Here's Everything You Need To Know About "VestiVille" AKA Fyre Fest 2.0

    "Y'all saw JA RULE on the #Vestiville lineup and STILL BOUGHT TICKETS?!"

    There's something fishy going down in Belgium.

    A music festival called VestiVille was supposed to be held in Lommel, Belgium from June 28th–June 30th. Huge artists like Cardi B, Future, and A$AP Rocky were listed on the bill.

    But according to Twitter, people arrived at the festival today only to realize that it was cancelled...

    #vestiville wait two hours to get in and it’s cancelled, spent 800 pound in total and came all the way from the uk are u mad. And apparently no refund? The debt is mad 🤣

    Fuming that #Vestiville is cancelled, the fact that it’s in ANOTHER COUNTRY🙃tell me what I’m meant to do in Belgium??

    And there was allegedly no food or water sold at the campsite.

    Currently at @VestiVille - this is FYRE festival 2.0 - was not allowed to leave the campsite during 14hours to go get food or water and they were not selling any either #vestiville

    #Vestiville is a fake just got to the festival camp site not even set up no food and no transport

    According to the festival's Twitter and Facebook page, the mayor of Lommel decided they couldn't start the festival because they weren't able to guarantee the safety of A$AP Rocky or the public.

    Today at 5:00 PM the mayor of Lommel decided to not let Vestiville start. After consultation with the security services and ASAP Rocky’s security officer, it was decided that the safety of the artist and the public could not be guaranteed.

    A$AP Rocky released a statement on Twitter about it too.

    The festival organizers insisted that best efforts were taken to help manage the safety of concertgoers.

    Production and suppliers have given everything to make Vestiville possible. The campsite will remain open for the time being and an organized festival exit will be organized in consultation with the municipality.

    But from the looks of the videos taken inside of the festival, it wasn't going too smoothly.

    Scenes at @VestiVille were beyond scary. Unprofessional and so unsafe. No announcement regarding cancellation and staff members put at risk. Ridiculous

    Police were waiting inside with dogs for people to start running in instead of defusing and getting us to leave safely

    According to VestiVille's Twitter, they're reaching out to their partners to talk about refunds.

    The organisation will now consult with their official partners about a refund.

    And honestly I hope it works out for the poor souls who made the trek over there.

    American Vestiville goers asking if their thousands of dollars will be refunded smh. Shame on you @VestiVille. #Vestiville

    @VestiVille This is 5 star money spent on a 1 star service. Now we are hearing that the festival is having health and safety issues and we are not sure if the festival is going ahead. I WANT A REFUND. Who do I speak to about this? #Vestiville

    Some people on Twitter couldn't help but point out the similarities between VestiVille and Fyre Festival, the failed luxury music festival that was held in the Bahamas in 2017. One detail that stood out was Ja Rule's presence in the lineup — AKA the rapper and co-organizer of Fyre Fest.

    Yall saw JA RULE on the #Vestiville lineup and STILL BOUGHT TICKETS?! Lmfaooo yall are really dumber than i thought.

    If you see Ja Rule in the lineup or anything associated with a festival, that's your sign. #Vestiville #FyreFestival

    Ja rule when the Netflix team come back for Fyre festival 2.0 #Vestiville

    Many details are still unclear, but what I do know is that this situation has all the makings of an absolute mess.