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19 Things Women Wish They Didn't Have To Explain To Men About Sex

It's an issue.

Reddit user StackKong decided to be a curious king a little while back and asked a crucial question: What is the one thing women wish men did in bed that they never do?

Here are some of the key responses:

1. "If a girl says don’t stop, for the love of god, don’t stop. Don’t do anything differently than what you were doing when she said don’t stop. Don’t slow down or speed up or go harder. Just do it the exact way you were."

2. "Fucking make some noise. Moan, talk dirty, growl, whatever. This isn't your mom's basement."


3. "Don't get upset if a girl starts playing with herself while you're having sex. It's a good thing."


4. "Be receptive to change. So many guys get super offended if you try to tell them noncritically that what they’re doing isn’t working for you. They take it as a personal failing and double down on trying to make you like what they think you should like. Don’t be that guy."

5. "Don't rush foreplay. Going straight to tits or my clit actually slows things down. Kiss my neck, run your fingertips down my spine, slowly tease your hand up and down, then a bit higher up my thigh. Take the time to get my engine warmed up and running before you try to take me out for a ride."


6. "I wish more men understood that not all sex has to end with penis-in-vagina! And that it also doesn't necessarily have to end after the dude ejaculates. I don't even necessarily mean explicitly sexual things; sometimes it's just nice to kiss and tease a bit even afterward."


7. "Make your lady feel sexy outside the bedroom. Hold her hand, brush against her, put your arm around her shoulders, flirt with her again, kiss her just because. No one wants to feel like nothing but a substitute blowup doll."

8. "Cut your nails. I seriously had a guy finger-bang me once and I didn’t realize his nails were long, and my vagina started bleeding because it was CUT on the inside."


9. "Let me undress you as part of foreplay! We start to get heated and then BAM — you're naked?! I like the tease of it all!"


10. "Have lube handy, and don’t judge women or take it personally if they can’t get very wet. Many women struggle to get super wet all the time, and others have vaginal dryness during certain parts of their cycle. Lube makes everything better."

11. "Kiss my neck and ears. It gives me goosebumps in the best way."


12. "Front to back! If you stick anything up my rear, that same object, no matter what it is, cannot go straight from my butthole into my vagina. That causes UTIs and misery. Only go from front to back."


13. "The clit is your best friend. Most women can't come from penis-in-vagina alone. Pay lots of attention to that pleasure center — lick, kiss, rub, and worship that thing."

14. "I've always wanted a guy to shove me up against a wall and make out with me, but no one ever has."


15. "We don't always have to finish. Sometimes it's just not going to happen. Obviously you shouldn't give up if the girl wants you to keep going, but also, don't get upset if she tells you it's not going to happen. Don't take it as a personal failure. That just makes us feel pressured and less in the mood."


16. "Don't spit on a girl's vagina without her permission. Gross. If she's not wet, take a hint. Don't try to compensate for her not being aroused by hocking a thick loogie on her junk. Ask her what floats her boat."

17. "Snuggle after sex."


18. "Don’t rely on bad porn to make you good at sex. Just like anything else, there’s a learning curve. I see so many things in porn that I would hate for some guy to try on me. Learn with your partner and learn to be responsive to each other."


19. "Slow down! Seriously, we don't like the rabbit sex. Calm the fuck down and give us some other motion besides pumping in and out at maximum speed."

Note: Some submissions have been edited for grammar and/or clarity.