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Here Are 14 Things That Have Actually Happened At The Academy Awards

"The wickedly talented, one and only, Adele Dazeem."

1. When Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty accidentally announced La La Land as the 2017 best picture winner, but it was actually Moonlight.

2. When John Travolta accidentally called Idina Menzel "Adele Dazeem" at the 2014 Oscars.

3. When Adrien Brody grabbed Halle Berry and kissed her when he went up to accept his award for best actor at the 2003 Oscars. They were not dating.

4. When Jennifer Lawrence tripped at the 2013 Oscars while walking up the stairs to accept her best actress award for Silver Linings Playbook.

5. When a man named Robert Opel streaked across the stage while actor David Niven was speaking at the Oscars in 1974.

6. When Barbra Streisand and Katharine Hepburn tied for best actress at the 1969 Oscars. Hepburn wasn't there, so Streisand went up to make a speech.

7. When Marlon Brando refused to accept his award for best actor in The Godfather at the 1973 Academy Awards because of Hollywood's mistreatment of Native Americans. He sent up actress and activist Sacheen Littlefeather to refuse the award on his behalf.

8. When Ellen DeGeneres tweeted a star-filled selfie that became the most retweeted tweet ever (at the time) in just one hour.

If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars

9. When the 1959 Oscars ended 20 minutes early, so host Jerry Lewis had to improvise and filled the time by conducting the orchestra to play "There's No Business Like Show Business."

10. When a photo of Jan Chapman, an Australian film producer who is STILL ALIVE, was included in the "In Memoriam" tribute at the 2017 Oscars. They got her confused with Janet Patterson, an Australian costume designer who died in 2016.

11. When Seth MacFarlane opened the 2013 Oscars with a musical number titled "We Saw Your Boobs," where he listed all the famous actresses that have been topless in movies.

12. When Jack Palance won Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars in 1992 and proceeded to do a bunch of one-armed pushups on stage.

13. When Björk wore a swan dress and laid a "fashion egg" on the red carpet at the 2001 Academy Awards.

14. When Angelina Jolie brought her brother James as her date to the Oscars in 2000. She gushed about how much she loved him in her acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress, and a photo was taken of her kissing him at an after party.