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    David Dobrik Has A New Mansion, And It Has Some Really Bizarre Inventions

    I don't think he qualifies for the stimulus check.

    David Dobrik — known for making silly videos and gifting people free Teslas — recently bought a house in Los Angeles for $9.5 million.

    David Dobrik's mansion

    He surprised some of his friends and gave them a tour of the new digs in his first YouTube video since March of 2020.

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    YouTube / David Dobrik / Via

    The video is mostly composed of his friends — including Josh Peck — commenting on how rich he is, but we do get to see some of the house's lavish features. For example, the wine room with a fingerprint sensor:

    Wine room with a thumb sensor

    An enormous basketball court:

    Girl throwing a basketball

    And heated toilet seats:

    Guy looking astonished while sitting on the toilet

    I know, I know. All of these are pretty typical things you'd find in a multimillionaire's home. But I stumbled across a TikTok that highlights some of the...weirder items in David's crib:


    Wow @daviddobrik has some really unnecessary things in his new house. #unnecessaryinventions

    ♬ original sound - unnecessaryinvention

    First up, we've got the Hawaiian Punch fountain installed by Unnecessary Inventions. Yes, it is a water fountain that only dispenses Hawaiian Punch:

    David drinking out of the punch fountain

    And yes, it was inspired by the fountain from the 2002 film Mr. Deeds.

    Next is a life-size replica of the Iron Man suit, which honestly creeps me out:

    The Ironman suit

    Then there's David's enormous bed that makes him look like even more of a little peanut than he already does:

    David in his bed.

    A briefcase filled with blurred money that hurts my brain:

    A briefcase filled with blurred money

    And finally — the one item that makes the most sense in the whole house — tequila made by Tesla.

    Well, David, thanks for the tour, but I've gotta go check and see if my bank account is in overdraft from my latest Postmates order. Toodaloo!