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Dentists And Oral Hygienists: What Are Your Wildest Secrets And Stories?

Open up!

Some people hate the dentist, some love it, and some don't go at all! But as much as everyone likes to talk about their feelings toward the dentist, we rarely hear any stories from THEIR perspective.


Maybe you've suffered injuries from people unexpectedly chomping down on your fingers during an examination.

Adult Swim

Maybe you've frequently spotted palatal petechiae on a patient's soft palate — a type of bruising that can result from giving a blowjob — and are now aware of their voracious sex life.

Guy pointing at a bruised soft palate
@dentite / Via

Perhaps you immediately know about certain people's drug habits based on a quick glance at their teeth.

Ground down teeth
Alex-mit / Getty Images

If you're a dentist or oral hygienist, we want to hear your wildest secrets and stories! Tell us in the comments for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.