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    19 Hard-Working Employees Who Are Long-Overdue For Some Respect

    Good for them.

    1. This worker is fed up with the sexual assault at their former workplace:

    2. This worker is about to hop on the resignation train:

    3. This worker gave us all a friendly, albeit unsettling, reminder about wages:

    4. This worker is out here doing the lord's work:

    5. This worker is wildly under-appreciated (P.S. shut up, Subway):

    6. This worker showed everyone that unions are worth it:

    7. This 15-year-old worker stood up for herself in the most badass way:

    8. So did this worker:

    9. This worker just made me say "amen" out loud:

    10. This worker knows their worth:

    11. These workers let it rip during the anonymous Q&A at their company:

    12. These workers are striking for a better life:

    13. This worker has it all figured out:

    14. This worker has clear boundaries:

    15. This worker held nothing back:

    16. This worker left their company in the most hilarious way:

    17. This worker doesn't let their prospective companies get away with withholding a salary range:

    18. Same with this worker:

    19. And finally, this worker slapped this document on their manager's desk when they quit their job:

    H/T: r/antiwork