These 27 Creepy "Liminal Space" Photos Look Like The Afterlife

    These pictures wild and uncomfortable.

    A liminal space is "a place of transition," whether that be a physical location or a psychological period of uncertainty. Liminal space photography focuses on physical depictions of liminality that evoke a variety of bizarre feelings, ranging from nostalgia to a sense of lostness.

    Personally, when perusing this kind of photography, I feel like I'm looking at different waiting rooms in the afterlife. Here are 28 photos that might elicit some weird emotions from you:

    1. The bingo hall:

    2. The schoolyard:

    3. The beach:

    4. The snowy street:

    5. The bridge:

    6. The rearview:

    7. The city:

    8. The neighborhood:

    9. The school:

    10. The top:

    11. The convention:

    12. The club:

    13. The lecture hall:

    14. The playground:

    15. The phone booth:

    16. The road:

    17. The hospital:

    18. The Christmas cheer:

    19. The dead-end:

    20. The lot:

    21. The suburb:

    22. The rollercoaster:

    23. The house:

    24. The arcade:

    25. The bar:

    26. The intersection:

    27. And finally, Bikini Bottom:

    Do you have a photo of a liminal space? Upload it in the comments for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

    H/T: r/LiminalSpace