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    18 American City Names That Are Funny, Bizarre, And Just Plain Random

    Contemplating moving to Climax, Michigan.

    1. Bangs, Texas

    A water tower that says "Bangs"

    2. Climax, Michigan

    3. Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

    4. Accident, Maryland

    5. Okay, Oklahoma

    6. Fries, Virginia

    7. American Fork, Utah

    8. Hopeulikit, Georgia

    9. Colon, Michigan

    10. Rough and Ready, California

    11. Disco, Wisconsin

    12. Zigzag, Oregon

    13. Horseheads, New York

    14. Slapout, Oklahoma

    15. Funk, Nebraska

    16. Embarrass, Minnesota

    17. What Cheer, Iowa

    18. Hell for Certain, Kentucky

    Note: The populations are from the United States Census Bureau.