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    17 Terrible Pieces Of Advice People Actually Gave Pregnant Women

    Stay in your lane.

    There's nothing worse than getting advice that you did not ask for, especially when the person piping in has no idea what they're talking about.


    A Reddit thread started by u/FuzzyTortoise highlighted one of the most despicable forms of this. They asked pregnant people and people who have been pregnant to share the worst/wildest advice someone has given them about their pregnancy. Here are the ridiculous responses:

    1. "I was told that I need to shave down there or the baby will get carpet burn. Like...what?"

    2. "I was told to not drink water because it causes nausea."


    3. "They said not to drink hot tea because I would boil my baby."


    4. "When I was pregnant past my due date, a coworker advised me to drink cod liver oil mixed with vodka. Apparently this mixture would upset my digestive system, give me horrible diarrhea, and thus trigger labor contractions."


    5. "My mother-in-law said to not eat spicy foods or stand under the moon."

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    6. "Someone said my labor should be painless because Jesus died and erased the 'pain during childbirth' penalty humans got from Eve. If I feel pain, it’s because I don’t believe in Jesus’s redemptive powers."


    7. "I had a coworker tell me that eating peanut butter (I was eating an apple with peanut butter on my lunch break) would give my baby cancer. I already thought she was the world's greatest idiot so that nugget of wisdom was just confirmation."


    8. "Someone said to not raise your arms above your head because it will tangle the baby’s cord and the baby will die."


    9. "My sister had to have an emergency C-section when she had my niece. Her mother-in-law said she wouldn’t be a 'real woman' unless she had a vaginal birth."


    10. "Someone told me not to sit on stairs because it will cause you to have a miscarriage."


    11. "While pregnant with me, my mom was told that drinking beer would help her baby develop and be nice and chubby, so she did. I was five weeks early and barely six pounds."


    12. "One of my work colleagues was obsessed with recommending that I eat citrus fruits, especially the easy-to-peel Cutie tangerines. She was convinced it would give the baby a higher IQ in the long run."


    13. "The lady at the counter in the village bakery told me that I should smear my face with SEMEN to counter pregnancy acne. It was the first time I’d ever met her."

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    14. "My mother-in-law said it's OK to drink mixed drinks. She went on to say that my husband was a 'margarita baby.' I now call him that when he gets on my nerves."


    15. "My grandmother made a comment about my weight gain with my first pregnancy around month 5. I started severely underweight at 87 pounds and was closely monitored by my doctor because of it. At this point, I was nearing 125. When I told her that the ob-gyn was happy with where I was, she told me of her own doctor's advice in 1956: 'Smoke a pack of cigarettes per day to keep your weight down. The baby can gain its own weight after birth.'"


    16. "One person told me I would never be able to fit a baby out of my body because I wasn't big enough 'down there' and to just get a C-section."


    17. And finally, "I had severe itching all over the body during the 7th month. I did the routine test for liver function. It was all normal. A colleague advised me to rub my husband's dirty underwear all over my body as a remedy for itching."

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    Has someone ever given you obscene advice while you were pregnant? Sound off in the comments below for the chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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