The Way They Filmed The Wolf Scenes In "Twilight" Is The Most Awkward Thing I've Ever Seen

    I don't think I'm team Jacob anymore.

    I recently came across a TikTok that might overwhelm you if you're a Twilight fan with limited knowledge about how the movies were made.

    TikTok user @talshiding showed some behind the scenes footage from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and you're probably gonna need to sit down for this.


    OK BUT HOW DID SHE KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE #foryou #twilight #fyp

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    I needed a lot more information than this 10-second TikTok provided, so I found the DVD bonus that she got these clips from.

    Apparently they had Taylor Lautner wear a "non-reflective grey outfit" while acting out his wolf scenes with Kristen Stewart. The visual effects team said this was so that they could "get the right kind of eye lines and motivation.”

    During the editing process, the visual effects team painted Lautner out and restored the background.

    Then they added in the wolf and TA-DA! The steamy werewolf drama was brought to our screens.

    The more you know! Unfortunately, I don't think I'll ever be able to unsee this whenever I rewatch it.