenshot from the behind the scenes video Daniella did for pet sitting on Rover on TikTok

8. Freelance Designer

7. Freelance Web Developer

A screenshot from an IG Reel where Daniella makes fun of coding work

6. Freelance Writer

5. Coaching

4. Tech Consultant

3. Course Instructor

2. Speaker

1. Blogger/Content Creator

What’s It All For?

Do not use side hustles to burn yourself out even further. Instead, use them to challenge the status quo of how we work.

Use side hustling as an option to find a way of working that aligns with you, your values, and your ideal lifestyle.

Have you tried any side hustles? Share what works for you, and what doesn't, in the comments!